HOW TO STYLE IN DMC 3 (A man of Style's Guide on how to be stylish ) (2023)


Devil may cry 3 Is a difficult game, And one that i love a lot, i've played it extensively and wanted to make somewhat of an Essay on it Detailing how to Get into the game as there aren't as many people who know about DMC 3 as people who know about DMC 5

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We are the sons of sparta within each of us flows, his blood, but, more importantly, his soul, and now my soul is saying it wants to stop you no stop having it's cool devil may cry, 3 a game very near and dear to my heart, one that I played through about seven times now: yeah yeah we're getting there the game single-handedly molded the character, action game genre, making away from amazing titles like beautiful, joe godhen bayonetta killer is dead, no more heroes.

He gave all these games a foundation that they desperately needed, one they didn't have before devil may cry 3, because 1 and 2 weren't really that good.

But if you've ever played any of these games, you will know character.

Action games are difficult, they're hard and he's got that, and that is the end.

How many of those people make it look so effortless in those videos I saw on twitter once you ask yourself: well, you came to the right place friend, because I will show you how to style and devil may cry.


No doubt you've got some fun planned for me right, virgil.

Ah, the cutscene see this is everything about being stylish.

The nonchalant flipping of the chair, the pizza, the demons, this cutscene from the start of the game, tells you exactly what it expects from you.

It expects you to be active and control the battle now it might seem daunting and dante's pain.

Tolerance is nowhere near this in the game, but even then a lot of what's going on on screen is possible and the game puts you smack dab in the middle to try it out.

Whoa you're here to learn friend now, don't get too excited, there's a boss waiting for you outside and trust me, it's not as nice as these lads.

This will be your training area.

This mission is a relaxing brawl.

You get to practice your dodging your timing and all around your understanding of the game.

If you need to check your moves, you can press up on the d-pad to pull up a manual and check moves where every move unlocked will be shown and have the inputs for including combo 1, combo 2 high time high time with jump, hell, splitter gun and many more as you unlock more weapons and skills in the game also buy stinger.

It's the best thing in the game style.

So before every stage you can go into customization change your style.

This goes from trickster a very beginner friendly style that focuses on dodging and movement swordmaster, a reliable style that adds a ton of moves to every melee weapon in the game, including aerial combos.

He damaged this [ __ ] standard stuff.

You know gunslinger an insane style that requires you to unlearn all your controls and change them to this [ __ ] and play like a tasmanian devil to get anything done.

It focuses on range and it's pretty cool, but the guns in the game were heavily nerfed for a good reason.

Considering the mc2.

Let's not talk about the mc2 and royal guard, a style for absolute masters and degenerates.

Gorilla guard is a perfect frame block that requires you to be on point every living.

Second of your life and rewards you with some of the biggest damage this game can offer and mad style points for that matter.

It's a stacking buff to your release.

Movement can be a frame perfect counter that basically kills everything in one hit.

If you do it right, the game later introduces quicksilver a time, stop move that eats at your devil, trigger and doppelganger, which makes a mimic of you that follows you around or if you have a second controller plugged in a second player mode.


This game is awesome all these styles except quicksilver and doppelganger level, up to level three where they become considerably more reliable, which needs you to kill roughly about 9999 demons for every single style.

You don't really have to.

You can just pick one style go through the entirety of the game with it, which is completely viable.

Personally, I like using swordmaster because that [ __ ] is absolutely too good uh if not go ahead and grind bloody palace.

Good luck now, we've been talking mechanics a lot, but how do you style? Here's my tip so basically be all more cracked than your enemies.

Are it's honestly, a good tip for everything? But you know the song meter goes from dope to stylish and the harsh truth is that it's an efficiency meter, the better you play the higher it goes and also hates.

If you do the same move over and over again, if you can get two or more enemies in a combo it'd make the style meter rise a lot higher dodging with tricks through dante's.

Roll does make your style meter.

Higher taunting considerably, makes it higher and gives you a bit of dt make sure you don't get hit, though, that would suck honestly also taunting has different animations, depending on your style ranking.

This continues on to dmc 4 and dmc 5 and becomes one of my favorite features ever now.

If you apply my teachings, teachings of grand master raph mission, 2 should look like this so glorious.

Sometimes now the animals in the mountains, love is with us is, is, and then, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you get in this.


Devil may cry 3.

Now, let's talk weapons, dante gains access to a whole lot of weapons.

As you progress through the game, you start off with rebellion, it's a good weapon for everything.

It will never be a bad choice.

The standard damage, cerberus odd weapon, but dishes out damage quick and can catch enemies lacking it's a combo making machine.

If you know how to use it.

Ogden rudra one of my favorites insane damage, output, spinning move and huge aoe damage potential nevin.

My absolute favorite, because dante decided that he'd finger succubus the craziest way possible by turning her into a [ __, ], guitar, um whoa.

It's absolutely fun to use beywolf a monster for damage dealing and, let's not forget, did you know you could cancel the animation of any gun using royal guard watch this [ __ ], no guns, ebony and ivory.

They do the work.

They never miss a shot.

Coyote, a old, faithful, shotgun, stingers artemis.

Only good tomorrow versus captain three spiral.

I'd be surprised if anyone knows how to use this thing and kalinan your solution to everything and now for the enemies, most of the time, you'll be fighting father enemies, mostly known as the sins, and these are super fun to fight all the time like they're combo material they get launched.

They are slow.

They do this.

They do that some of them are tanky and they have another variation called abyss which are absolutely like the best enemies in this game.

Now, apart from these enemies, a lot of the other enemies in the game are not really that fun to fight.

What comes to mind is the spiders, the fallen [ __ ], the fallen just [ __ ] the fallen now for bosses.

I could give you the tips and tricks on how to beat every single one of them, but where's the fun.

In that I say I give you a single tip for every boss in this game.

It's a battle of attrition and you will get hit, whether you like it or not.

These bosses are difficult and sometimes they're, just gonna think that they're plain unfair, but you just gotta learn the game.

That's all you have to do hit and don't get hit, and you will be fine and with that rapid fire round.

That concludes double make by three.

I hope that what the hell is that oh [, __, ] right in the double may cry: hd collection and the special edition of the don't make cry 3 game.

When you finish the game.

The first time you get access to play as virgil virgil's, not super different than dante.

Everything still stands the same for him.

The style meter does not change in any way for his mechanics, unlike dante, he has three weapons: yamato yamano and force edge and beowulf.

He switches between them, basically, like dante, except he has three the entire time he has dark stalker as his style and summoned swords that his gun judgment cut is insane.

I can't use judgment cut correctly.

You have to have a perfect frame input to get that [ __ ], to work, how the [ __ ].

Do you use that as a force edge in your motto? It just deals with things quick and it just ends things it.

Doesn't it doesn't do it flashy like it just kills things the way you want it to kill things as for beowulf, while beowulf is the coolest [ __ ], ever virgil has lunar faze and starfall, which are so [ __, ] cool and with his style, dark stalker.

You can just teleport at people and just do lunar face over and over and over again speaking of dark slayer.

It is a simple teleport forward up or down, and when you come out of the teleport, you can use anything.

Any move comes out instantly now for a summon sword.

They are basically just a gun and when you upgrade them, they shoot a lot faster.

But if you upgrade a specific ability for them, you can hold the shoot button and virgil will make the summon swords go around him and do constant damage which will make your life as a style meister.

So much easier.

There are different formations, you can make one that circles around an enemy and then it hits the enemy, knocking them up into the air and then another that would line up and shoot the enemy as if it was a machine gun.

It's awesome, apart from that, virgil has nothing really different for his entire thing.

If he plays and you get a few extra cutscenes and that's about it, uh he's super fun and uh he's a blast to play, as maybe a little bit more difficult than dante.

I will admit, but still super fun, and that concludes it.

For devil may cry 3.

If you enjoyed, please leave a like subscribe and comment.

If this does well, I will probably make a how to style something else.

Maybe it will be god hand, maybe it'll be double, may cry, 4, something on all those lines and uh yeah.

Thank you.

Thank you guys so much for watching the video.

I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you guys on the next one.

My money running in town.


How do you style in dmc3? ›

Each of the four fighting styles are tied to a d-pad button, so you just hit one of the buttons to instantly switch to a new style. "Press UP for Trickster, DOWN for Royal Guard, LEFT for Gunslinger and RIGHT for Swordmaster," Capcom explains.

How do you level up styles fast in dmc3? ›

Avoid close combat by attacking him with Dante's gun. Focus on avoiding the falling ice cubes. Killing Cerberus provides the player with 7000 experience on each run. Select the style the player wishes the level up and defeat him.

What is the easiest style in dmc3? ›

Then it all comes down to Royal Guard and Trickster. Trickster is the easiest one to adapt yourself into, as it's always better to NOT get hit at all and your reflexes find it easy to 'think like that'. Royal Guard is for masters.

Why is Vergil called the Dark Slayer? ›

The Dark Slayer Style is Vergil's personal style in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, and one of Dante's styles in Devil May Cry 4. As a warrior fallen from grace, Vergil can use the power of darkness to obtain new weapons and skills by leveling the style.

How old is Dante in DMC3? ›

What fighting style does Dante use? ›

Dante truly shines with his four combat styles: the swordmaster, gunslinger, trickster, and royal guard. You're able to switch between these four different stances and change his flow and mechanics.

What is the hardest DMC mode? ›

Dante Must Die - The hardest difficulty, Dante Must Die mode allows enemies to enter their own Devil Trigger state, granting them increased defense and damage output and making them more resistant to hit-stun, knockdowns and launches.

What is the hardest mission in Devil May Cry 3? ›

1 Mission 18 - Devil May Cry 3

This was the level that caused gamers to rage quit and then maybe even burn down their Devil May Cry 3 disks. It was bad enough the game had made us fight such difficult enemies, now it forced us to fight all of them in the same mission!

How do you get infinite DT in DMC3? ›

Complete Dante Must Die mode to unlock infinite Devil Trigger. To unlock new costumes, you must complete the game in Easy and Hard modes. To unlock Sparda, complete Dante Must Die mode. Defeat 100 enemies in the credits to see the special ending.

Is Dante harder than Vergil? ›

4 Vergil Is Less Skilled Than Dante

Even in Devil May Cry 5, the only reason Dante doesn't beat Vergil is because he had to fight all three of V's familiars beforehand. Dante is an all-around more adept fighter with better stamina and a keener ability to grow.

What is Vergil's style? ›

Vergil, on the other hand, only possesses the Dark Slayer Style. Upgrading it unlocks both new Style actions, but also allows him to purchase higher level techniques for his weapons.

Should I play yellow or gold DMC3? ›

Gold means you have free infinite continues from checkpoint after death, and an option to revive character at the spot for a Gold Orb (up to 3). Yellow means you have an option to continue from checkpoint for a Yellow Orb (up to 99), or you have to restart the mission (or quit).

What is Vergil real name? ›

Virgil, also spelled Vergil, Latin in full Publius Vergilius Maro, (born October 15, 70 bce, Andes, near Mantua [Italy]—died September 21, 19 bce, Brundisium), Roman poet, best known for his national epic, the Aeneid (from c.

What was Vergil old name? ›

Vergil was originally portrayed as Nelo Angelo—Dante's rival in terms of moves and appearance—in the 2001 game.

What race is Vergil? ›

In DmC: Devil May Cry, Vergil is a Nephilim just like Dante, meaning he's half Demon and half Angel. His origin for this game is that while his twin brother Dante was raised in a demon orphanage, in the dark gloomy slums of the city, Vergil was a privileged child adopted into a wealthy family.

How old can Dante live? ›

Longevity - Dante has an infinite lifespan.

Who is Dante's son? ›

Nero was created by Bingo Morihashi and designed by Tatsuya Yoshikawa, who wanted to distinguish him from the veteran series protagonist Dante. Nero is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch in English and Kaito Ishikawa in Japanese.

Who is older in DMC? ›

Vergil is the older twin brother of Dante and one of the main antagonists of the Devil May Cry franchise.

Who is Dante strongest enemy? ›

1 Dante: The Demon Man Himself

Of course, there's no doubt that Dante has reached the point where he has surpassed his father. While Sparda defeated immensely powerful beings, Dante ended almost all of them. He has never lost in any fight or battle, and not even the demon world has been able to hold him.

Does Dante use a gun? ›

Appearances. Ebony & Ivory are Dante's trademark pair of personally customized, semi-automatic pistols, designed to rapidly fire bullets instilled with his demonic power, and are one of the several firearms to appear in every Devil May Cry game series.

What is Dante sword called? ›

Rebellion - Rebellion is Dante's trademark sword, and the default weapon at the beginning of DmC: Devil May Cry. Arbiter - Arbiter is the first Demonic weapons at the disposal of Dante. Eryx - Eryx is a powerful set of gauntlets that are capable of dealing massive damage to a single target.

Which DMC is better? ›

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 and is widely regarded by fans as the best in the series and one of the best hack and slash action-adventure titles ever created, even if the critics didn't quite agree.

What is the longest DMC game? ›

Which DMC is the longest? Especially when considering all of the other Devil May Cry games only featured 8-12 hours of gameplay. If Itsuno is correct with his approximation of game length, then Devil May Cry 5 will be the longest game in the series when using the numbers from the 'How Long to Beat' website.

Which is harder Dark Souls or Devil May Cry? ›

There is a steep learning curve for Devil May Cry 5, which is considered harder than Dark Souls. The first Dark Souls has a comparable learning curve. Hands down, Devil May Cry V, is more difficult than Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 if gamers already played the first Dark Souls.

Is Devil May Cry harder than Sekiro? ›

Along with that, Sekiro is generally regarded to be the more difficult of the two, at least when it comes to just getting through the game. Now that you have some context as to what you'll be getting with these two titles, let's break down some qualities that you might be into for each.

What is the first secret mission in Devil May Cry 3? ›

Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 3

Secret Mission 1: The Exorcist - Defeat all enemies within the time limit. Secret Mission 2: Untouchable - Defeat all enemies while taking no damage. Secret Mission 3: Death from Above - Stay in the air for 20 seconds or more.

Is Nero DT stronger than Dante? ›

As far as a fighting record is concerned, Nero just can't match up with Dante. It's not strictly down to experience either, as a young Dante ended up defeating the Sparda-empowered Arkham in Devil May Cry 3, and beat mythological beings like Beowulf.

What is Vergil's best weapon dmc3? ›

His most defining weapon throughout the franchise, the Yamato is one of the many mementoes that was left behind by his father Sparda. Yamato is a demonic katana that has the unique ability to cut through almost everything. Specifically, it can cut through space itself.

How strong is sdt Dante? ›

While in this form, Dante is invulnerable: he does not take damage, his attacks cannot be interrupted, and he does not flinch when hit. He is also immune to the pink sphere traps. In terms of combat, Dante in this form possesses much faster movement speed, and has enhanced physical strength.

Who can defeat Dante? ›

Devil May Cry: 5 Anime Characters Who Could Beat Dante (& 5 He Would Destroy)
  • 10 Win: Lelouch vi Britannia.
  • 9 Lose: Eren Yeager.
  • 8 Win: Rimuru Tempest.
  • 7 Lose: Rem.
  • 6 Win: Lord Beerus.
  • 5 Lose: Ken Kaneki.
  • 4 Win: Madoka Kaname.
  • 3 Lose: Inuyasha.
Jan 10, 2020

Who is bigger Dante or Vergil? ›

Dante's elder twin brother, Vergil, is a favorite throughout the series. Though very similar to Dante in superhuman strength, Vergil is faster.

Why Vergil looks younger than Dante? ›

My theory is that it's because he is more in touch with his demon side and spends more time in demon form. This slows his aging.

What is Vergil's sword style called? ›

The Yamato or in english "Devil Blade" is Vergil's trademark dark-forged blade appearing in Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4. It is a legendary sword that was once wielded by his father, and was left to Vergil as a keepsake.

Who is Vergil's doppelganger? ›

Doppelganger (ドッペルゲンガー, Dopperugengā?) is an ability used by Vergil in Devil May Cry 5 and Special Edition. It utilizes Vergil's Yamato Devil Clone (分身・閻魔刀魔人, Bunshin-Yamato majin?) – a spectral copy of his True Devil form to assist him in battle.

Who is older Dante or Vergil? ›

Vergil is the older twin brother of Dante and one of the main antagonists of the Devil May Cry franchise.

Has DMC3 aged well? ›

Devil May Cry 3 has aged very well and has better combat and cutscenes then just about every modern game I have played.

How many hours to beat DMC3? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition is about 12 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 55½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Which is harder DMC3 or DMC5? ›

Is DMC5 harder than 3? DMC3 on normal difficulty is harder than DMC5 on Dante must die difficulty.

Why is Vergil called Urizen? ›

Urizen's name is derived from the words "Your reason", which is used by V himself to describe the demon to Dante in the flashback shown in Mission 9.

Who is Vergil love interest? ›

Kat has strong feelings for Vergil, possibly explaining her zealousness for the Order, yet curiously, she chooses to protect Dante over Vergil before Mundus.

How old is V in DMC 5? ›

Why did Vergil thank Nero? ›

He opens a portal with Yamato and prepares to leave, but just before he walks through it, he turns to look back at Nero … and thanks him. Vergil, who put a sword through Arkham's torso after the man helped him achieve his goal back in DMC 3, sincerely thanks Nero for his help.

Is Vergil Immortal? ›

Immortality: Due to his demonic heritage, he is immune to the passage of time. It has even been revealed that he is still alive, severely weakened, and trying to get over his trauma of his servitude of Mundus by splitting his human and demon halves with the Yamato.

Does Vergil love Nero? ›

We can reasonably assume that Vergil is fond of Nero to some degree (most likely much more than he lets on, given Vergil's character as a whole) and that, going by his reaction, he easily accepts Nero as his son. There's no rejection of Nero from Vergil, only curiosity — and that's a good thing.

What color is Ex Vergil? ›

EX Vergil - Vergil's default appearance given a red color scheme, reminiscent of the Vergil boss fights while playing as Vergil in DMC3 Special Edition.

Why is V sick in DMC 5? ›

After doing so, Vergil returned to the burned Sparda mansion and stabbed himself with the sword to separate his human half, V, from his demon half, Urizen. Because V is separated from his demon half, he is dying and literally decaying, which becomes more and more apparent as the game goes on.

Who did Vergil impregnate? ›

Vergil might've been underage when he impregnated Nero's mother.

Can you style Switch in DMC 3? ›

Style Switching in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition for Switch will work just like you would expect. Press UP for Trickster, DOWN for Royal Guard, LEFT for Gunslinger, and RIGHT for Swordmaster. For the special styles unlocked later in the game, it will require a quick double-tap of specific buttons.

Does DMC3 ps4 have style switching? ›

With 'Free Style' you can 'Style Change' at the press of a button. By switching styles freely in the game, you can achieve even cooler and stylish actions in combat.” Here are more screenshots below: That said, these four styles aren't the only ones Dante had in Devil May Cry 3.

How do I get more style points in DMC? ›

To get more Stylish Points throughout a level, players will need to acquire more skills and abilities, and string them together. When fighting a single demon, try to avoid spamming the same attack repeatedly. Try dashing in to them using Nero's Devil Breaker move, or switching fighting stances when playing as Dante.

What is Dante style? ›

Gunslinger is referred to as the Dante style, focusing heavily on Dante's prized pistols. Royal Guard is referred to as the Street Fighter III style, known for its mechanic of parrying attacks with precise timing.

What is the best weapon in Devil May Cry 3? ›

Cerberus. A three-sectioned nunchaku with the power of ice (and later in DMC5, with the powers of fire and thunder as well), the Cerberus is one of Dante's best weapons in Devil May Cry 3.

Can you play as V in DMC? ›

V is one of the main protagonists and the third playable character introduced in Devil May Cry 5.

What is Vergil's special move called? ›

Vergil's Concentration Gauge can now be spent in full to perform a new move known as World of V, where Vergil impales himself with Yamato and transforms into V for a brief period of time to attack in a wide area with all of his familiars.

What is Vergil's ultimate move? ›

On Special Edition, Judgement Cut remains in Vergil's moveset. Now its power depends on the Concentration Gauge, being most destructive at Max Level. It can be charged and released during any of Yamato's attacks and its full charge is signified by a flash.

What does SSS mean DmC? ›

B (Badass) A ( Apocalyptic) S (Savage) SS (Sick Skills) SSS (Smokin' Sexy Style)

What is the SSS rank in Devil May Cry? ›

The SSS rank in Devil May Cry 4. Stylish Ranks are measurements of how "Stylish" the player's combat is, and is represented in the Stylish Rank Gauge. It is a constant struggle maintaining the steadily-depleting Style gauge in order to reap greater rewards from battle.

Which is the strongest Dante? ›

1 Strongest: Dante

By the end of the chronology, Dante has surpassed even his father's legendary, god-like strength. And Dante's power doesn't end with his impressive strength and near invulnerability to being killed. Dante has a huge arsenal of weapons (demonic or otherwise).

What is Dante strongest form? ›

Sin Devil Trigger Form: The Strongest Devil Form that Dante has access to. When Dante used the Rebellion sword to stab himself in the ruins of his former family home to stop Vergil, he absorbed its power alongside the Sparda sword.

What is Dante power called? ›

Demonic Power Manipulation: Dante can channel his demon energies into objects, such as his guns or even the air itself. Telekinesis: He has displayed some level of telekinetic abilities as the bike Trish threw instantly stopped in front of him and was levitating in front of him.

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