We’re a Celebrity Family & We Have NO Privacy (2023)


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Hi I'm Kara from Los Angeles, please, like And, subscribe to MSA I lived with my single mom, who worked as a stylist to A-list celebrities.

Her work fascinated me and I always dreamed of walking in her footsteps.

So when I turned 17 I started assisting her on her movie sets.

That's where I met Jake for the first time he worked as a set builder and though we never spoke, I always thought he was kind of cute.

One day.

I was a bit early on the set when I saw him struggling with the set backdrop.

Oh there you go uh thanks, I was sure.

I was gonna fall today, I'm Jake by the way I'm Kara we got talking and it turns out.

He was really sweet.

We started hanging out a lot at the set and started dating soon.

It was time for college and, as luck would have it Jake and I got into a college in the same city and decided to move in together.

Mom didn't take the news too well, but I was adamant, so she gave in things were fine for a while, but soon our relationship started crumbling.

It started with small things like Jake, not paying the rent or staying out so late.

He wanted me to ask Mom to invest in his business idea.

I'm sure she'll have no problem pitching in to secure a daughter's future.

Don't you want me to progress in life? Of course, I do nothing would make me happier.

I still wasn't sure if Mom would agree, but I had to give it a shot for Jake.

So, a week later, I called her up and she told me that she was in the hospital.

She was feeling much better, but I had to go see her, so I rushed back home only to find Jake and my car gone.

I tried calling him, but he didn't answer and just as I was giving up hope he came home.

Looking like a wreck and my car was missing what happened? Where's My Car, the car is gone, I got into a bad accident, babe gone.

What do you mean gone? My mom's not well and I had to go, see her.

What am I supposed to do now, I'm telling you I got into an accident, but all you care about is your car and your mom you're, unbelievable I didn't, but Jake slammed the door in my face.

I felt so bad about the whole thing, so I decided to make up for it by selling my mom's vintage Rolex watch to get money for Jake's business.

It broke my heart to part with it, but I had to do it for Jake.

Mom was discharged soon after, but she was still mad at me for not showing showing up I thought after Jake got the money he'd be happy, but instead he got more distant.

He was always on his phone or traveling and if I asked him, he simply Shrugged and said it was for business.

But then one day when he was gone, I checked his bank statements and saw a transfer of five hundred thousand dollars in his account.

What are you doing? What the heck is this Jake? Where did you get the money? Um I wanted to tell you sooner, but I got so caught up.

I won the lottery.

Isn't that amazing? A lottery when how you gave me the money I bought the tickets.

I won the money, blah blah blah long story, short I'm rich.

Now my heart dropped to my butt.

I sold my watch to get money for lottery tickets.

How could you be so insensitive? You should have asked me, oh, and why should I do that? Did I ask you to sell your junk? No right, and will you please stop overreacting? I won, didn't I what you're more stupid than I thought? If you think money is everything in life, I, don't care and listen, I'm, tired of dating your broke butt anyway, I thought.

Maybe your mom would help me pay my bills and I could finally live a good life, but we all know how that went so I'm off and here's a little cash to keep you afloat and don't call me Jake, packed up his stuff and moved out.

Leaving me in total shock, I couldn't believe I could fall for someone like him.

I wanted to call Mom and tell her everything, but that would only stress her out more so I decided against it.

The next few weeks were a blur.

I was still trying to wrap my head around the way Jake had treated me and I felt, like a total idiot and one day, while walking back from college I was so lost, I didn't realize I'd stepped right into heavy traffic.

Before I could process it.

I felt an arm.

Pull me back onto the sidewalk, hey watch where you're going are you trying to get yourself killed, I looked up and saw the most gorgeous guy was towering above me like an angel.

Oh my God I'm.

So sorry, thank you must have been thinking real hard for you to be so distracted yeah.

Something like that.

Please let me repay you, maybe some other time.

I have a feeling.

I'll see you again, I'm just glad you're, okay, the stranger left and I went on my way, but I couldn't stop thinking about how he looked.

Oddly familiar the next day, I decided to break myself out of my slump and focus on my studies.

When I arrived at class I found out that we were assigned partners for a project and my partner was the same guy.

Who'd saved me: well, this must be fake.

Who would have thought we'd meet up again so soon, wow I had no idea.

We were in the same class.

Well now you do I'm Noah, Noah and I hit it off immediately.

He was funny charismatic and he always made me feel at ease.

We were great together and one day when he asked me out for a coffee date, I agreed, but just as I reached the cafe, I heard him talking on the phone with someone you don't have to worry: I'll arrange the money for Mom's operation, I'm working on it as we speak as soon as he saw me, he stopped and smiled hey you're early.

What happened? Why are you looking at me like that? Yeah um? Sorry, no problem, let's go, shall we Noah kept saying something, but my mind was spinning in all directions.

Could it be that he was lying to me for money too, but why would he do that so I heard your mom's a stylist in La huh? How do you know that everyone in college does she's famous? She must be well off.

It was almost as if an alarm went off in my mind as I got up um Noah.

This was great I need to leave, but your coffee, some other time, maybe I, turned around and ran as fast as I could far away from Noah.

My relationship with Jake had been a disaster and I had no plans of repeating the same mistake after that day, I avoided Noah at all costs, even though he tried talking to me a million times.

He would slip sweet notes in my locker wait for me in the cafeteria and help me with the project, but I just didn't want to talk to him and then one day he caught up with me.

Okay, I swear I'm, not a stalker, but it's really annoying me how you left the other day.

I need an explanation.

You owe me one I, don't owe you anything: okay, okay, relax I've, clearly touched a wrong nerve, but I can't sleep in peace till you tell me what's wrong.

Why do you even care because I, like you, there I said it I've liked you, since I saw you in class the first day, but you were always so quiet doing your own thing never got the chance to talk to you.

I stared, at Noah and His Kind eyes told me he was telling the truth.

Suddenly I broke down in tears and told him everything about Jake, that's horrible, I understand where you're coming from, but you can't judge everyone on the same level.

I need money, but I would never make a fool out of anyone, least of all you I know, but it's difficult for me to move on.

I, don't know if I can ever fall in love again, Noah looked disappointed, but I just wasn't in a place where I could trust anyone.

Again we decided to stay friends, but the more time I spent around him.

The more I fell for him.

Maybe he was different and I was thinking too much.

One day, Noah told me about a massive party in a mansion outside the city, the entire class was invited and we were all excited I even bought myself.

A cute outfit, but when Noah came to pick me up, I was blown you clean up.

Nice I still look like a Shabby rat compared to you.

The party was a blast and Noah and I were having a great time.

Then he left to get us some drinks and seconds later.

Someone tapped on my shoulders, I froze when I saw Jake grinning at me.

Fancy seeing you here.

What are you you doing here? Do you own this place? No thought so.

I don't have time for this leave me alone.

Just then Noah approached me with our drinks.

Sorry, the line was insane everything: okay, yeah I need to leave.

I'll see you in class tomorrow.

Don't crush his heart like that.

Cara trust me dude.

She does that a lot, my little Heartbreaker something snapped in me and I slapped Jake's Square in the face.

Don't touch me: you are a horrible person.

Jake stay away from me.

I mean it for days after that, I couldn't find the strength to go to my classes.

Noah called me, but I told him.

I wasn't feeling well and asked him to give me some space.

Thankfully, he respected that a week later, I finally managed to get off my butt and get ready for class.

When the doorbell rang I was shocked to find Mom standing outside mom I got a call from your college, saying that you're not showing up what's wrong.

Baby I hugged mom tight and started sobbing, like a crazy person.

As she sat me down, I told her everything about Jake and Noah Jake broke my heart and now I, don't think I can trust anyone again I'm I'm.

So sorry, Mom, oh sweetie, don't be sorry.

Jake never deserved you, but that doesn't mean you should stop believing in love.

Listen to your heart and follow it.

Mom stayed the night and talked me out of my slump.

I was finally feeling better and decided to go to class, but just as I stepped in someone blocked my way.


Are you stalking me? If that's what it takes for you to hear me out, then? Yes, I'm, sorry I was a jerk and what I did with you was wrong.

Just please hear me out: okay for Old Times, Sake Jay told me he ended up gambling.

All his money and was left with nothing he'd even failed his classes and was on the verge of getting kicked out.

I know you told me to be more careful and I was a fool not to listen to you, but Cara I need money.

I'm struggling sounds like a you problem to me and how dare you walk up to my face asking for money after betraying me like that think about it Kara, you know I'm a smart kid.

You really don't want to mess with me.

Do what you feel like, but before I could move.

He grabbed my arm.

Hey! What's wrong with you! Let me go next thing.

I know: I saw an Noah burst onto the scene where he grabbed onto Noah's arm and shoved him away.

She said to let her go you again.

This is between me and her I got this Noah.

Listen to me very carefully! Jake.

If you don't leave now, I will have your butt kicked off campus and put a case of stalking on you, and you know my mom right.

She knows people, people who can put you in jail for a long long time you get where this is going, but but we're supposed to be together.

We have history, exactly your history and you know how history bores me now leave before I make your life miserable and with that his face turned red and he immediately stormed off.

Well, that was intense.

Sorry, you had to get involved in my mess again.

What can I say: I'm a mess-up, cleaner, no Noah I should have been more careful of your feelings, I, let my past Define, my present and I shouldn't have done that I know I! Don't care about your past, but I do want to see myself in your future.

You think you can maybe give me a chance.

I swear.

I won't spend money on lottery tickets, haha very funny.

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