Market prep! Everything I made for my May 13th market! Goals and expectations 💕 (2024)


Thank you everyone for watching! I appreciate all of the support and can’t thank y’all enough 🥰 this is a market prep to show everything I’m taking to this market!

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Hi hello, what's up friends, my name is Lauren welcome to my channel and if you're a returning, subscriber welcome back friends.

So today, I'm it's the day before my market I am all over the place.

I am scrambling.

Um, actually I have most of everything done that I wanted to get done.

I only have two things to finish, which I should be able to finish by the morning um, so I'm just going to show you guys everything that I made for this Market.

It is a lot so I'm going to try to do this quickly.

Um I'm gonna try to do everything um.

That is the same.

All at once.

Tell you how much of everything I made and yeah tell you my goals and everything like that.

So let's just go ahead and jump into this today is uh May 12th, May 13th tomorrow is my market and I am super nervous because it's supposed to rain.

So hopefully it doesn't do that.

So this Market I've made something that I've never made before, which are chicken nuggets.

I have heard that these are very popular, so hopefully these will sell.

I made four of them: I'm not going to be able to hold all of them.

Actually I am yeah so of mid 4.

So that's the first thing.

The next thing I made or eggs I, usually sell.

Oh I sold the chicken nuggets, I think I'm going to do for 12., which means I miscalculated, because I think I put down.

I have 12 okay, oh twelve dollars for the chicken nuggets.

I have made these before and I actually sold them for ten dollars, but after making them this time, I realized how like actually long it takes to make these and how like frustrating it can get because of how long it takes so.

I'm gonna sell these for 12 this time instead of ten um but yeah they're super cute and I meant to make one Smiley and one frownie, but I accidentally did both smiling so it'll just have to work.

The last Market I sold um a smiling and a frowning all right.

So next is octodes.

A lot of this stuff I did show in my last video, which was everything that I made in April, because I was doing a lot of Market prepping in April um, but I've made a few things since then so I'm just gonna for anybody who hasn't seen that video show everything, because this is a video of everything that I made for my market.

So I need to show everything um one two, three, four, five, six seven so I have seven octos and I sell those for ten all right.

Next are my little mushies I sold out of everything.

Sorry I'm losing my voice.

Excuse me, sorry, you get what you get it's the day before the market.

I have no other time to make this video um anyway.

So mushies last Market I sold out of everything that I took and I think I had like six mushies at the last market and this time I made one two three four five, so I made five mushies this time.

C's I sell my mushies for 15.

They do take a while to make, but they turn out really cute and I.

Think they're worth that all right.

So next thing these are a new thing as well.

I I made these for the first time in April, but they're whales, super cute, I think when I first started making these I made them with the fins sideways instead of yeah like this one.

This is one of the first ones I made so I made the tail fins like sideways, like this like up and down, and then I started doing them just like long ways, don't know if that makes sense, but I started doing them differently and I I like this way better but yeah.

So I have all of these little whales.

That I made all different colors because we like variety all right, so how many wheels did I make all together, I made 10 whales, sorry I'm just making sure that I have everything like right here together, because I'm taking all of this to a market tomorrow, so I have to have everything together.

Um I made a mushroom rattle I have not made one of these.

In a very long time.

Um I actually used a different size hook on this one.

So it's a bit smaller than the ones I made in the past, which is good, I think this is actually better, because I think this is more of a size that, like a baby, could hold on to um like a younger baby and babies love these yeah, but I only made one I was gonna, make two and I didn't have time all right.

So next are my chubby bees.

I sell these for oh, that rattle I sold that for 20 and the wheels I'm gonna sell for eight.

These bad boys, I sell for 18.

I'm, pretty sure yes, 18.

and I made five of these one of those bees.

I've found myself really really well and speaking of I have little baby bees.

I think I made 14 of these I sold these for ten dollars and, of course the wings are all smashed right now, because they've been in these little I really don't know what they're called I know.

What they're called I just cannot think of the name right now, but they're like little boxes like that, go in Cubbies, like cubicle things, so container yeah they've just been sitting in there since I've made them so I actually finished three of them today, I had to put Wings on them and yeah I just finished that today, sorry I'm, like reaching I, have things all over this bed like seriously I, was swamped in little toys.

All of the baby bees all right.

Next I have these little dinos, which I showed in my last video.

Two of them are made with well they're all made of parfait chunky.

But these are these two on this side are made with a five millimeter hook, so they're a little bit bigger, and then this one was made with the 4.5.

So it's a little bit smaller, but they're all super cute, I love the oops love the colors of all of them.

Hopefully they will sell I'm going to be selling these for 20.

because they did take a while to make and they're selling involved so have to up the price a little bit.

This one Little Penguin I only made one of him um, but he's super cute.

Hopefully he will sell, he is going to be 18 dollars, but he's super cute.

That's the first time that I made a penguin um.

Then I have lucky frogs.

So I made a lot of Lego frogs I think my goal was to make like 20 leggy, frogs and I.

Think I only made 13., so I have a bunch of These Guys.

These sell really good too I had kids I had um adults like my age.

Buying these for themselves.

Like everybody loves these frogs and I think that they make good like desk companions, or you know just toys for your kid or um.

Just to like sit around your house is like decoration or a little buddy.

You know I just think, they're really cute I think a lot of the stuff that I make like the smaller stuff could work as like desk companions, or like just decoration for your house.

Things like that.

Um I made a strawberry turtle and it is like so cute.

I got the inspiration for the strawberry turtle from crochet by Jenna.

I've been getting a lot of inspo from her recently so um I saw her strawberry, Turtles and I already have a straw or a turtle pattern, so I just modified it and I used her tutorial on the stem.

How to make the stem she has a tutorial on her YouTube, so it is crochet by Jenna um.

She spells Jenna g-e-n-n-a.

So if you try to look her up, that's how you spell that getting lots of inspo from her recently and I will be selling this for uh, I! Think 40.

Let me make sure before I say that yeah forty dollars super cute and the last thing that I have actually finished is a strawberry cow, and this is a pattern by renmiel just like that.

Sunflower purse turtle that are not Turtle, sorry, he's cow, uh, sunflower purse cow that I showed you guys in the last video.

This is the same pattern um and she also.

This is a modification that is in the pattern if you buy it from run me out um how to do these strawberries, and it is literally like so cute I'm trying to decide if I want to make the heart that goes on the body um.

That is in the pattern or not I, think it's really cute without it, but I might might add it I'm, not sure I'm, thinking, leaning towards probably not because I do have some things.

I need to finish, and I still have to tag everything.

Nothing is tagged yet so I have to go through and do that um tonight before I go to bed so yeah um.

So that's everything that I've made I still have a half finished snake that I need to make today and I started on a brown cowl that I might make a cookie bag for um, but I have to finish the cow first, so we'll see um but yeah, so I calculated everything so I have a total of 69 items.

Um once I make the cow and the snake.

So without those I have 67 um, that's a total value of 895 dollars if I sold everything.

So my goal for this Market is 450, which is half of what I am taking.

Um I also have some more stuff that I already had made um and I.

Don't remember what all I have it's like, like hats and blankets and like scarves and stuff like that and I'm, not even sure, if I'm going to take that I have one summer top made that I will be taking um but yeah.

So that's that's my goals.

The total revenue that I would make if I um sold everything the market I, think it's twenty dollars per market and there is a market from uh every month from May to October and I paid for all of those, so I plan on attending every single one of them.

So that was a total of like 160.

Oh wait, no I think it was forty dollars per Market, not 20.

I think it was 20 for like the the farmers and Veterans and everybody else was 40.

if I'm not mistaken, but anyway it was 160 for all of it.

So if I even make 160 back, I will make my um my fee for all of the markets and from there be completely um making profit.

So that would be awesome, but yeah goal of 450 we're gonna see how it goes.

Hopefully it doesn't rain because if it does I don't know if they just plan on doing it next weekend or if they're, just gonna cancel it entirely, which would not be good for me, because I took the whole month of May or April off to prepare for this market and to work on orders.

So I didn't make any money, except for from my orders in April, so yeah.

Hopefully it will go good and we'll make our money back.

Hi, oh he's, taking a break.

He was taking a break with pop pop yeah yeah.

Did you have fun? I did good, let's go playground, you want to go to the playground.

Yeah yeah! Oh you were you don't want to no okay.

Okay, just one second I'm about to end this video, okay, okay, so yeah! That's everything that I made for this Market um I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I know I kind of went pretty quick through everything, but I really don't have a lot of time today.

So I wanted to get everything shown because last Market prep video I, didn't get to show anything because I sold out and I didn't make the video beforehand.

So I'm not gonna.

Make that mistake this time.

Um but yeah I! Think that that's it and I will see you guys in my next video bye.

Market prep! Everything I made for my May 13th market! Goals and expectations 💕 (2024)
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