Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (2023)

Current game version 1.06
Entire game overhaul version released.
Including custom mini Bosses and custom items.
Whole overhaul language support only for : T-Chinese(繁體中文)、S-Chinese(简体中文)、English、Japanese(日本語),
other languages won'tdisplay correctly.

7/9/2023 Update :
Fixes some bugs. Change some Bosses' attack logic.
Rebalanced combat arts and Prosthetic Tools and some items.
Adding more custom items.
Adding 1 new custom P-tools.
Adding 1 new custom Latent Skills.
Adding 1 new events (Cinders Gauntlet).

7/26/2023 Hotfix :
Rebalanced combat arts and Prosthetic Tools and some items.
Lower every NG+ enemies' HP & Posture scale.
Change Isshin's attackinterval.
Fix inugami's teleport issue.
Delete some enemies in Hirata Estate.
Fix a strange bug that may cause playerautomatically gain the Raven Step skill in Ashina Depths poison swamp area without any reason.
Fix a reward bug when defeated Fang of Orochi in Cinders Gauntlet.
Fix a bug that player will gain Healing Gourd after defeating Padma Rakshasa in Mt. Kongo.
Fix some bugs that you can lure some bosses out and cheese them inFountainhead Palace in Thunder Noble area.
Delete the illusive hall bell when you are in the Fire Monk event when you reaching Illusory Hallarea.
Fix a bug that Wraith Owl willresurrect even you defeat him in 3rd custom event.
Strengthen some customProsthetic Tools.

How to enter 1st new event:
Complete Blackhat Badger's sub quest and you will get a key item
Unlock the Senpou Temple Assault sub quest, find the target in Mt.Kongo Area in the description of the key item, then kill the target and gaining new key item
Follow new instruction to the new event area.
How to enter the Cinders Gauntlet event:
Gain all newProsthetic Tools (total 7 custom Prosthetic Toolsscrolls sold bypot nobles) and defeat Father Owl in 3 years ago, then go toDilapidated Temple looking for surprise.
Warning: Rewards from Cinders Gauntlet is different between Hardcore and Noob version.
And the secret final Boss in Cinders Gauntlet is different between two versions too.

Adding a text file records all of my custom Mini Bosses locations and how to let them show up, for those who really curious. Of course if you love suprises and want to explore yourself then just pass it.(7/28/2022 updated)

This an Ultimate huge rebalance mod for Sekiro. I made this mod just because when u beat out NG+ 8 rounds and found out there's nothing more u can do, u can use my mod to make the game morechallenging.

Sekiro's Rebalance:
1.There are five skills to increase the amount of ur spirit emblems by only 1, now change it to 4, also change the standard amount of ur spirit emblems from 15 to 20 (so now ur total spirit emblems will be 40 when u obtained that five skills )
BUT ! Beware of this function must start a new save or it won't work !
2.Change the amount of Divine Grass from 1 to 2.
3.Change the amount of Pellet from 3 to 5, also heals more Vitality when using it.
4.Ceremonial Tanto now increasing 7 temporary Spirit Emblems now.((Just in Hardcore version, in Noob version is 4 cause u don't need that much
5.Change the amount of five kind of buffing Sugar from 3 to 5
6.All Spiritfall change the effect:
Ako's Spiritfall : Increase the damage buff
Ungo's Spiritfall : Increase the damage decreasing buff
Gokan's Spiritfall : Increase the posture defense buff and adding damage decreasing buff plus extra abnormal status defense
Gachin's Spiritfall : Silencing and concealing effect is more effective then the sugar version
Yashariku's Spiritfall : Increase the damage buff
7.Increasing the damage and posture damage of all Combat Arts and Prosthetic Tools.
8.Decreasing the Spirit Emblems cost of most of Combat Arts and Prosthetic Tools.
9.When using prayer beads to upgrade, increasing more Sekiro's maximum Vitality and Posture.(New Save required.)
10.Increasing the duration of all medicinal powder.
11.Ninjutsu Techniques Effect changes:
Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu : Increasing the concealing effect duration and adding Vitality also Posture damage during the effect.
Puppeteer Ninjutsu : Increasing the effect duration of controlling enemies and increasing the damage of ur Puppet and increasing the posture of ur Puppet
Bestowal Ninjutsu : Increasing the effect duration and adding a stagger effect to enemies ,also increasing the attack range and damage boost.
12.Increasing the effect duration and damage boost of Divine Confetti.
13.Increasing the effect duration and abnormal status defense of Mottled Purple Gourd, Green Mossy Gourd, Withered Red Gourd.
14.Breath of Nature and Breath of Life recovering more Posture and Vitality.
15.Changing Red Lumpfire weakness to 175% only (The original value is 200% ).
16.Increasing Sekiro's Resurrection recover ofDragon's Blood Droplet.
17.Decreasing the amount of ur Resurrection, now u can Deathblowing only six enemies to recover one Resurrection node.
18.Upgrading ur attack power will be more powerful then the original value.
19.Increasing the knock back strength and attack range of all Combat Arts and Prosthetic Tools.
20.Mikiri Counter : Will slightly recover ur Posture and Vitality when executing successfully now.(after defeating ????? and aquire the skill)
21.Shinobi Eyes : Increases more damage of Posture when executing a successful Mikiri counter.
22.Most Virtuous Deed : Increases much more the amount of sen obtained and item drop rates.
23.Ascending Carp : Increases more damage inflicted to Posture upon a successful Deflection.
24.Descending Carp : After Deflection, increases more damage to enemy's Posture from all sources, also slightly increase the effect duration.
25.Flowing Water : Reduces more amount of damage to Posture when attacked by an enemy.
26.Increasing all abnormal status attack value of ur Prosthetic Tools.
27.Every skills which increasing the healing effect of recovery items will increase more healing effect.
28.Change the effect of some Prosthetic Tools, such as :
* Increases the attack range and knock back distance and Adding a recovering effect of Posture and Vitality when executing Fang and Blade (Loaded Axe, Loaded Spear, but Mist Raven recovers Posture only but will recover more value then Loaded Axe and Loaded Spear)
* Increases the attack range and knock back distance and Adding a recovering effect of Posture and Vitality when executing Chasing Slice (Loaded Shuriken, Shinobi Firecracker, Loaded Spear)
*Imbues the sword with the tool's effect in a longer duration when executing Living Force.
*Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella and Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella will Imbues the status attack effect into the sword.
*Increases the range and abnormal effect duration of Purple Fume Spark, also adding a Vitality+Posture damaging effect when hitting enemies.(Plus shorten the detonate time.)
*Increases the attack count and power of Great Feather Mist Raven when executing Fang and Blade.
29.Increases the damage to Posture when stomping enemies' head during their Sweeping attacks (and High Monk deals a lot more damage to Posture)
30.Adding a penetrate effect on most of Combat Arts.
31.Increases the attack count of Dragon Flash and One Mind, now the One Mind will attack just like Vergil's Judgement cut.
32.Buying Spirit Emblems at Sculptor's Idols cost lesser Sen.
33.Adding a Vitality+Posture damaging effect on Long Spark when hitting enemies.
34.Adding a 30% damage buff in 5 sec when executing Mikiri Counter.
35.Changing the way to trigger toxic Bestowal Ninjutsu for Sabimaru.(Also adding a corrosive effect to Lazulite Sabimaru's toxic cloud, enemies will keep decreasing Vitality+Posture when they enter the toxic cloud)
36.Equipped One Mind or Ashina Cross will gain an "Endure Effect" + 30% damage resistance when unleashing attacks from sheathed stance in a very short time.
37.Healing Gourd recovers 20% Posture now.
38.All Mist Raven adding an "Endure Effect" + 30% damage resistance when unleashing attacks in a very short time.
39.Change the temporary Spirit Emblems (Red Spirit Emblems) to 20.
40.Five-Color Rice is completely useless so adding some effect to it:
Now Five-Color Rice is able to drink, slightly recovering Vitality and Posture and adding Red Spirit Emblems.

Enemies' Rebalance :
1.Increases maximum Vitality and Posture of Enemies and Bosses in each NG+ which makes them tougher.
2.Increases "one more" Health Bar to all Bosses(in Hardcore version, in Noob version remain original), but some of them got exception, such as:
*Armored Warrior can obtained only one Health Bar, so Increasing his maximum Posture "VERY MUCH" and adding an "Auto Posture Recovering Effect" just like other Bosses, keep attack as fast as possible !
*Corrupted Monk (Mibu Village Ver.) can obtained only one Health Bar, so Increasing her maximum Vitality and Posture VERY MUCH.(Change to 2 bar will crash the game)
*Owl-Father(Hirata Estate Ver.) can obtained only two Health Bar(I changed to 3 bar but AI just went wrong, he kept jumping back without doing any attack action during phase 2), so Increasing his maximum Vitality and Posture VERY MUCH.
*Changing some of the VIP Bosses' attack moves which makes them more ferocious.

And more ~~~~
Terror build up overhaul:

Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (1)
Change all "Terror" to "Curse", except the original instant death, there are more deadly effect for some "Curse Enchanting" Boss, once you are affected by Curse,

"EvenAn Honest Death Won't Cure You Forever..."
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (2)
and that was try tofrighten you, once u are affected by Curse, the Curse effect will last "many many several seconds" (which will make you feel like "forever") death won't disable its effect till the time is over, only 2 custom items can disable the curse if it's effect is activating.
Enemies repostion for sure. Make the game walkthrough morechallenging.

Custom Boss Added:
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (3)
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (4)
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (5)

Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (6)
Many custom bosses has added(not only these guys in pictures, keep some secrets to make more fun), get the new items by defeating them.
Beware anything suspicious, "Something Poweful" may stalking nearby.
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (7)
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (8)

Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (9)
Sekiro Long May the Shadows Reflect Mod (10)
And if you find out someSculptor's Idols are missing, thats not a bug, "something powerful" is nearby, defeating it will unlock it.

Anyone who challenge in "Charmless" will find out its a big difference from not being charmless. I was in Charmlessdifficulty in my video thats why the Bosses looks so tough that I can barely do damage to their Posture or Vitality.A Boss fight should be an epic battle which shouldn't end in 30 sec, that's why I made this mod.If u feel its too hard to take the enemies and Bosses down u can just cancel thecharmless. Hope u guys can enjoy thechallenge !


Special thanks for players from Bilibili who helped this mod for testing and bug reporting :


Use Mod Engine ( and put my mod into /mods folder to install my mod.

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