PLEASING THE LORD | MDWK | 17TH MAY| Celebration Church International (2023)


Join Apostle Emmanuel Iren and CCI Global as we examine the topic: 'Pleasing the Lord'.

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Thank you Lord in Jesus, mighty name, we've prayed Lord.

We thank you.

Your word is lamp, unto our feet and light onto our part, meaning from your word.

We receive practical, spiritual but practical insights on where to go, how to go with whom we must go Lord.

This is why we came let your word be light tonight.

Uh, let it give us Direction.

Let us live better than we came.

Let the error of our way be exposed and corrected the mighty name of Jesus.

Let tonight be friend points name of Jesus, Mary name: we've prayed, amen and amen how you all doing first ikeja midweek service with you guys in a long time.

So it's good to be here, hallelujah praise the Lord.

Is there any speaker up there in the gallery, but you can hear me well right.

All right, please be seated good evening.

Everybody Hallelujah, so I have quite a bit to cover in a short time, so I'm going to be moving with the speed of light.

I want to preach tonight on pleasing the Lord pleasing the Lord.

You see this is the aim of Direction, specifically Divine Direction.

The aim of divine direction is to have a life that is consistent with God's plan.

God's template, God's timetable, and so we want to talk about pleasing the Lord.


What did I call him? You see.

The Bible tells us that when Jesus was on the Earth, he went to John to be baptized and, as he was dipped inside the water, something very phenomenal happened, the heavens opened and a voice from heaven.

This is my beloved Son hear him.

Now, that's something very phenomenal and you might just conclude: okay.

He was the beloved Son and that's why God said that it was clearly a statement of Grace or an expression of his Divine position.

But why did God say this is my son in whom I am well pleased? You know Jesus much later in his ministry said because I always do he thinks that please him so he clarified.

I am pleasing to the father, because I do the things that please him not just because I happen to be the Incarnate Son of God.

It is possible.

It is possible, not only is it possible.

It's our calling come on.

Are you with me it's our calling the Bible speaks about Enoch.

He says, and he had this testimony that he pleased the Lord what a testimony.

He had the testimony that he pleased the Lord what a life to live to stand in front of Jesus.

Yes by grace through faith, you are accepted in the Beloved come on.

Are you with me, but when it comes to the things done in the body, the reward for Ministry the reward for service we're not all on the same level.

That's the fact! That's a fact! That's something that you must know, and it's something that if you love Jesus, should keep you pondering and you should be curious about it as it pertains to Divine leading.

There is a lot of counsel out there and you must make sure that you are walking in the counsel of the Lord.

That you have embraced this template for your life.

His timetable for your life, not just templates, but timetable for your life and it's a very difficult balance.

To strike.

Sometimes but I want to help, you see the balance between receiving counsel from Men and following the leading of God.

They are not always the same, and some people find themselves at either Spectrum, you know extreme, and so we want to really just talk about that.

Come on.

Are you with me, because you see if you grow up in Africa one of the things you learn from your parents unintentionally, so is fear, and so they will send you WhatsApp messages that make you scared about everything.

If you are not careful, you will not want to use gas.

You will not want to put on the TV you want, because you will hear of someone who sat on his chair and something exploded.

That's when you know that the spring in the chair is dangerous because they've researched everything, someone said you know and sent it to them.

You know they have an association on WhatsApp, but you see there is a balance and that's that's why I want to start this way, because some of you, your problem, is not that you don't follow God's time table for your life.

Your problem is that you don't receive counsel at all under the guise of following only the Lord.

Let me say this something very interesting happened: I went to an amusement park with my daughters.

I am very brave.

Those of you who know me at least you can give me that credit I'm very brave, but that was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life.

At some point, I was in despair, I I did I, wasn't sure.

I will make it.

So you know when you you shout, then you stop shouting so I I I closed my eye like this I was just like and then I was saying: Jesus Jesus.

Yes, you don't understand because the thing took us up and then Free Fall wow.

You know and then I that was okay until it turned us sideways because and and then maybe I over calculated, but the strap is forward and then I've watched a woman of useless films.

Okay did you watch Problem Child and then, as I'm screaming I, look at my kids and they're having the time of their life, not just them all.

The kids were having the time of their life.

That's when I knew fear is not always a bad thing.

If you are not afraid it doesn't mean you are bold, it might mean you are stupid.

I'm telling you because the reason they are not screaming is not because they are bold, they don't know what's at stake.

That's why that's why you know and as I cast my mind back, there were many things that my parents wear paranoid about.

When I was growing up and I thought they were paranoid, but now I know better come on.

Are you with me now I know better.

If your parents shout at you that you maybe entered the house and you didn't close the main gate, they say what is it but if you've been robbed before you will Now understand that not everybody who is on the road is smiling.

If not not everybody has your best interest.

Do you understand what I'm saying now, if I move to a new location, I will pray, but I will find out where's the closest police station? It's just so there are so it's part of adulting come on.

I get what I'm saying and that's just an example of how sometimes council is very important, so I want to start on that note.

I want to read some texts to you.

Look at Proverbs, Chapter, 19, verse, 20, proverbs, Chapter, 19, Verse 20.

Maybe we should just read as many as possible so that we can get this out of the way Proverbs Chapter 19 Verse 20.

After that we will read, Proverbs chapter 12, verse, 15.

and then Proverbs 11 14.

Are you in Proverbs 19 20.? Are you in Proverbs, 19 20.? Please read together one to go, that's very instructive! It says: listen to council! You see in local parlance.

Hear word.

Try the year word.

Has someone ever warned you about something you know and you despised it until you saw for yourself.

That's when you know that experience is not always the best teacher.

He says receive instruction that you may be wise at the later end.

Look at Proverbs chapter 12, verse, 15., Proverbs, chapter 12, verse 15! If you are there really together, want to go all right.

The way of the fool is war.

Why is in his own eye? Sometimes you are sure that your way is the right way.

You know what you're doing no, but you go tell me Abi, he says, but he that herkins unto council is wise, so meaning this is one of the ways you know a wise person.

A wise person is not someone who has it all figured out come on.

Are you with me? A wise person knows that he doesn't know everything.

It is part of wisdom to know that you don't know everything.

It is part of wisdom to know that you don't know everything.

So he says a wise person will ask for advice.

Look I just want to do this, so I know that this is your field, your area of specialization.

So can you advise me on this? You must normalize things like that in your life.

Please are you listening to me see what I'm giving you here is a template for direction.

If you want to make sure that you have a life where you get things right, the first time learn what I'm telling you learn to receive.

Counsel learn to ask for counsel.

It is one thing to receive counsel when it comes, but I've discovered something because I'm like that too sometimes I will not give you advice on warranted.

If you don't ask for it, I won't give because I don't want to be seen as forward, because not everybody even receives advice or correction.

Well, isn't that true? So never assume that, because they didn't say anything, it means they're in full approval.

You will be wrong come on.

Are you with me? Get counsel, get feedback? The Bible says those who do that are wise.

Look at Proverbs, chapter 11, verse, 14., so I want to get this out of the way before I begin to balance it all right.

Are you in Proverbs, 11, verse, 14 read out loud want to go.

Where no counsel is the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Proverbs 15 22 says the same thing.

It says without counsel purposes are disappointed, meaning there are some things you will try to do.

There will be difficult.

In fact, you won't be able to do it because he didn't have counsel and it doesn't stop there.

He says the same thing, but in the multitude of counselors you will be established.

You will be established.

In fact, one of the things I'm going to teach on this Sunday is that a lot of people have a stereotypical perspective on how God leads.

You think that God will always lead you, true of dream or true um, a vision or by talking to you, either with an audible, Voice or an inward witness or some other thing, but has God used someone to talk to you before? Sometimes they don't even know some of you are looking at.

You don't know what I'm talking about, but they think they are just talking randomly and then it is like lightning.

You know there was someone.

I was really of the person.

I didn't know why I knew there was something something something but I wasn't sure.

Is it just suspicion or is it the Lord, then I went for one program.

I saw someone I had not seen in years.

He just happened to be sitting and then randomly this is someone he's not a mutual friend or at least within Johnson.

He just started talking about that person and confirmed everything.

Do you understand? I mean there is amable.

Then there is Kairos.

This one is, the person is, can be Army abortion but and I was I, didn't, say: wow do you know I didn't say anything I was just like hey I was like really the person say yes 15 years ago.

He did this 10 years ago.

This happened in the multitude of counselors.

Sometimes God uses people, it will just look like they're talking randomly.

Sometimes it will look like intellectual advice, but you know this is the word of the Lord and they are wondering why it in fact sometimes they'll, be surprised why what they're, telling you has so much impact that you're, like? Ah you see, I, picked up a bad habit for my mom.

My mom is very independent.

She grew up in a home where there were no chores for guys and girls, so they all learned to drive.

At the same time, they all learned to repair electrical appliances, so I grew up in a type of house where, if my mom says do this, if you don't do it in five minutes, he's doing it and she's not doing it to spite you, you know that thing you see in video memes, where an African mom will wash the blades, and you know that you're in trouble.

My mom wasn't like that.

She would do it because she doesn't want stress.

In fact it put us in serious trouble.

One day there was a time about five of our pastors were in my house.

This was when I just finished from school and the ministers was about to start, so they were.

Staying with me, praying eating my mother's food.

You see the man they call Mr iron senior.

There are few things that can step on his toes.

Don't touch his wife.

Don't do you understand what I'm saying so my dad came back from Abuja woke up in the morning with five grown men in the house.

He went out and saw his wife washing the car because she had told one of us: can you help me wash shika and the persons I won't tell you might have been Pastor Mike but I, don't know I'm, not sure I'm, not sure you know offenders, you know so so I mean after five minutes she just went carried buckets then my dad came so I picked that then, unfortunately, my mentors in Ministry are like that too.

When you talk about maybe spiritual fatherhood or the my first pastors.

Let me put it that way: tea.

You don't see them around.

Bishop, oyedepo, Pastor Chris, you don't you understand what I'm saying you know they.

They have very few friends, so I think he compounded issues.

So when I started ministry he said, there's a program, then there you see me except I'm, preaching I can follow.

I can do everything you know, but you know so all those things just Stuck on Me.

It is both good and bad I mean that's part of the reasons our ministry by the grace of God is solid.

Do you understand what I'm saying we stayed with? What God asked us see: I'm, not a busybody, but when it came to council, oh we needed it.

We needed it because, especially when we became a global Ministry by the grace of God, there are just some things.


If you don't know, you don't know, and it's like because God wants to protect the Integrity of how wisdom is gotten.

There are some things.

He will not tell you by word of knowledge, you Muslim by Council.

It's just like.

If you have prophetic gifts, you must still read.

For example, you come when you are preaching, you can say: there's someone here adiola, you are wearing pink, you don't understand, but if you, if you don't read, for example, you will fail.

Have you not noticed that? Then you will pray, God changed the great it will not change.

When I first started hearing from God something happened, it's something very avoidable.

It was partly the fault of my department, long story.

They decided in the middle of his of a semester that were supposed to start doing an another course.

I think my course in school was very I.

Think some of the lecturers were irresponsible, but I mean I, won't, say anymore, so, somewhere in the middle of the same, they decided a course that had already been running from the beginning of the semester.

One engineering course was supposed to do it.

They remembered or something so we started attending the class, but because I had a leadership position, I wasn't staying in the same Hall that all my classmates were staying, and so one day they came to the hall to say, because you have missed half of the semester, there will make up classes, but I did not hear that long story short these people were doing makeup classes.

I did not know.

I came boldly to the exam Hall I studied I had prayed, spread in tongue, spread in my understanding, and then they brought out attendance hits attendance requirement is 75 percent, and so they called my name I'm not allowed to write so long story short I feel the course.


What's up and seeing the result, I prayed I said Lord, some of you really loved on drugs.

I, don't know what I don't know what you're laughing about exactly Lord change the Great and the Lord spoke to me immediately.

You like to know what he said.

He said: no, it was a resounding do.

You understand, he said no I will not.

He said, and there was another costume that one I feel legitimately.

The story is a long story is, is a long explanation, I'm, exceptionally brilliant.

If you know me, but it's a longer explanation, don't worry.

He said if I do, that, I will weaken your ability to focus and get results.

That's what he said.

He said, go and write it.

Ah, I learned I learned alerts anyway, so I said all of that to say that it's like God protects the Integrity of wisdom and how we should be gotten, and there are just some things you will never know if you are not open to council.

So look at Moses Moses historians say had the intellect of a genius how they came about that I.

Don't know, I think Paul zone is clear, I mean Paul had the qualification that will amount to having two Doctorate Degrees today.

That was his qualification, but you see for some reason, maybe because of passion for the Lord's people.

Moses was blinded by his passion.

He wanted to be counseling the Israelites, judging all their matters, one after the other.

Have you done counseling before do you know you can spend three hours on toothpaste? He pressed it on top, you press it in the middle.

You can, oh my God, you don't understand, and so when there were three million Israelites and you want to do it only you, because no other person saw the burning bush.

Ah, his father-in-law called him aside.

He would die the way you are going.

If you don't change that the father-in-law taught him just this simple principle of Delegation come on.

Are you getting it now, the father-in-law? We are not.

We don't even have evidence that he he knew the Lord at all, so I'm telling you that you can be anointed, but then there are some common sense, wisdom, practical wisdom that you will need.

So this is practical wisdom needed for a supernatural assignment and purpose common.

Are you getting what I'm saying so you have to understand that sometimes there are some things you will not get.

Reading the Book of Proverbs.

There are some things you will not get reading, first, Peter, practical wisdom, common sense and so church people must learn how to receive wisdom.

That is not necessarily religious wisdom.

Are you getting what I'm saying? Okay now we have Global Ministries, something is erupting around the world.

I mean.

Have you heard the story of what is happening in Ireland? You know, so we don't have a church there officially yet, but the people who attend our ministry.

They just decided.

Let's start streaming, you know from our house and then before you know it.

Five people turn to 10 10 to 15 10 to 20, and then there is no space in the house.

Again they get a bigger house.

Then there is no space in that house again.

Then they moved to the cinema on their own.

You know so a lot of things.

The ask of a Revival is happening around the world and now all I want to do is pray and preach.

But now I have to travel and I I.

Tell you one thing for sure.

If you don't know simple, simple principles, you know.

Oh my God, these days when people bring their passport for prayer, you know something like that.

I prayed, you know, maybe when they say they are traveling, I, pray for them and I say get counsel because they're just simple things, so I was talking to a senior Minister I'll call his name Dr k and he was like okay, the USA Church wait a minute you're a musician you're, not just a pastor.

You have an album.

Are you aware that there is this type of visa for music? Yes, you don't mean it and he said I happen to know someone who can do it.

This is this.

Is we do this? I said what now I did that bam open to the gospel just counsel? Sometimes there might be opportunities, you don't know exists come on.

Are you listening to me? The Bible says in the multitude of council.

There is safety I'll, give you another one, since I just quoted the text on safety in the UK, for instance, if you just go and preach there because of your souls, if you don't know the laws you you, you may end up in prison.

There are many veterans in the Kingdom that have been turned back at the airport.

Some of them were detained.

It's just that we have a culture where people don't tell stories, so they won't tell you because UK is not Nigeria.

You must learn the ways of every new city and that one happens not just by prayer bought by Council and I want to tell you something normalize getting Council when you want to do anything important normalize, it normalize it normalize getting Council.

When you want to do anything important, you see some of the people you are going to get Council from.

You may be more spiritual than them some I'm talking about practical.

You understand wisdom in life.

Some may not even be saved I'm talking about things that I mean are not an affront to the word of God I'm, not I'm, not talking about advice to steal or any advice to sin.

Do you understand what I'm saying just practical wisdom? God can use anybody.

In fact, I mean it's very interesting.

I think I might have told you this before in the story of Eli and Samuel at this explanation struck me because I'm, a young minister and I, know what inexperience can do and I mean in a lot of ways.

I'm experienced.

Do you understand what I'm saying, but you get what I'm saying, there's some things: if you've not touched it, if you have not Pastor 2 000 people before you've not passed out if you've not passed out, five thousand people you just haven't.

If you've not passed out, 10 000 people, you have not.

There are things to know and you might have received a fresh vision from God, even looking down for on people who are ahead.

Ah, you know all the things they are doing wrong.

Many of them are not in the will of God, but the Bible tells us about Eli.

The Bible says in those days Visions were scarce.

Why? Because Ally was not in the will of God, so Visions were scarce, but now a young Prophet is on the horizon, he's rising up, but he lacks the experience.

I mean think about it.

Eli's eyes are dim which by the way, was a signification of the fact that he lost his touch spiritually.

Also, do you understand what I'm saying so spiritually he's not seeing physically he's not saying, but Samuel is hearing hearing from God.

He just doesn't know his God come on.

Are you with me? So this sometimes is the picture of two generations.

A generation is on the horizon.

They are current.

They are fresh, they know what God is saying, but they cannot interpret it because the interpretation still needs experience come on.

Are you getting this? The interpretation so Eli doesn't see anymore.

He doesn't hear anymore, but he still knows what the voice sounds like and even if you are hearing and seeing if you cannot interpret it even in the things of the spirit The Experience deal, did you not hear the example? I gave you on Sunday? There are some things when someone says this this they are just say.

Okay, this is this.

Is it that you know one one of our pastor's wives was telling me she was talking to someone and something flashed.

She just saw.

I said: that's big, that's prophetic! That's prophetic, 101! When things begin to flash and she said, and she said what she saw and she was correct.

I said that's how I started.

I can tell you if you see this this this.

This is what it means.

Oh you saw fire those are angels and then there's even a scriptural backing for it experience come on I get what I'm saying so Eli did not hear what someone heard say, go and lie down he's, not guessing.

He knows he's the Lord the next time.

So, oh, my God.

Are you ready for what I'm about to say? Next? First and foremost, Airline knew God will speak again.

I'm gonna teach this when I'm talking about getting confirmation, because some people feel when they miss it.

God will always confirm.

Eli was sure he said, go and lie down again when you hear the voice again, because the voice will come again when you hear the voice again respond this way, big, Lord I'm, not don't ask, are you the Lord I know it is the Lord you don't know, but I'm telling you is the Lord, so say: Speak Lord, that's experience.

Please are you getting what I'm saying pick Lord don't hear it so you can be like a Samuel.

Young is exploding when you get into a new city, this simple protocol to go to, even if the person is like Eli someone who has been maybe doing Ministry in the city.

If the Lord leads you there go, there may be a reason.

Are you listening to me I'm, giving you an example, learn to get Council need to be open and when they give you instructions, listen, please are you understanding what I'm saying so some people whose counsel you must always at least consider elderly people, elderly people? Oh my God, yes, they may be paranoid.

Don't forget the Moses example.

I gave you, but just listen.

People have secrets to have secrets.

If you want the last learn to listen, I think I was watching a video of Pastor Matthew ashimolo, first and foremost, I was shocked.

He's 70.

Did you know that? Did you know he's above 70., so someone was asking him what you're more than 70.

um? How are you managing to stay fit? He said: I have not eaten meat in 30 years, you say.

Ah, I have not eaten rice in 30 years.

I've not eaten this in 30 years.

I work out this much now.

You know what struck me.

He can be ministering and just be saying, be blessed healed, you don't understand what I'm saying, and that is powerful, but he has secret yeah.

Do you understand what I'm saying there is a discipline and a wisdom? Are you getting what I'm saying so I said? Ah people have secrets, and sometimes, if you don't ask, they will not tell you I, remember the first time he dawned on me in school, because you see I gained a lot of experience early when it comes to Ministry.

You know someone told me three weeks ago, he said you have the wisdom of the agent I.

Think some of you saw my throwback picture.

Um I've I've been Pastor William for a long long time, I saw the picture and I felt tired that ah I've carried a burden for a long time.

It just made me realize that what kind of 19 year old was I I wore suits every day at 19.

I see I've come down.


Please are you listening to me, you know by the time I was graduating from school.

All together, I had published about 20 000 materials, I mean you, you I'm saying you could find about 20 000 printed materials with my name on it by the time I was graduating.

That's how frequently I was releasing.

Do you understand, because Triumph 30 was hard copy? Some of you know what I'm saying and at one there was a particular time at once.

We printed ten thousand.

So all the cheap places to do it in Lagos I knew because there was a time.

I mean that time I was already doing um.

My NYC and my site was in ajah and I was supposed to deliver devotionals in order.

So I entered the bike from Aja to Moshi, put the devotionals on my laps, then water by the time I came down, the dust was like Foundation, it was hard yeah, it was, it was hard, then it mixed with sweat.

You know you don't understand, then.

In that period one other young person who was leading a fellowship wanted to do it.

You know devotional and he just went and printed Ruby.

He didn't know he printed rubbish by saying what he did.

I knew they had wasted money.

So it wasn't a devotion.

It was a book they had wasted.

Money and I was just like this is someone who greets me every time? What would they cost just ask so in my mind, I was healing him.

Independent man would have saved him 16 naira per copy.

Please are you listening to me, so there is a place for Council, so learn to listen to elderly people.

Learn to listen to wise friends, wisely I had to I had to clarify this one.

Wise friends, learn to listen to people who have authority because there's something about Authority.

It gives exposure.

It gives exposure if you are doing business anywhere in the world.

I'd have at least one lawyer friend.

Who knows what he's doing have one have one? Do you understand what I'm saying I have one then I want to say this? Also, your parents may be extra, but even when it looks like you even when you are sure they're saying the wrong thing, still listen.

Please are you listening to me, even even when you are sure you think you are sure they are saying the wrong.

Just, listen, I'm, not saying you have to do what you're saying, but just listen.

You see the Bible says: obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

It says to honor your father and your mother, and he says this is the first commandment with the promise.

It says that your days may be long, but then, as I begin to enter into the other path, which is also also very important.

The Bible clarifies obey your parents in the Lord, everybody say in the Lord, because not every advice that loved ones give you is in the Lord.

Please are you listening to me.

So on one hand, there are people who don't know how to receive counsel and need to learn to receive Council.

Then, on the other hand, some people, their own problem, is that they idolize the Council of men and they prioritize it above the Council of God I want to tell you even the wisest man in your life can be wrong.

Come on.

Are you with me? I know what I am saying see.

There is almost no notable decision.

We have taken as a Ministry convinced that the Lord asks us to do it that one older, respectfully one senior man of God, did not try to discourage us from and say.

Are you sure not not once and I don't want to give you examples? So I'll just leave it, but when I say there is none, I know, I mean there is none.

So you must have this perspective that prioritizes pleasing God above pleasing Men Please.

Are you getting what I'm saying I want to beg? You listen, no matter the Destiny on your life.

If you don't learn what I am telling you, you will not fulfill it and that's no prophecy of Doom, because I can tell you with one without fail.

Almost everybody who is going to please God will be brought to a point where they will have to disagree with well-meaning people come on.

Are you with me with well people who I mean I'm, not talking about enemies or people who love you and are advising you out of experience and concern when Jesus has to look at Peter and say get behind me Satan, you mean well, you think you do.

But what you are asking me to do is consistent with Satan's plan, not God's plan.

Please are you listening to what I'm saying? Aha, so the Bible prays for you in Colossians, chapter 1, verse, 10.

It says that you may walk worthy of the Lord, unto all pleasing being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

What quality of the Lord I want to please God, that's what I really want and sometimes pleasing God will require that I say no to some important people.

Oh my God, do you know what it means I'm, not from a rich woman.

Maybe some of you don't know that I'm not and every time it was time to pay my fees.

It was a prayer point.

Every time.

I cannot think of any time.

They paid my fees.

My parents paid my fees in the university and it was not a prayer point come on.

Are you listening to me one of the times it took an outright Miracle when I say Miracle, it's so miraculous, I can't share it.

Oh my God, you might think I'm joking, and so, when you finish, and you tell your parents, God called you you have to understand.

Even if they have seen the evidence, it would take a lot and you have to understand, statistically they are not wrong to doubt.

You are you, the first that God called and the people who went following the calling of God many of them have still not reached where they say God sent them to.

They have still not reached 10 years after so you have to understand- and this is the thing that many people don't understand.

Statistically, your parents are right to doubt that you know what you're saying, there's there's another class for that there is something about making or calling an election sure.

There is something about making sure that you don't miss your lion and bear experience so that it will be easier for them to allow you face Goliath.

Do you understand what I'm saying there is a way to ease loved ones into God's purpose for your life? Not just God called me if you like, don't believe, because sometimes because sometimes you may be right, but the timing is wrong.

You may be right, but the timing is wrong.

You know I.

Think I can say this.

There's someone who works with us now, you know a person reminded me of something that happened and said: Do You, Remember, far back in I, think, 2013 or so no, not 2013.

It must have been 2014 or 15.

person said I wanted to walk.

I was ready to resign to work in the judge, and you advise me whenever you want to come focus on your career, you're, very brilliant.

You are very duration for now 50 members.

What do we need full-time staff for how many work no day now your volunteer, you know, everybody said I wasn't told the mom the mom said.

Ah now, I know your pastor is a man of God.

Well, I happen to be right because there was time.

Do you understand what I'm saying? Sometimes you get the timing wrong and if you get the timing wrong, you can mess up everything.

My dad came to my room once saw some of the printed materials.

This is very nice.

Nice quality, nice content.

He said, but make sure that you don't allow this hobby to affect your career.

I said Hobby.

That is the first and last time I raised my voice and my dad died.

I just a little I didn't raise it because I don't think I would have been here today.

If I really raised it, you know but I actually, I said this is not a hobby like I said God.

God me this is not a hobby.

My mom was more political about it.

She didn't actually say no, but her friends were just coming one after year.

You know they've talked so one of my rich uncles came.

He said you know.

Just last week some pastors came in.

They sat in my sitting room asking me to give them money and I was asking them.

Why would I give you money say? So you want to make sure that in this life you are not a liability.

You know I hope they watch this because I'm sure they think I've, forgotten, I didn't forget to I was playing.

You know some someone acting as if they've believed from ah from mothers who I knew I saw this town on your head and he's not.

He have changed, you change, go posts and listen.

That's why I'm trying to warn you? That's why I'm trying to warn you if out of consent, they give you wrong counsel and you yield.

You have yourself to blame, you will have yourself to blame.

I have seen people, parents who love this one viewer discretion, advice who love their in-laws and love the children, but at some point they were Arch enemies and we're like Over My, Dead Body.

Will you marry this person and they've turned around to realize they were wrong.

I am telling you that your wise Daddy can be wrong.

Your wise Mommy can be wrong and I'm not telling you this so that you will Rebel I'm telling you so that you will prayerfully with love and honor and by gently but consistently making your calling and election sure focus and hold on to what God has asked you to do so when they give you that counsel, listen, but who I am telling you? Oh my God, the Bible says, look to Abraham your father, I called him alone, so meaning sometimes the call of God can be lonely.

He will remove you from the supporting structure.

Sometimes he will never leave you alone, he will reassimilate you.

Do you understand what I'm saying into God's people to many people in the church? Don't talk about it, but are you aware that it seemed like Jesus was not in good terms with his biological family when he was on Earth, the Bible literally tells us in John chapter 7, verse 5 that even his own family did not believe in him.

The Bible tells us that didn't believe and Jesus who didn't didn't, make it easier.

Jesus was preaching, they said your mommy is out there looking for you.

He said who is my Mommy? Ah this things that can never happen if he was an African mom.

You can't say that and finish that sermon they he will make a sin.

Yoruba man, hey everybody, come me that carried you in my stomach nine months.

One time he was pretty someone said bless is the womb that bore you and the breast that bear this sock.

He said no radar, blessed are those who hear the word and do it, but you see you have to understand when I say this, you will understand the fact that you were the vehicle by which I came to the world does not change the fact that I created you, but you see it takes real Revelation.

Even if you saw an angel, it takes real Revelation for an adult to see a child and not treat the person like a child.

Do you get what I'm saying so there was that struggle? Hey I know that you're about your father's business, but you are 12.

Why would you go away many days and we are looking for you? Do you understand what I said you could tell? Even if you say images, you know when you've gone about looking you're wondering God appeared to you, AJ I said I will give you a you, can't lost the king, then why? Which guy will I love you? Yes, you know, you know so we're just saying ah Son of God, it must be hard.

I said all of that to say this people who love you can be dead wrong.

Are you listening to me so when God says leave your kindred go to a place that I will show you Paul says: I wasn't disobedient to that heavenly vision.

Please are you listening to me not everybody knows how to obey a heavenly vision and, like I said it, it can be lonely.

Just in case you don't know, Saul lost his ministry lost his his throne and his crown because he listened to people.

Are you aware of that? He literally says I feared the People First Samuel 15 24.

I, feared the people God gave you a clear instruction.

Do this like this and do it this way and then the people came and rationalized? You know, and all of that- and this is the thing with people who forget too easily, where God picked them from all of a sudden.

Where will you have been leading these people but for the grace of God? Do you understand what I'm saying so all of a sudden? And that is why, oh, my God are you listening to this democracy when it comes to Leading, it doesn't always work.

A lot of people have made grievous mistakes going by popularity contests.

Still all right.

Are we good to go okay learning to get Council, but at the same time, to know when God is leading you a different way, learn to appreciate advice, but do what God is asking you to do? You must learn that, because you have to understand, especially in Africa the only way they will begin to recognize your vision sometimes is when you begin to have results.

Do you understand what I'm saying and sometimes that's already too late- it's already too late.

So if the brothers of David had a way, he will never face Goliath, because just the way, just by his inquiry, what to be given to the person who kills this giant, they say what are you doing you forward child itk? Do you know when, since when is either calling me itiki I'm telling you in primary six? My teacher then took me to the proprietress to report me that I I might take it.

Why I'll tell you why? Because he was a very good teacher, but my mom is a mathematician and there was one arithmetic: I took home, my mom taught me and I'm not bragging.

If my mom says this is disease, you they teach primary six now so innocently.

He was on the board and that's when I was still do you understand before I started reading Bible when I was only reading book uh and anyway, and there was one other boy too.

Did you look away? I, don't know where he is very I.

I know I, remember all those names so I had five six six over 600.

He had five six nine common entrance, so we were crazy, so the man was doing and we said.

Ah sir, that's wrong.

We didn't know African politics who were children, went to report, US, say Almighty.

That was my first time hearing that I always feel like I know, but I know now so I listen.

There are some people who are actually just obnoxious and given to youthful exuberance.

But you have to understand.

When David was responding to Goliath, he was right.

He was not being a child and many parents don't know how to differentiate that.

Do you understand what I'm saying there's there's a tendency for you to see a young, ambitious person and just think? Ah, what are you doing? Please? Are you getting what I'm saying so and it takes discernment to say ah at least I've seen this young guy manage this this this, let's encourage it.

Let's encourage, let's encourage it.

God had to intervene for me Bank by now, can you imagine and we will never have known what we are lost until 11.

until heaven? Maybe there are some of you now you don't know what you have lost.

You don't know what you could have been doing for God and Country, because you took the easier route because at the first criticism you just caved in listen I am hoping that this might be the Deliverance that some of you need.

Do you understand what I'm saying so now? Let me say this: when it comes to selling your vision to people, you love and honor their rules number one.

You must have track record no matter how small do you understand what I'm saying You must have track record for David.

It was killing a lion and a bear.

So even son will let him face Goliath, because you've killed the lion.

No one else has done that you've killed a bear.

No one else has done that, but some of you they do everything for you.

Maybe you are still living your parents, even bread.

You have not bought one day, then you have now found someone you want to marry a a tribe, they don't agree with.

Then you think they will allow you.

They can't trust your sense of judgment.

All of a sudden that this is the first decision you want to take on your own foreign 27 years.

You never woke up, decided to lay your bed.

Then you have this, then you are right.

You are sure that this is the person to mind.

There's there's a reason they want to choose for you.

Do you understand what I'm saying so there is a wisdom to navigate that face a wisdom.

Don't just come and surprise.

Surprise daddy.

You know.

I studied engineering but I'm not doing it.

Thank you planets from six months.

Do you understand what I'm saying and share your small wins share.

Your small wins.

Oh Dad, you know I know you know.

I asked, of course, I studied the engineering, but you want to hear this song.

I did look at it on YouTube, 100 000 views and he goes wow, and then you come on one day with a small envelope and say: I I made this money from these dreams and I decided to give you that is.

Are you learning now so the wisdom for that is a training for another day, but by all means, if you're caving and instead of following God, follow anyone, no matter who pay daily for it and that's no prophecy of do Saul said I fear the people.

You know.

Oh, my God, there's a text that says why.

Why will you fear people who have air in their nostrils? Why? Why would you do that so I think to round off this sermon? We need.

We need to talk about the fear of God.

Some of you, your concern, so much about the opinions of people concerned.

You know it haunts you and it makes a bigger failure.

Out of you, you know, I was counseling someone.

You know who messaged me and I've seen it so many times before you fail an exam.

You are embarrassed, so you don't go for your your carryover courses, because you don't want the genius to see you there.

Then you now fail again now you have failed twice.

I hope you will now be more comfortable with two years.

Your Junior.

So listen.

It is the toughness of skin.

You must develop early to say you know what it doesn't matter.

Who is not on my side? Do you understand what I'm saying as long as I am sure this is what God will have me do? This is where I ought to go.

I am going to do it and I will respectfully but confidently tell all the key people in my life.

This is where I'm going.

Do you understand what I'm saying some of you? You don't even know how to defend your case.

The way you the way, you even say it they'll say no sit down, but when you say I I get what you're saying.

Thank you for your investment in my life, the reason I'm gonna do this is because the presentation is important and you're doing it with meekness with fear.

You're, not you're, not fighting, come on I get what I'm saying.

In fact, there are some of this decision decisions.

God is going to lead you first to your Independence when you finish your NYC and you get the job.

Don't come back home, get your own house and move on.

Are you listening to me? So you cannot thank you under my roof, be telling me I am blessed in this church.

That's I! Don't want to attend your job I'm blessed in this church.

No, what is in your stomach I'm, the one that put it there now, the Gary, the Gary you ate yesterday, you're not permitted to be blessed anywhere anywhere else blessing that did not put food on the table, so just the principle of small track records.

But you know what let me even count all the questions, and just say this: even if you don't have the emotional intelligence and I hope you do what is most important.

Please do what God has asked you to do, and here is the irony.

You know the Bible says when a man's ways please the Lord.

He will cause even his enemies to be at peace with him.

I have found it as a pattern that, more often than not, if you obey God, the people who didn't like it at first will come around almost without fail and I'm saying almost because man still has Free Will and some people, even if they know that you are right, they eventually discovered they just may never acknowledge it and that's okay.

You should be okay with that.

Please are you getting what I'm saying, but is the Bible literally says when a man's ways please the Lord? He because even his enemies to be at peace with him and that's why you must obey God, no matter what anyone thinks.

Please are you ready to do that come on? Are you going to do that? So it's going to take boldness.

It's going to take clarity because some of you to begin with, you are not even sure if God asked you you know or, and then some people hire.

Oh, my God I think in this series, I'm still going to teach you how to reconfirm.

If it's the Lord confirmation is easy for the Lord.

Some of you need to go back and lie down.

Someone go back and lie down.


If you hear again, this is how to respond for some of you.

That is where you are.

You are not sure you dare not stand up to loved ones and say: God said when you're wrong you're going to make a mess of of the voice of God come on.

Are you with me? In fact, in the first place, the reason why many people who think they heard God are finding difficulties, because many others who didn't hear God claims to have done so I made a shipwreck of their destinies, and so some other parents have seen many people who were given to fully and thought they were in the will of God.

But what do you do when you have received multiple confirmations? You know without the Shadow of Doubt.

This is the Lord.

This is what is asking me to do.

You know what you're gonna do you're going to go on boldly in the will of God, knowing this that, if a man's ways please the Lord, even his enemies will eventually be at peace.

But then, if you don't obey God, you will lose a lot of things in this life and in the Life to Come count your costs.

Well, the disciples said: use a reasonable, which is more fitting to please man or to please God, which is more fitting.

Paul said the same thing in Galatians chapter 1, verse, 10.

As a round of I, see you dude.

Oh my god.

Do you know what it means you finish from school.

You claim God called you, your friends get jobs at driving company cars.

You are still driving your mother's face.

He says for do I now persuade men or God or do I seek to please men for if I.

Yet please, man I, should not be the servant of Christ.

Some people don't know what it means to be a servant of Christ.

It means please the leading of God will take you out of your comfort zone.

Leave your kingdred.

Do you know fish was actually messy God of it.

You asked show them what you showed me in Jesus, mighty name of bread, I sense that there are three people here who needed that prayer, and here is what I want to tell you just imagine.

It was only Cornelius who had an Angelic encounter good luck, trying to to prove to Peter that he should come to your house.

That God did not speak to Peter at all.

He Cornelius had a genuine Angelic encounter.

That's how we knew Peter got his name got his address.

Sent servants there if they knocked just imagine Peter in his religious spirit, went to the gate and saw Gentiles at his door.

You think he would have opened, but you serve a god who knows how to speak to two people at the same time as he is talking to Cornelius, he is talking to Peter and they meet at the middle and Peter will know by experience by Angelic visitation that God is no respecter of persons.

The same thing he was struggling to understand all these years.

The Lord can help them see.

I am praying for you in the name above every name, you have been trying to persuade loved ones.

This is what God will have me.


Just trust me, trust God.

Allow me obey God I pray for everyone under the sound of my voice.

In fact, some of you, this prayer is not for now God.

What you will need.

The prayer for God has not yet told you, but we need it soon in the name of Jesus and enjoy multiple confirmations as God is showing Saul, he is also showing ananias.

That will be this.

Testimony of your life in the mighty name of Jesus and the angel that appeared to Mary appeared to Joseph.

That is the testimony of your life.

In the mighty name of Jesus I want to pray a prayer you may not understand in any way the devil is trying to misrepresent your vision, so that loved ones, stakeholders- don't just understand it all they say- is youthful exorbitants.

All they see is you know, um Zeal, without knowledge.

In any way, the devil is misrepresenting what you stand for: I command that to cease.

Now, in the name of Jesus Jesus I'm praying for someone piercing.

You are supposed to marry I'm talking about.

As recently as three weeks ago, loved one said: no in the name above every name, the same God, who not only spoke to Mary but spoke to Joseph.

That angel is visiting your family.

I said that angel is visiting your family.

There is a turn around for the better, a miraculous turnaround in the mighty name of Jesus line up online precept upon precept, and it will be clear that you are in the will of God receive it in the name of Jesus for everyone here, the wisdom of God has delivered you from prioritizing the opinion of men.

The wisdom of God has saved you from it from henceforth as a genuine servant of God.

You obey God in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you, father in Jesus, mighty name of prayed, if you were blessed say aloud, amen, hallelujah, be seated.

Please package.

Your offerings um get ready for a great great, great Sunday service across all our branches, while delving into the more practical aspects of divine leading in the more practical aspects of divine leading, so I want you to get ready for that.

Does anyone in the choir know who is on the Lord's Side? You know all right, so we're going to do that at because you are siding with God's opinion on where your life should go amen.

Somebody thank you.

Jesus and the song says enemies.

Your parents are no enemies.

Okay time is First spent.

Please stand to your feet.

Oh dear lord, lord, in the name of Jesus.

We thank you for the privilege to give we do this cheerfully and generously putting our money where our faith is, and we thank you because the work here continues and we are empowered to bless even more people.

In Jesus, imagine them sell out amen for those of you who tuned in online I'm sure you've been blessed.

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you can get more notifications and join future Services um.

If you want to be a part of this offering time the details I'm sure are on the screen and in the comments Hallelujah glory to God.

So here's what we're going to do we're going to take our benediction, then we'll sing that song give our offerings and be on our way is that, okay, all right say we may receive goodbye his spirit with Boston Christ Jesus.

We put no confidence in the flesh.

We experience progress and joy in the faith reaching a billion souls in 10 000 cities, because we are Celebration, Church and rise for Christ Rejoice, listen what happened! A special worship and prayer service next midweek service! So don't miss it all right, so quiet forever forever.

Who is a boy forever come on outside forever? Foreign Hebrews foreign foreign.


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Emmanuel Iren is the Lead Pastor and Founder of Celebration Church International , where he lives out his ultimate passion of helping people discover and walk boldly in purpose.

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Celebration Church has been under the leadership of Pastor Tim Timberlake since 2021.

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Celebration Church is an evangelical, interdenominational church with a message of God's grace for the Tri-Cities and the world. In a non-threatening manner, we encourage every person to seek a relationship with Christ and to become involved in His work of ministry.

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