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Foreign welcome back to my channel.

My name is Jonah and I.

Just got home from Walmart now I have a Walmart video I'm, still editing from last couple of days and I'm gonna put that up, because there's some great rebate deals on there and they're still available, and then today I got uh yeah like 28 offers.

So if you're looking for some Ibotta rebates, I have them for you, I think in fact, there's a ton.

I didn't even do I wanted to complete my Grill Master and my weekend warrior my weekend, warrior was 18 offers for five dollars and my Grill Master I had 28 offers left to do so.

I completed it all that was 48 offers total on the grill Master for ten dollars.

Now I found this follow your heart.

I couldn't find it.

I looked in the cooler section, I looked in the condiment I looked in the diet, I looked in the keto area, I couldn't find it anywhere.

So then I was over by the salad and the vegetables.

The produce area looking at the fresh, craving salsa deciding if I, wanted to do that, one or not and I, didn't do it, but I found this so follow your heart.

This is the vegetarian mayonnaise and it is dairy, free, I, think it's egg, free, dairy, free, vegan and cholesterol and preservative free.

So this is a great product if it fits into your diet, needs 5.98.

and I bought.

It gave me 5.98 back, so this was totally free.

If it's something you want to, try there you go, then I got the cheese.

Sorry, then I got the cheese.

Now there are a couple kinds of cheese: I got the gouda cheese, there's American and uh.

That might have been all there was, but anyway I got this and it was 5, 18 and I bought.

It gave me 4.99 back, not quite a freebie that it's supposed to be, but almost okay, five uh 4.99 five dollars back and I paid 518., so great way to try new products, and it's really hard at my Walmart a lot of times.

I can't find these free items.

They don't have them now.

I did also get the agua Frescas.

Now these are the big bottles you can get the small ones.

There is an I bought a rebate, but these were 258 and they were Dollar peelies on on them and I got the uh.

This is a coconut.

The pineapple, aracha and um is the strawberry 258.

Both of them had a dollar peely.

So look in your cooler.

I saw these the other day uh when I went a couple days ago and I didn't pick them up um, but then I thought you know.

That's a pretty good deal, the cans.


I know we have a rebate, but with the dollar Pee Wee, this works out.

Better I get a lot more product.

Now, anyway, these These are great, and it's so hot here in Arizona that uh I think I may, like I, see them up.

Okay, then I got the um, the Danish Creamery butter.

Now these were 448 I, believe yeah, 448 and I bought it Amy a dollar back.

So I got this for the price of the uh Walmart great value or whatever their butter is so um.

That's great and I got.

This is a good brand I like it.

The other thing I got, keep hitting the computer I'm.

Sorry uh I'm only going to show you one of these, because I don't want to keep reaching over and get the other one, but it is the Pillsbury biscuits.

Now these are the littlest cans.

They had there's only five little biscuits in here, but really I don't need much more than that.

At one time these biscuits were a dollar 48, so two of them cost me 296.

and I bought.

It gave me a dollar bag.

Now it's off two Pillsbury you can get the crescent rolls.

You can get the biscuits like I did or the bigger thing of biscuits.

You can even get the Pillsbury cookies in the refrigerated section.

These were the cheapest thing, and so it's the biggest bang for my buck and it's something I could use and I'm saving a lot of money on groceries today now the other thing I did was the macaroni and cheese and on my other, video I did Daiquiri and cheese and I talked about what a great deal.

This is because I bought, it was so nice they made all these separate.

So the shells is this: the shells.


This is the uh thick and creamy the spiral um, the original and the shells.

These were all separate rebates, so I got four rebates and they were uh.

The shells and the extra creamy were a dollar twelve and then the spiral and the original were a dollar.

They all had 20 cents coming back, so that gave me 80 cents back on macaroni and cheese, great staple to have in your cupboard um I I doctored up, though I I made some the other day and I put some head up: hot dog and corn in it.

I don't know, may sound weird to you, I really like it.

You can put hamburger meat in you can make it like a hair helper.

You know um anyway, anyway, the two good yogurt.

This is the Peach um they're, a dollar 28 and I bought.

It is getting 60 cents back when you buy two, so you know then I did the dryers again.

I have no room in my freezer.

Can I tell you that right now, I got uh another one of the butter pecan.

Now my sister and my dog have ice cream every night, I don't eat ice cream very often, once in a while I'll have a little bit.

Um I've really been craving coffee, I've really been craving coffee ice cream, but I don't have any.

Then I got this churro caramel Crossroads.

Now you notice the other ones.

(Video) Walmart FREE & CHEAP Deals | Ibotta Couponing Haul | 5 Easy FREEBIES Pick Up + Over 15 Deals!

I got were the caramel and the vanilla, because the dog can't have chocolate it's poisonous to dogs.

So that's why I that churro one will probably be um something I have because he can't help.

He can't uh there's chocolate in there.

Okay, so they are 484, each and I bought.

It is giving me 519 back and then Swagbucks gave me two dollars back, so it made it 249.

both of them and uh.

So that's like a dollar 25 each now they're.

Maybe something on Checkout 51 check out 51 is the only rebate app I haven't submitted to yet and um I think there might be some of my rebates coming back on there too.

In fact, I'm pretty sure there are okay, I got the fast twitch.

This is um.

I thought there was a dollar on I bought it, but then I don't see it.

So this actually is a dollar on the app.

So this is 518 cost me 118.

There were a couple rebates, I had and I looked in my list and Ibotta I swear I scan the stuff in the store when I got home.

I couldn't find it so I, don't know.

Now I got the um broads.

These are a little fancy.

Feasts uh there's the chicken there is the tuna shrimp and white meat, and then there is the salmon I think the wild salmon um I'm, taking these up to my grandbaby, my daughter's cat I'm, taking these up uh when I go to Seattle in a couple weeks and I thought these are a nice treat, and these are really good for um male cats, because it's adding liquid and they don't tend to her cat- doesn't tend to get enough liquid.

Even though he eats a lot of wet food, he doesn't eat dry food because um male cats, I guess, have problems with their uh uh urine or whatever their kidneys or something anyway, a dollar 48, three of them cost me four 44.

Ibotta gave me back 75 cents on each one.

Giving me 225 back and gave me a dollar, so it was 325 and it cost me a dollar 40.

It cost me 444, so that is 99 Cents or 33 cents, a piece that is awesome and um yeah I think that'll be a good treat.

Okay, I bring a lot of treats, you know, catnip things and she kind of gets mad because I spoil him, but that's what Grandma's do? Okay, the Irish Spring this was 497.

I got a dollar fifty back for my body and a dollar fifty back on, so this ended up costing me 1.97., maybe a little more than I should normally pay for it, but I'm going for rebates too.

So the soft soap was on rollback for 447.

I got a dollar fifty for my bottle and a dollar fifty from the making a dollar 47.

I think that's pretty good for soft okay.

So then I got the little gravies.

These sound, really good too.

One is a roasted chicken flavor and one is a roasted turkey flavor they were a dollar 28 and I got a dollar back from and I got the Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

This is the brownie batter donut, we'll see what it tastes like I.

Think it's going to be like a mocha, maybe so I paid uh, 248 and I got a dollar back from I bought it.

So that's not too bad! Then I got the Ryder shredded potatoes.

This is 30.

Ounces, um and I have to get this in the freezer.

Pretty quick, because it's thawed um these potatoes were 5.28 and I got a dollar.

Fifty back I was gonna, buy either these or tater tots anyway.

(Video) Walmart FREE & CHEAP Deals | Ibotta Couponing Haul | Easy Household and Personal Care FREEBIES!

So you know how I feel about shopping if it's stuff I'm buying anyway and I'm getting money for it.

That's a good deal.

Okay, let me put these the next thing.

I did was the Kibler cookies again, but they had some new ones.

Um got two more of these, because these are delicious and then I found days and new type were the coconut dreams, and these have caramel fudge.

Coconut and caramel.

Okay, I've been getting cookies away, like crazy I brought a big bunch of snack stuff to my work.

Well, I roll back for 2 48., so two of them are gonna cost me.

Basically, five dollars, I get three dollars back from Swagbucks and you can do it twice per day.

Usually it's two times in a week and I was reading it and it was twice in a day and that's why I've been buying more and more puppies, so they are 4.98 I, get that three dollars making it 198 or 99 cents a pack.

Well, you guys, you gotta have somebody you could give puppies to for 98 cents, a pack that is such a good deal and my then I got the withers.

A dollar 28 and I got 75 cents back from my bottom.

That's not bad! Now the little minis are free right now.

My store that I went to today did not have them.

They had them at another store, I went to the other day and I didn't get them before.

Minis they're, usually up by the chip, stand and they're.

Just a little box of sugar-free, Minis and they're.

Great I've had them before anyway.

Those are actually a freebie with Ibotta right now, so if you can find them in your store, pick them up.

Otherwise these are a good deal.

These are in dollar 28 and I bought.

It is given 75 cents back.

So that's a pretty good deal.

They're, like 50 some cents.

I know I only got a few more things.

Okay, I got the Mentos again I, don't know what I'm gonna do with all these bentos give them away.

Is somebody um, they're, 1.38 I bought? It gave me 25 cents and Swagbucks um Swagbucks.

There was a 25 cent, They put it under review.

I, don't know if I'll get it, they put this and something else under review, and it was like the cheap things you know, I think maybe the werthers and this so um yeah.

Then I got the plug-in, and this was three.

This was 324 and I got 230 back from my bada, so it makes it 90 something cents and uh I actually like these.

These take it has an indicator light when it's low and these take the Dual ones, and these really were good of all the plugins I like those the best, then I got the touch-up spray.

This particular one was 548.

The other ones are six something um.

This is the ocean scent.

It smells good, I, don't know um.

It was on the floor.

(Video) Walmart Ibotta Haul 7.10.23| 68% SAVED| Swagbucks Deals & More

This was 5, 48 and I bought.

It gave me three dollars back, so it made it 248, not too bad.

I, usually um I do use these, but then um I sell them too.

At my yard sale.

They sell pretty good that kind of stuff.

Then I got the Clorox I needed this.

Now there okay, this was 268 and I got 75 cents back.

This is something I needed to buy so 75 cents.

Coming back to me, I'm happy about that.

The other thing I got again is the dude wipes.

These are 1.97 a dollar coming back, making them 97 cents um, that is it.

Total of everything was 82.79.

I got 51 dollars back from my Baba I actually got 61.25, because I had some money in there from before, but on this deal, I got 51.

Even back.

I had 36 dollars in rebates, then I had a five dollar weekend warrior for my 18 offers for five dollars.

Then I had my Grill Master, which I got ten dollars and I apologize for the glare you've.

Probably looked at that glare long enough on my glasses.

Okay, I got ten dollars back for my Grill Master, giving me an extra 15 on top of the 36 that I got on my rebates, so 51, coming back from the 82.79 I also got 11.25 from Swagbucks for the cookies, the ice cream and I'm, not even counting the ones that went under review, which were small, maybe another 50 cents or something so that was 11 25.

So that's making it 62.25 coming back and then on the I got five dollars back as what I spend for all.

This was 13.54 now, when these are things you're buying anyway, like bathroom, cleaner and that all the cat stuff to take up to my daughter, you know thirteen dollars for all of this is nothing and um.

I am really happy.

82 dollars and 79 cents came down to thirteen dollars and fifty four cents you guys, if you're, not using coupons or rebate, apps and Walmart, you really need to use rebate apps, because coupons aren't going to work for you um, because most the items you can't use coupons at Walmart, so I, usually don't even bother.

The only thing I use to coupon for was the peelies that were on the aqua, Fresca and then day five dollars, I got from other than that you guys this has been awesome haul.

All right, you guys! Well, that is an awesome haul, 82.79 dollars worth of product that I got for thirteen dollars and 54 cents.

If you're not using rebate, apps you're missing a lot of a lot of money.

There was a lady the other day.

It was so funny because she was going out and she showed the guy.

You know when you go out the door.

She goes 300 I spent 300 in here and um she's, like I, didn't even get everything I needed and I spent 300 in the store and I I yelled over to her I hope, you're, easy, I, hope, you're using rebate, apps and Chin, say anything and then I said no seriously.

I hope, you're using rebate apps, because I said I just spent a hundred and something dollars a hundred and fifty dollars and I'm getting back three quarters of it.

So even more than that, okay, um and there's always things you get.

You don't have rebates for that's! Okay! When you can get this kind of money back in your pocket and then use it to buy something else, your family needs.

You guys, you gotta use, remade apps I have mine linked below I, think I have all of them.

Um you get an extra bonus and I get a referral if you're not using them.

If you are using a hooray, you uh are saving a lot of money at the end of the year and they give you the tallies.

You know how much you've saved all year.

It's amazing, you know when my Ibotta is thousands of dollars at the end of the year, I've saved I hope everyone's having a great day and happy shopping.

(Video) WALMART DEALS 7/22 | ALL FREE +$0.61 MM | OVER 20 DEALS

I'll see you in the next one: okay.


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