Stretching Your Back Before A Test May Help U Avoid (2023)

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Answer 1


The answer would be Muscle Stiffness.


When you are going to give an exam or test, you are suppose to sit for long hours with your back bent, writing your test. Sitting in the same posture for long would make the muscles stiff. So if you do some stretches before going to give the test, then your muscles will be relaxed, and there will be less stiffness in your back bones and muscles. So if you want to be relaxed physically during the exam, do some stretches before going for exam.

Answer 2

The answer is Stress anxiety

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What is a family?what is family composition



it doesn't make you a family by blood or by law, the thing that makes you family is love. it may sound silly, but it is true, i am fostered and that is what makes me part of the family according to lots of people but, it isn't. i love my family and i am gratefully for them truly. so if someone says family, don't think it is by blood, law. think it is the people who love and care for you.

hope this helps


All family can be defined as a group of persons living in the same home which can be related by blood, marriage or even adoption.

Tasha exercises four times a week, has a balanced diet, and gets adequate sleep. She also studies subjects she loves, and maintains a balance between spending time along and time with others. She mediates daily, recycles, and volunteers to help others. Based on this information, what best describes Tasha’s behavior?
1.Tasha's schedule is overloaded and is causing her stress.
2.Tasha needs to improve her exercise routine to reduce health problems.
3.Tasha needs to find ways to improve her environmental and social health.
4.Tasha is most likely in an optimal state of health.


I would say number 4 because she has a great health by exercising 4 times a week and a balanced dieys and gets a good nights sleep. She is Good with her social skills.


it would be D


Which of the following is most likely to improve one’s social health? 1.getting plenty of exercise
2.eating nutritious foods
3.seeking and lending support
4.changing one’s environment


3 seeking and lending support


seeking and lending support


It makes people feel better to help others

What happens when unhealthy behaviors become physically addictive? 1.A person's body begins to crave or need the behavior.
2.A person's body begins to reject the effects of the behavior.
3.A person will gain more control over conscious behavior.
4.A person will never be able to stop practicing the unhealthy behavior.



The persons body begin to crave or need the behavior, so answer 1

I believe it’s number one

What do amino acids do? help the body use certain vitamins and create cell energy
aid growth, cell replacement, and cell and tissue repair
provide energy and help cells get energy from other nutrients
turn carbohydrates into proteins, fats, and fatty acids



I’m pretty sure the answer is B

The nerve root which leaves the spinal cord toward the rear of the body is the_________ root.


The spinal nerve root


Spinal is the answer.

Which if these are likely benefits if abstinence select three


What are the choices?

We need choices please

Name four functions of the nervous system


voluntary movement, perception, homeostasis and cognition (abstract functions)

The four primary functions of the nervous system are the sensory, communicative, integrative and motor functions.

What is a physical risk of using alcohol or drugs?? A. Inability to meet friends

B. Delays in the time it takes for a body to mature

C. Legal action

D. Weakening family relationships


25 points......


The answer is B delays in time it takes for a body to mature.


B) Delays in the time it takes for the body to mature


What is the correct definition of a self-assessment? A. A personality test designed to help you make informed decisions based on specific traits. O B. A field of study.O C. A process of gathering information about yourself in order to make an informed O D. An application sent to colleges to Tielp them determine if you would be a good fit among their student body



A self assignment is a personal test made for you, it's like a review test that people take in college.

Answer: it’s c

a progress of gathering information about yourself in order to make an informed decision

help __why you think that the unemployed and those with low income are more likely to batter their loved ones​


Often stresses caused by financial pressures can lead to mental and psychological distress

why you think that the unemployed and those with low income are more likely to batter their loved ones​


♫ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~Hello There!~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ♫

➷ It could perhaps be that they feel anger towards themselves for not being able to get out of that situation and end up venting their anger on their loved ones. It's sad, but it does happen.

➶ Hope This Helps You!

➶ Good Luck (:

➶ Have A Great Day ^-^

↬ ʜᴀɴɴᴀʜ ♡

It could be because they have a low self esteem for themselves. They might feel like a nobody for not having a job or not having enough money to provide for their loved ones.

What typically happens when you compromise during a negotiation? A. You relax some of your requirements. B. You relax all of your requirements. C. You don’t relax any of your requirements. D. You relax your values and beliefs.


A. you relax some of your requirements.




While ice skating, Alice slipped and injured her knee. What is one way Alice might have prevented this injury?


Skated slower, on the wall, holding onto something or someone

By holding onto a wall, or by using one of those things that they give you if you are just learning to skate.

Which is the best treatment for a severe bleeding injury? A.
Wash the wound with mild soap and cool water.
Apply a sterile bandage with pressure to stop the bleeding.
Place the damaged tissue on ice to preserve it.
Remove all foreign objects from the area of the wound.ictim


The answer to this question is b. This will keep blood in the body. To ensure the wound is taken care of properly call for medical help either someone who is trained in first aid or call an ambulance

the answer is B or C

Why is it necessary to collect information from the patient over the phone


To maintain a regular cash flow

So the employee can know what they are dealing with

The skin has multiple functions. Which of the following is NOT one of the skin's functions


What are the choices?

What AR report should Anne use to identify the claims that require follow up? What should she look for on this report?




Failure Analysis Report.

Select the correct answer. Which action is taken by an offensive player in the game of lacrosse?

The player attacks the opponent's goal.
The player throws the ball out of bounds.
The player protects the goal.
The player guards an opponent.


A. The player attacks the opponent's goal.

In any game, The offense is always the one that has the ball. So if you don't have the ball you automatically go on defense until you get the ball back.

The correct answer is A. The player attacks the opponent's goal

Hope this helps!

DATING DISCUSSION, What are your concerns about dating, relationships, and sex? Post a response to the discussion board that answers the following: Before deciding to date, what should you consider? Include at least three important considerations.
What are some important decisions to make before deciding to have sex? Include at least three important considerations.
What values do you consider important in deciding about responsible dating? How do these values help you make safe decisions?


Before deciding to date, what should you consider? Include at least three important considerations: Before you decide to start dating, you need to understand your boundaries. These can range from emotional boundaries to physical boundaries. You also need to have a plan to keep those boundaries in place. Second, you must also consider your maturity and how you handle situations. Lastly, you must consider other people's opinions.

What are some important decisions to make before deciding to have sex? Include at least three important considerations: First and foremost, having sex should be YOUR decision! You should never feel pressured or rushed to have sex with someone. Second, you and your partner must be completely honest about previous sexual encounters and sexual history. Third, you need to ask yourself if you are completely ready and comfortable with yourself and your partner to have sex. This is important because your body reacts to stress and nervousness. This makes the sex less enjoyable for both of you.

I'm not sure how to answer the last two questions, but I hope that gives you a general idea.

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