May 13, 2022 Birthday – Sign, Meaning, Day Facts, Zodiac (2023)

Birthday on May. 13, 2022

Being born on this date says a lot about you. It means you were born in Spring in the middle of Generation Alpha, and your zodiac sign is Taurus ♉, with Venus as the ruling planet. According to the Chinese Zodiac, you were born in the Year of the Tiger, and your spirit animal is Beaver.

Your birth date also reveals that your lucky day is a Friday, and your power color is Green . Emerald is your birthstone, and the birth flower is the Lily of the valley.

Born on May 13, 2022, your birthday numbers are 5, 13, and 2022, revealing your life path is 6. The life path number, the generation you are born in, and the zodiac sign make a difference in your life. Let’s find out what it all means below.

🪐 Your birth sign is Taurus
🗓️ Your lucky day is a Friday
⚡️ Your spirit animal Beaver
⚡️ You were born on a Friday in May
⚡️ Your birth year is the Year of the Tiger
⚡️ You are part of a Generation Alpha
⚡️ Your power color is Green

How old am I if I was born on May 13, 2022?

You are 1 old and have been alive for 447 days, 10,742 hours, or 644,528 minutes! Your next birthday in 2024 is on a Tuesday and is

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Assuming you’ve been sleeping 8 hours daily since birth, you have slept about 33% of your life or a total of 149 days or 0.41 years. Furthermore, there were 15 full moons after you were born up.

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You are this old:

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⏳ You are 644,528 minutes old
⏳ You have been alive: 10,742 hours
⏳ You’ve been alive: 14 months
⭐️ Next birthday celebration is on Monday
⭐️ You will turn 2 on your next birthday
⭐️ You’ve slept 149 days or 5 months of your life.
⭐️ You have traveled over 715,200,000 miles through the Milky Way

May 13, 2022, was the 133rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 253 days remained until the end of the year. It was also the 74th day of Spring; 19 days left until Summer. Besides, it was the 2nd Friday of the 5th month of 2022. The next time you can reuse the exact calendar will be in 2033.

The countdown timer below is for your upcoming birthday. It’s accurate and automatically updated for your next birthday, which is

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Countdown time to May. 13, 2024:

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⭐️ Someone born on this date is 1 years old
⭐️ 447 days have passed since this date
⭐️ 2nd quarter of the year
⭐️ The 74th day of Spring
⭐️ The Zodiac sign for this date is Taurus
⭐️ May 13, 2022, was a Friday
⭐️ 2022 is not a leap year, and has 365 days
⭐️ In 2025, May 13, is on a Tuesday
⭐️ May 13, 2022, in Roman Numeral: V XIII MMXXII (mm dd yyyy)

Upcoming birthdays

May 13, 2024Monday
May 13, 2025Tuesday
May 13, 2026Wednesday
May 13, 2027Thursday
May 13, 2028Saturday

Your billionth (1,000,000,000) second will happen sometime on January 19, 2054.

Popular on your birthday

🎶 SONG: Your birthday song is "Easy On Me" by Adele. It was the most popular song in the U.S. on the day of your birth, according to Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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🍿 MOVIE: The number one movie on your birthday was:

📺 TELEVISION: Popular television shows on your birthday were:

🎮 GAME: The best-selling video game on your birthday was:


People who are born on May 13, 2022, have the zodiac sign of Taurus, and your ruling planet is Venus. There are twelve zodiac signs, each with its own set of qualities, strengths, weaknesses, moods, and more. Your zodiac sign has a big influence on your life and character in Astrology.

Taurus (April 20th and May 20th) is the second sign in the zodiac. The symbol for Taurus is the bull. Taurus's strengths include being reliable, taking care of necessities, patient, and devoted. Their weakness includes being stubborn, uncompromising and possessive. The most excellent compatibility with this sign is Cancer and Scorpio.

Strengths: reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Weaknesses: stubborn, possessive, uncompromising


The Chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle, and each year is associated with an animal. The animal ruling a person’s birth year significantly affects personality and destiny. Being born on 13 of May in 2022, reveals your zodiac animal is a Tiger, and your spirit animal is an Beaver.

People born under the Tiger sign are resourceful, natural-born leaders and have an adventurous spirit. Men born in the Tiger year are adventurous spirits, and women are mesmerizing. Unfortunately, people born in the Year of the Tiger are also moody and hot-tempered at times.

🪐 Zodiac sign: Taurus
🐅 Zodiac animal: Tiger
🌌 Ruling Planet: Venus
⭐️ Spirit Animal: Beaver
⭐️ Zodiac Element: Earth
⭐️ Zodiac Quality: Fixed

Generation Alpha

Being born in 2022 makes you a part of Generation Alpha. There are seven different generations: G.I. Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials (Generation Y), Generation Z, and Generation Alpha. Every generation has a defining label that serves as a reference to around 20 years of attitude, behaviors, historical events, and typically a set of stereotypical attributes.

Holidays on May 13

Life path: 6

If you were born on this day (May 13, 2022), your Life Path number is 6. This number offers insight into your greater purpose, personality, skills, and dreams.

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Your birthstone is Emerald. Emerald symbolizes hope, fertility, and rebirth. Emeralds are named after the Vulgar Latin words "esmaralda" and "esmaraldus" which translate to a green gem. It was also one of Cleopatra's favorite gems.

Lily of the valley

Your birth flower is Lily of the valley. The fragrant lily-of-the-valley signifies sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness.

Famous birthdays on May 13

We could not find a celebrity that shares a birthday with you. However, we update our database constantly, and invite you to check back later to see if we found someone with the same birthday..

Birthday Facts for May 13 in 2022

How many times have I blinked?

› You have blinked over 10,942,560 times in your lifetime. An average person blinks about 17 times each minute, or somewhere around 25,000 blinks a day.

How many times has your heart beat?

› Taking 80 beats per minute as an average, your heart beat over 51,494,400 times. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times.

How many steps have you taken since birth?

› You have taken about 75,096,000 steps. Assuming you walked an average of 7,000 steps per day.

How many breaths have you taken in your lifetime?

› At about 14 breaths per minute, you have taken approximately 9,011,520 breaths since your birth.

How far has the Earth taken you since you were born?

› Earth travels over 1.6 million miles a day, meaning you have traveled more than 715,200,000 miles through the Milky Way.

What’s my spirit animal?

› Beaver

What’s my Chinese zodiac?

› Tiger

What’s my sun sign?

› Taurus

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What is my lucky day?

› Friday

What’s my birthday color?

› Green

What’s my birthday flower?

› Lily of the valley

What’s my birthstone?

› Emerald

What day was my birthday on?

› Friday

What day will my next birthday be on?

› Tuesday

What was the number one song on my birthday?

› "Easy On Me" by Adele

How many days until my birthday?

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If you would like to know what major events happened on May 13, including historic events, sporting results, world population, and other interesting facts, we advice checking out May 13, 2022 in history on BirthdayDetails.

Please find your friends’ birthdays and share that page with them. They might thank you for it! We will continue to add more birthday facts, so come back often.

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May 13, 2022 Birthday – Sign, Meaning, Day Facts, Zodiac? ›

You are a Taurus if your birthday falls on May 13th. A person born on May 13th has a natural charisma and a warmth that draws people closer. As a Taurus, you are dependable, self-sufficient, and talented.

Is May 13 a rare birthday? ›

May babies have relatively rare birthdays.

There are so many special things about your May baby… including the day they were born. Only one May birthdate cracks the top 100 popular birthdays (May 23rd lands in 89th place). Meanwhile six May birthdays fall in the bottom 50 (the 4th, 11th, 13th, 26th, 27th, and 31st).

What is the zodiac sign for May 13th 2022? ›

Taurus Horoscope Today: May 13, 2022

Each day brings with itself its own set of challenges. Challenges that you're not always prepared to handle. It's important to trust your inner wisdom and stay in your centre at this time.

What kind of Taurus is May 13? ›

Tauruses born on May 13 are rare individuals who possesses unique and special talents. There is a dark side to these people, yet they are rarely moved to reveal this aspect of themselves. They have great imaginative potential, which they may need to shape through learning and experience.

Is May 13 a Gemini? ›

May 13th Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope.

Why are May borns special? ›

Taureans, or those born between May 1 and 20, are said to be smart, ambitious and trustworthy. May babies born after May 21 are Geminis, who are said to be more passionate and dynamic. It's fitting, because that flower is also known as the May lily.

What are people born on May 13 like? ›

A person born on May 13th has a natural charisma and a warmth that draws people closer. They are easygoing and totally unique. And they feature a childish wonder that causes them to shoot for the stars. However, their ambitions can be a little too big sometimes.

Is 2022 a lucky year for Gemini? ›

Will 2022 be good for Gemini? With the effect of Jupiter and Mars in the first half of the year, Gemini can be assured of a successful year. So get ready for a joyous ride in 2022. However, make sure you give special attention to your health.

Which horoscope is 13 may? ›

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)

How is a may Taurus? ›

May Taureans Have A Strong Sense Of Discipline

Taureans are fixed zodiac signs, so they're naturally stable people who are focused on security. But third decan Taureans (all born in mid-May) are co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure — making them even more reliable than your average Taurus.

Who is a Taurus soulmate? ›

Taurus Soulmate Sign: Pisces

Since both earth and water signs are caretakers of the zodiac, they both nurture each other and help one another to stay grounded and focused. The Pisces natives support Taurus individuals and help them to get in touch with their emotional side.

What are Taurus people like? ›

Stubborn and sensual

Typical sun in Taurus traits include being hard-headed, down-to-earth, tenacious, reliable, loyal, and sensual.

Why are Geminis so special? ›

They can quickly adjust to unfamiliar conditions and settings. They express themselves extremely plainly. They know when and how to express things. One thing that makes them unique from other zodiacs is that Geminis want to be anchored and in connection with their origins.

What is special about Taurus woman? ›

Taurean women are best known for being passionate in love, honest and composed individuals. Taurus women are considered to be the most faithful of all zodiac signs in astrology and shall always stay by their partner's side, during good or bad times. However, when tougher times prevail, it may bring in the worst in you.

Who is Gemini soulmate? ›

If you're a person who's smart, clever, independent, self-sufficient, and doesn't need to be in control, Gemini may be your soulmate. Gemini is compatible with several signs, including Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and especially Cancer. Find out more about Gemini compatibility and who might just be your soul mate.

What is the rarest birthday? ›

The Least Common Birthdays

December 25 (Christmas Day) is the least common birthday, while January 1 (New Year's Day) is the second least common. December 24 (Christmas Eve) also makes the list as the 3rd least common birthday while July 4 (Independence Day) is the 4th least common birthday.

What number is May 13? ›

May 13 is the 133rd day of the year (134th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 232 days remain until the end of the year.

Is May the rarest month? ›

The data comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Social Security Administration. The rarest month to be born in is February, making Aquarius the rarest zodiac sign.

Is A Gemini rare? ›

Geminis are the fourth least rare zodiac sign, making up 8.48% of births in the US between 1994 and 2014. The difference in rarity between Gemini and Leo is 5%, the most significant difference between any two rankings next to each other. Geminis are highly adaptable and able to move through any situation with ease.


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