Why 2023 Will Be The Worst Year EVER (2023)


So you thought 2022 was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Check out today's insane new video on why 2023 will be the worst year EVER!

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The most foolish thing, a person ever said: was, “Things can only get better.”.

As you’ll see today, in all its unrelenting horror.

Things are sometimes not your friend.

Things can sucker punch, you, torment, you, torture, you.

Don’t ever rely on things, again.

Let us explain., At the end of 2020.

You said from the prison of your home,: oh well, at least things can’t get any worse.

It turned out that 2021 was the experiential equivalent of falling in dog poop headfirst, getting a bit of said, poop in your mouth, contracting salmonellosis, and then dying in a lonely hospital bed from sepsis.

As your pooch was taking up residence in your comfortable bed at home., 2022 seemed to let up for a while;.

You dared to relax, to let down your guard, and then just as soon as your mouth brazenly began to form a smile, that black hole of demoralization, aka.

The media, took you to the brink of despair.

By telling you mankind might soon be snuffed.


It felt like disaster dominoes, catastrophe chairs, a game you were mixed up in, but didn’t want to play.

Some of you dispirited spectators of endlessly bleak world events.

Might think, I can’t, take any more of this.

We understand.


It feels like God.

If, indeed there is a God, is playing some sick game up.

There, testing the limits of your sanity.

“Why hast, thou forsaken me!?”.

You might have asked, after watching another news story on TV, while seeing how different news channels seem more concerned about refuting the other channel or smearing a sworn political enemy.

Rather than trying to intelligently discuss possible solutions to these seemingly endless problems.

First, there was Covid, the outbreak, which you have to admit you weren’t too, concerned about, because it was on the other side of the world.


The virus came knocking on your door, and you weren’t laughing anymore.

You had to do a reshuffle, some spring cleaning.

Regarding your hierarchy of external fears., Global warming came down a notch, and being unable to breathe, became everyone’s number.



You almost lost your sanity after being imprisoned in your house for months on end with no one, but your dreaded family.

Every day, like a masochist without a cause, you checked websites to look at death.


It was a sign of the times.


Was your master, and you couldn’t get enough of it.

But it happened, the pandemic.

Quelled, the line, charts of death and suffering started their downhill journey, and even though some media never wanted to, let you forget about it lest their viewership numbers, stagnate, things really did get.


It was then that God, up in the clouds using nutcrackers to split apart sinful humans and a crab mallet to get to the brain, juice, laughed out loud and said to himself, “You fools! You aint seen nothing yet!...HA HA HA HA…2023, my little lab rats, is going to knock you on your backside.” And no, we’re not talking about monkeypox, although we will discuss something viral and awful later.

What God was thinking about.

Was the war in Ukraine.

He wonders what Vladamir Putin will taste like and who He will eat for dessert.

There are so many sinners to think about.

God knows only too well that there’s a word in the human race that, of late, has become disturbingly powerful.

The word is “escalation.” Not long ago, humans barely heard the word.

They’d, usually only hear it in its proper noun form, a thing, as in a moving set of stairs powered by a machine, I.e., an escalator.


Now escalation is a word that should give you nightmares.

It’s, quite rightly one of the worst words in the human language right now.

As this show is being created.

Everyone is talking about it.

Some people even want it, but if they get it, they soon might find out that that everyone they know, will be burned to death.

In a huge ball of radioactive fire., You see, the main countries supporting Ukraine have been saying that they will keep up the military support, and while countries such as the US and UK are already sending over billions of dollars of weapons, they have promised to top up in 2023.

This is going to make life really hard for Russia.

This, you are now thinking, is a great thing.

You are proud of that.


Ukraine might use those weapons, well, and Russia might be pushed back even further, but Putin just withdrawing his troops and saying sorry is highly unlikely.

It feels that way.

Right now, as this show is being made.

The war could get nuclear if Russia suffers more losses.

This is not us being hysterical., It really could, and if it does, for millions of people, many millions, life will end or at least become infinitely.


People will then look back on lockdowns and their obsession with death statistics with dreamy.


Covid will seem like a party.

They’ll miss the days of quiet, unexceptional lockdowns.

When life was more simple and people were kind., Just ask Fiona Hill, a former working-class Brit from the north, who educated herself and went on to advise presidents, Bush, Obama, and Trump on Russia.

She knows a lot about Russia.

She’s studied Putin for a lifetime.

She knows more than most people about the things he’s prepared to do.

These words came from her mouth in 2022.

“Putin is increasingly operating emotionally and likely to use all the weapons at his disposal, including nuclear ones.”.

She knows that most folks think he would never go that far.

To that, she said, “Well, yes.

He would.” She, believes this war may result in WWIII, maybe not now, but soon enough.

She says the world.

As we know it has been changed.


Of, course, there’s a comedic element to this show, as you might have guessed from the dog, poop thing, but unfortunately, there’s, a very serious element to it.

There, are lots of different opinions regarding this war and why it started.

Still, one thing everyone agrees on is this is one of the scariest times in human history.

Many people who have followed the US-Ukraine-NATO-Russia relationship for many years are now saying we should start accepting that a nuclear war could happen.

Right now.

We guess some of you are still saying, nah.

It won’t get to that.

If, that’s true.

Why are so many people who have the most expertise in this area? Saying it might? Do, you know something they don’t? The, Pulitzer, Prize-winning, journalist, Chris Hedges puts a lot of the blame on why this war started on NATO and particularly US.

Foreign policy.

You may not agree with his assertions, many people don’t, but maybe we should not ignore what he says when he tells us that this skirmish of nations could well lead to the apocalypse.

Apocalypse is a big word to bite off and digest, but if you’ve read your history, you will know how stuff escalated to pure horror really fast.

During past wars.

As, we said,- you may disagree with Hedges’, take on the genesis of the war.

He can, at times, sound like a doom-addicted preacher, but that might be because he's a student of war and has covered war for decades.You might not want to take all his comments.

Lightly, especially when he says things such as:.

“War accelerates the whirlwind of industrial killing., The longer any war continues, the closer and closer each side comes to self-annihilation.


It is stopped, the proxy war between Russia and the U.S.

in Ukraine all but guarantees direct confrontation with Russia and, with it.

The very real possibility of nuclear war.” It doesn’t matter- if you dislike him for saying “proxy, war.” What matters- is his contention about obliterative escalation.

In that regard, he agrees with Mrs.

Hill, even if they disagree on many other things.


We make this show, a Harvard, Kennedy School professor said there is a 10 to 20 percent chance.

This war will become nuclear.

The more Ukraine is successful, the higher the likelihood of nuclear war.

He said., That doesn’t mean people.

Shouldn’t want Ukraine to have success.

The country has been invaded, a war crime, no less, and its citizens are suffering, but ironically.

Success might also mean apocalypse.

Diplomacy would be a better option, but it seems some people are allergic to it.

People right now are banging drums for more war.

Yet we are on the precipice of something truly cataclysmic.

They, say: Putin is using nuclear blackmail, and by God.

Should mankind hope this is true.


What, if it isn’t? That might mean? 2023 is the worst year since humans started drawing their dinner on cave walls.

This war, to some analysts, is the start of something that could get really, really serious.

China might even get involved.

Many people are now talking about a lot more than the daily news reports about Russian and Ukrainian wins and losses on the battlefield.

Some people say the military-industrial complex doesn’t want the war to stop.

It wants escalation, since stopping would be cutting off that flood of money.

The, eternal threat means constant military expansion, but what if China becomes just as powerful as the US in the near future? If unipolarity becomes bipolarity? What then? This is a time of great change in the world of international politics, and you should be very concerned.

If things go wrong in 2023.

It will be the worst year in the history of our planet.

Let’s face it.

There seems to be more hawks than doves right now within the various poles of global power.


Are the hawks really willing to take us to the hell that is nuclear war? The BBC wrote in October, “Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, says: Russian officials have begun to prepare their society for the possible use of nuclear weapons.”.

The New York Times wrote around the same time, “Ukrainians Brace for Possibility of Russian Nuclear Strike.” It may start with tactical nukes, but soon escalate to strategic nukes.

If, something like it does happen.

We are doomed.

Just, look at what happened in Japan, with only two nuclear bombs and relatively meager ones.

At that, Japan surrendered.

It makes the recent New York City nuclear survival ad on TV.

Look absolutely ridiculous.

“If the big one hits,” the woman in the ad said.

We should close our windows.

We don’t think closing your windows will help very much.

The ad even tells viewers that, after the explosion, they should use soap and water to clean themselves of radioactive dust.


What if they don’t have any skin to clean? What, if they’re too vaporized to get to a bathroom that no longer exists? This ad was directed at New, Yorkers, too, a densely populated city.

That would be an attractive target to an enemy.

Many people.

Who’ve studied what would happen in the event of a full-blown nuclear war have talked about a nuclear holocaust.


You cannot just dust off an attack and then go back to watching Love Island on TV, as if nothing happened.

It means mass death on a scale.

Humanity has never seen.

Soap and water won’t make much of a difference.

We’re, not sure.

If enough people really understand the gravity of nuclear war., In October, a writer who calls himself a national security insider, talked about a Russia, Ukraine, and NATO disaster.

His worst-case, very possible, scenario.

Looked like this: “The, two sides are locked in an escalatory cycle.

That, along current trends, will eventually bring them into direct conflict and then go nuclear.

Killing millions of people and destroying much of the world.

This is obviously a bold prediction and certainly an unwise one to make — in part, because if I’m right, I’m unlikely to be around take credit for it.” The writer of that article was Jeremy Shapiro, the Research Director for the European Council on Foreign Relations.

His specialty is US.

Foreign policy.

He also served in the U.S.

State Department from 2009 to 2013.

People issuing such dire warnings are not just some loons on social media trying to increase their audience.


Shapiro said if Russia starts losing too badly, which seems probable.

It may use tactical nuclear weapons, after which NATO will strike.


This is a scenario he hopes.

Won’t become a reality.

If it does.

He said this will happen, next: “Fearing, that those attacks will destroy the Russian strategic nuclear capability and thus leave them defenseless against NATO conventional forces.

The Russians will launch a first-strike strategic nuclear attack on the slim hope that it will weaken the Western resolve or capability to respond and save their regime.

I will then have something in the order of a few minutes to send out an email to my colleagues.

Saying, ‘I told you so.’” If, that’s not bad, we don’t know what is, but there are a few more reasons why 2023 is going to be the astrological Chinese year of the toilet.

The war has also caused an energy crisis, which won’t just go away.

Next year.

In fact, this winter, it’s, believed that so many people will struggle to heat their homes and that there will be a significant increase in the number of deaths in the worst-effected places.

The fact that power is so expensive in some nations means those without much money will go without electricity and possibly food.

This will lead to widespread ill health, which might manifest as a really bad decrease in life expectancy.

In the coming year.

We will talk about this decrease in life expectancy.


In 2022, The Financial Times asked experts how the energy crisis will affect health in Britain alone, and the answer they got back was it will put a “health time-bomb under Britain’s, most vulnerable.” The BBC wrote, “With the world in the grip of a global energy crisis.

Hundreds of millions of people are now facing fuel poverty, this winter, as they struggle to keep their homes.


The consequences could be wide-reaching and long-lasting.” Yayyyy, to 2023! In case.

You didn’t know, many people living in so-called “rip-off Britain” struggle to pay their energy bills anyway.

But this crisis has made matters a life-or-death, situation.


Just imagine how much Ukrainians will suffer.

Britain is a wealthy nation, and this is a scenario the BBC said was going to happen in winter:.

“Elderly people will wrap themselves in coats, scarves, and gloves to sit in their living.


Parents will worry about whether their babies are warm enough.

As they add an extra blanket to their cots.

Gas fires will go unlit.” In 2020, around 36 million people in Europe could not keep their houses warm when they needed to.

At the same time, 16 percent of people in the US suffered from what’s called “energy poverty.” Around, 25 percent of Chinese people live under the same conditions.

It’s thought this situation will get worse.

This winter.

People will die, but others will suffer the ill effects after the winter.

The BBC said: “There's, a higher risk of stroke, respiratory infection, and falls or other injuries due to people's reduced strength and dexterity in low temperatures.

Cold homes can have both short and long-term consequences for a person's health, well-being, and even their opportunities in life.” The.

Current energy crisis will spread.


The UK is already reporting a “tsunami of need,” and food banks are becoming the norm for many more people.

The US and the EU also report that more people have to turn to food banks right now.


Will this affect social harmony? Will? The resentment lead to people voting for the next wicked populist that comes along and spouts.

Words of violence and hate? It’s happened, before, and it can happen.


You might remember what happened in Germany in the 1930s, when a large part of the population was down on its knees in abject poverty., 2023 might be a year of hopelessness for many people and they might grab at any branch held out, and trust us.

The reliably partisan, polarizing media will make things worse, not better.

The global pandemic hurt us badly, but now with the war, the situation is much worse.

The UK media is saying that even with more food banks, the demand is so great.

Now that sooner or later, people will have to be turned away.


This is a sad, sad thought, especially as many of the world’s richest people are seeing their wealth rise astronomically, especially if they have large shares in arms or drugs.


Talk about rubbing salt into gaping wounds.

Something, has to change.

The world’s most vulnerable need some good news for once.

Unfortunately, they’re not going to find it here.


Let’s now focus solely on that cheery subject.

We call death.

If you’re, worried now, you’re, going to be climbing.

The walls in a few minutes.

Don’t worry too much.

We’ll finish on a lighter note.


The UK, excess deaths have gone through the roof, with many thousands more people just dropping down.


We are not talking about only Covid deaths, either.

Something is killing people, and we don’t know what it is, or at least we aren’t unequivocally sure what it is., The Spectator wrote in November: “What’s, causing these deaths? It isn’t Covid:.

Just 27 percent of excess deaths in England for the most recent week have Covid as the underlying cause.

Instead, problems that built up over lockdowns are being keenly felt.

Now.” The, British, Heart Foundation wrote that 30,000 people in England alone have “needlessly” died of heart disease.

Since the start of the pandemic.

230 heart-related deaths per week, the media is saying, would not have occurred if lockdowns hadn’t happened.

We are not arguing against lockdowns.

We are just being the messenger of bad news.

Please don’t shoot.


In October, Fortune talked about young people in the US, who were perfectly healthy, just dropping down dead from some kind of heart.


The article mentioned the deaths of formerly robust people with no history of health complications, just suddenly giving up the ghost as their hearts failed.


The author believed the cause was the people having had Covid in the past, and later it caused significant damage to the heart.

We don’t have the data related to excess deaths in the US, so it’s impossible to ascertain the number right now, but what? If things are similar to what they are in Europe, - and other countries,? For that matter?, The EU and the UK have provided up-to-date death rate numbers, and it’s scary what’s been happening in 2022.


This continues to 2023… talk about a giant poop sandwich., In, August 2022, many countries in Europe, and we mean many, showed a 15 to 30 percent rise in excess deaths compared to August 2016 to 2019.

The EU reported that in July, Spain’s excess death rate compared to pre-pandemic levels was +37%, Cyprus's was +33%, and Greece's was +31%., In other months.

The death rate in many EU countries continued in this trend, and as in the UK, many of these weren’t direct Covid deaths.

The EU, said the heatwaves possibly did it back in summer, but right now, it would seem something else can be blamed.

The UK government wrote this in October relating to England and Wales:.

“The number of deaths was above the five-year average in private homes, (31.1% above, 790, excess deaths), hospitals, (14.5% above, 678, excess deaths), care homes, (10.1% above, 225, excess deaths) and other settings.

(2.5% above, 20, excess deaths).”, It, said 5.8% of the total deaths in England and Wales involved.


There were 11,938 deaths for the week ending 21 October 2022.

1,714, it said, were excess.


A lot for just one.


We also found data.

That said in the Netherlands and Germany, excess deaths were up for October.

It’s very worrying, which is why many EU and British politicians are asking for a thorough, investigation.

It’s worth noting that the summer of 2022 was indeed Europe’s hottest summer on record.

But if you look at statistics, the summers in the years before the pandemic were also record-breaking.

They also led to excess deaths, but now the excess deaths are in excess of those excess.


We need that investigation immediately, because the increased death rates are frankly staggering.

We don’t know for sure what’s causing it, and as we said, we don’t yet know if it’s happening in all countries.

Since there isn’t enough data, yet.

Some experts have said it could be linked to a Covid infection from the past, while others have said it could also be a consequence of lockdowns and associated health complications or from the lack of medical care.

During pandemic, imprisonment.

The Seattle Times wrote in October, “U.S.

heart attack deaths jumped sharply among young adults in 2nd year of pandemic.” The.

Article said this was because of complications after a covid infection, although that’s not 100 percent certain as yet.

Also, that data is fairly old.

It would be worrying if these heart issues are still happening and will continue to happen in 2023.

Israel wanted to figure out why so many young folks were getting myocarditis or pericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles or tissue), and scientists.

There have been working hard.

In, a recent paper published in the National Library of Medicine titled “The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated, Patients-A, Large, Population-Based Study,”, the researchers concluded, “We did not observe an increased incidence of neither pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection.” The study consisted of hundreds of thousands of people, and the number of people that developed, pericarditis or myocarditis, with or without getting Covid was about.

The same.

It should be said.

Men got it more than women.


What? If these heart problems, as the study, suggests, aren’t related to having had Covid? Maybe, other studies will be different, and some have discovered cardiovascular problems related to COVID-19.


All these deaths are related or not related to past infections.

Doesn’t really matter to you as you head into 2023.

What matters, is that the death rates are disturbing and could potentially stay that way or even get worse.

It’s hard to understand.

Since the data is incomplete, but it seems that death rates have been rising even though many of the most vulnerable people died already during the pandemic.

Wouldn’t that mean death rates.

Should be going, down? We found data on Japan and Australia.

That pointed to this worrying trend.

Although European nations seem to be the worst hit.

The UK’s Telegraph wrote in October, “Experts believe higher deaths from heart, complaints and diabetes mean the indirect effects of the pandemic will be greater than Covid itself.” That’s, just one opinion, by the way.

So wait for others.

A week later, the Telegraph ran the headline, “Crisis as excess deaths soar to levels higher than during Covid pandemic.” The Guardian called the massive rise in deaths, a “puzzle.” The British Medical Journal – or according to Facebook fact-checkers, “a blog” – also has articles that discuss these excess deaths.


We said, the data isn’t in for all countries, but if it turns out that some experts are right and lockdowns led to more ill health, does this mean 2023 will be a year of excess, deaths, too? The short answer is.

You might have a higher chance of dying next year than a few years ago, when the virus was nothing, but a twinkle in the eye of an atom.

It seems that masses of people not seeking medical attention during the lockdowns, or people overeating, or over drinking, or sitting on their backsides for too long, may have caused some everlasting damage to themselves.

The National Bureau of Economic Research, recently asked if this was “Collateral Damage of Policy Choices?” So, with the possibility of becoming an excess death statistic in 2023, coupled with the very real possibility of nuclear war.

Doing a lot more than compelling you to rinse your skin with soap and water, this year has all the markings of a nightmare in the making.

It’s, no surprise.

You are hearing less about other world issues at the moment, such as global warming and environmental destruction.

As, we said at the start, people’s hierarchy of external fears sometimes has to be updated.


Imagine yours has changed a lot over the last few years.


If this show has made you feel somewhat down about life, don’t worry.

We are going to give you some good news in a follow-up, show.

We guess the best show for you to watch now is “What Happens When You Are, Dying.” Or, brighten up your day with “What Happens to Your Body, After, You, Die?”.


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