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The decree of the heavens is being noised on the earth; for men are being called to inhabit the heavens. Men loaded with the substances of the world to come.

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Foreign in your presence this morning, thank you.

God is the data you got us make.

We are glad and we are rejoicing in it.

Thank you for your mercy.

Thank you for your grace.

Thank you for your peace time for the joy time for the life that you give Comfort the Peace of Jesus.

We honor your father, we thank you.

Son of God.

We receive the mercy of Jesus unto eternal life.

We thank you Father.

Because of the lights of the knowledge of the glory of God that is shining in the face of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for that light.

Thank you.

My father.

We give you glory, Lord in Jesus name, we are praying so uh.

I was saying uh something that last time we met or our meditation last time, that's the blessing of God, so Souls that are in the original shadow of death was light.

According to Ephesians, chapter 5., we say are weak, thou that sleep, and we know that other asleep there arise from the dead Christ shall give the light but Book of Daniel call it.

Those who sleep in the dust of the heads so there's those who sleep in that Daniel there are two different kinds of people.

If you see carefully another time so that the people who need great lights but the there are both so the people that are are the Jewish Nation.

I was already when I say: Jewish there are the Jews of the Hebrews, but they are not just the only one.

Just what I told you, the Jews, Abraham God, pick Abraham out of all among his brethren and God began to deal with him out of all his Brethren.

But there are.

There are other people that surround Abraham when Ibraham went to go and rescue Lots.

There are those who are who I have confidence with Abraham, so so Abraham was called the Hebrew, but it's not just, but if you look at the back they are not only for for a dwell in the play or my other, the Amorite brother of escort.

So there are another place.

I call the escort and brother of what Anna and this we are conflict with Abraham.

So by the reason of the life of Abraham, there are some people began.

You remember that this is one area.

This one thing you also remember - and everybody that's believed still with Abraham, because everyone was circumcised at the age of 90.

Remember when Abby, when they give back to Ishmael Abraham was slagged at 90.

It was 99 that he gave birth, so he probably came to to get back to Ishmael at age of 100., but eae is second before he gave it to okay.

It was 90 years.

I was right.


17 24 Annabelle was 90 years old.

Okay in this flesh of his foreskin, okay, okay, he circumcised.

He said before you get back to Isaac, but you know that and but not only is an Ishmael.

His son was 13 years old.

Many were circumcised, the Flesh of his foreskin, but no reason and all the men that was in Abraham house, look at this 27 August 17 and all the men of his household, but with the money of the stranger we are circumcised with him.

So so you could see they, they sign a circumcision that Abraham received.

What is his seal? The second question was the token of the covenants.

I just wanted to tell you something that some of these men that we are like Alias of Damascus was.

It was born in South, and there were that Moon also they are born, is also their men.

I met our clothes and not just these people alone.

If you remember, after Jacob songs, when they rip the daughter of of Jacob, they are forgotten and they told them that they say we want to marry and let us marry the men and they advise them that they should be circumcised, that they can't give their sister And said they circumcise, I'm just trying to tell you that circumcision became, although the circumcision was given to Abraham was given to Abraham of his flesh was named a brown and eventually there are people that came around Abraham.

That dancing began to travel to us.

Why am I trying to I'm that just to say something, I'm not trying to share they like what, because essence of all these things, I'm coming to this opposition because circumstances of the heart? That's what because Paul was defending that thing about version of the heart.

In Romans, Romans 3.

of the Arts, and it's not of the Flesh in Romans 2, 28 29 say for he is not a Jew.

Who is one afterwards going to say a Jew, a Jew is, he does able to circumcised inwardly, a Jew is what is inwardly, but beyond that you could see that some people partook of the the share, because there was a promise that got back to Abraham, Amen In blessing, are you bless you multiplying and by you? Shall the nations of the air be blessed, so there were Nations around Abraham that Patrick of abrahamic blessing, I'm part of a brummy blessing that they partook was the part book of the provision of the prophets, because that was a prophet I'll be and what and what The party that they grad they find because yeah almost eight was standing there.

He said what about the Jew, the Gentiles that not have the law, but do they love their conscience? So the Lord that Abraham was following was the law of his conscience.

Of that thing, Abraham Abraham received a kind of a gospel, and that thing was a light that Abram, although not everybody, could keep the way Abraham kept it, but Abraham kept it until God says inducting that.

But there were things that nation in Abraham said through.

You shall the nations of the air will blessed so that thing happened in the days of Abraham that Nation we are blessed by Abraham, as Abraham moved from Nation to Nation.

They were blessing, they were dropping to Nations National Party of The Blessing of Abraham nations.

Of the Earth Nation a lot of Nations, they were Nations that make covenant with Abraham.

They were Nations that make covenant with Isaac, their nation that make covenant, but with Jacob they broke a covenant with them a lance.

So so you can see that they were Nations and but I later on those Nations they became gross.

They came into the religion, they came into that stronger debt, they came to the original of debts and because they came to the religion, a shadow of death.

What would give to them was Christ's light.

Workers came Jokers, didn't go to the his Joker said.

He told his job said go to the lordship of Israel.

Thank you.

He told us.

I said they should go to the lost sheep.

Him give me from verse four or five there's what to talk about.

Inform fight says not go to the the Gentile, but you go to Lost these 12 Jesus sent forth and command the same.

Go not unto the way of the Gentiles.

You see you I'm trying to teach something go not to the way of the Gentile, but it's the way you read Isaiah, 9 and Matthew 4.

The way the way the young Jordan that's the way of the Gentile.

When you go beyond Jordan, so you could see that when they've gave comma commission to John the Baptist John, the Baptist was ajada, which was the territory where you find a lot of the Jews then went out to him.

They went out to in Jerusalem and all Judea, and all the religion are not about Jordan, and we are battles of him in Jordan.


Their sins, which was spoken by, is that the prophet saying the land of Zebulon and the land of Natalie by the way of the sea belong Jordan, comma Galilee of the Gentiles.

You remember they asked when they say, can anything for Nazareth.

What not Natalie! Because in those places, a lot of Gentiles Nations that cross the sea, the third settle in the in those regions and they were living with some of the Jews, because Jews all have been circumcised and they practice their religion.

But they were gentle that were just around those regions and because you remember by that time, Roman Empire have taken over the Jew and because it is, Israel was already a part part of the Roman Empire and say, but did you know a lot and Miss with Them in their Accord, City and town, they stay in their Villages and around their coasts, their borders, because the Jewish man does not allow you to come amen because they see them as unclean and as also circumcised.

So so you see so, although Jokers Jokers was saying, because I tried to see the prophetic angle that that job was saying that it is a man that is sent his own is what was preaching, was not only limited to the people.

So he said so he's saying that so his money is under the twelve he said, go not unto the way of the Gentiles.

So there are there are them.

There were gentiles that the Jew the disciples have gone to, but I thought I said they should not go not onto the way of the Gentiles.

The disciples meant by that.

Okay, go not to the people that see it in the religion and the shadow of what of deaths and on to any City or the Samaritans.

So there are the Samaritans because remember the story so many times they came this during the day when the when they saw Monday when the door after in the day after Solomon and the kingdom divided on the son of Solomon, they called The King, The Ten tribe, Which had become the Saturn Kingdom and the other Kingdom, and then they contain the idolatry because they were worshiping in my places, some part of Israel.

We are already been occupied by other nations and it's on Samaritans.

The Samaria are the 10, the 10, the 10 tribes.

All those territories, so it was only the northern part Jerusalem Judea there were left, you don't know.

If you see the gospel, so he told the joke.

I told them that they should not go into the way of the Gentile.

No, on 26th of the Samaritan is they have their cities.

So if you remember in that of apostle - and you shall receive Power, Upper Holy Ghost has come upon you and you shall be my weaknesses in Jerusalem in Judea, but before this time alone, part of the acts, but when it's Sunday 12 it limits where they should Go to in Matthew, 10 5-6 go on to the way of the Gentiles and unto any City and go not onto the way of the Gentiles.

No, on 26th of the summer returns entirely, not but God rather to the lordship of the House of Israel.

So he called The Lost House of Israel as you go preach, saying the kingdom of heaven, so he was not preaching anything.

He was feeling the king of Heaven, which is what what the great light, because the prince saying unto them.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand but man after resurrection and they commissioned them holy ghost.

In other words - and you shall be my witness weaknesses on to me, but but so he gave them two commission enough, both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, are in Samaria and on to the outermost part of the heads.

So the optimal part of the air Samaria under the utmost part of the earth.

They were the people that were in the religion or the original shot of death or what he called them in the way of the war of the Galilee in the way Beyond Jordan.

In the way of the Galilee of the Gen in the way of the Gentile by Matthew, 4 and of Isaiah was Isaiah, as I call it the land of the word they belong and in the land of naphtaling.

Those are all Samaritan, city of Somalia, Samaritan, City, but the way of the sea Beyond Jordan, the Galilee of the Gentiles.

So so in those region they were in the region of the shadow of death, but because they have lost sense of light.

So they have to give them light first, so Ephesians chapter five, that's where I start I I was about I brought up last week, wherefore I say ah wait that has cheapest.

I rise from the dead Christ shall give thee light, but this is not what you preach to them that have the law and the prophets, because they have light already.

You need to give up the life for them, so you need to preach them, unto them great lights and so, and you've now saw that operation in Book of Daniel those who are in those areas, the content, and at that time, should I make a stand up.

The gray Prince, which stand there for the children of thy people and there shall be a grant of trouble, so that was never since was the nation that nation is known of Israel even to that same time, and that time thy people shall be delivered talk about.

Today awake example, everlasting life.

He said because of the idea was not physical sleeping, but they are Journey.

They are sitting well.

You know what they were sitting in carnality in darkness, some to Everlasting, like God, the kind of the Gospel that we preach to them and some to shame and everlasting content, and they that be wise shall shine as a brightness of the firmament.

And that turned many to righteousness as the star forever and ever so so you could see that Daniel prophesies, like as I prophesies, that the the thy people, then they call it thy people Isaiah, call it the people that sit in darkness so that that they call It dark they sit in darkness, but then they call it in the dusts.

They sleep in the dust, so the the people because they have the Lord, the prophet they said I mean they became Kana, reduce the Arcana, but the Gentiles were carnally minded and to be kind of mind.

That is dead, so the Gentiles were kindly minded, but the Jews were Akana, they got the juice.

We are kinda, God what they preach to the truth, but they are not carnally minded.

So so the current man dead is dead.

That is both sin and death and operation of ill and death, walking in you, so they gave them great life because light still, they need together like to move them up, because they have been using lights of the law and the prophets, so they give them great Light, let's see, let's see, Genesis from um.

My intention is to go to Genesis uh, but I will start to Chief on Genesis and when we are ready for uh our end of our single life experience, because one of the blessings of the of the of Genesis is light.

That was the first.

The first decoration what God created was light, but beyond light that light was not an only light, God not create great lights and God create laser lights, two lights in Genesis, 1, 16 and God created two great lights: the greater light to Rule the Day and the Lesser light to rule the night and he made the Stars also, okay, so there's there is two great lights that got me, but before the two great, like there's a lot of lights that got created in one two, three in the beginning, God created the Heaven on The edge and the air was that form and void, and that was upon the face of the deep and there's a lot of move upon the face of the Earth, and God said: let there be light, and there was light this thing that God said.

Let there be is not the great lights, but this is a light of the beginning.

This light was what was teaching every man that connect to the world.

There was a lot that released me of General.

This slide rates meh there was light that had them and if we are under this light is not look at give me that Genesis in the beginning, God, okay, sorry, verse, three and God said let that be light, and there was light, and God said, let there Be light and there was light - and God saw Delights, he called it the light that it was good laughs and God divided the light from the darkness.

So you know that this Darkness was not evil Darkness.

This is the doctor that God used to hide things.

This is not evil Darkness, because this Darkness was what was upon the Deep that covered the heads where God was, I I did the earth inside water, but God introduced light.

God have not done anything to do what God have not done anything to the heads.

The Earth was inside water, the ball, the Earth was inside water and that was covering, but God brought a light to shine upon the Earth that was not having formed and void, and that was inside water.

God said, instead of Darkness government needs, God brought a light to lighten the Earth inside water on the earth and the Egg was that form and void.

The Earth was not for my boy and what Darkness cover? What the Deep of upon the face of the day - and they saw the Lord moved upon this water and God said, let that be like.

So God have not even separated water and brother the Earth.

It was inside the water God into going through what they call.

The lights, this, the light that God created, is a beginning of God's creation.

This light is older than formation of the earth of the heads.

This light is, is the light? Is Oda than the formation? Not the creation of the head, the formation of the Earth before giving the form and shape, because the head was without form I was void, was and was empty so before God performed to the Head shape of the way.

Yet look put light and and began to create the light of the Earth.

The two lights and the laser light are the light that God put after he started coming to the edge.

Those are what God used, but they say lighters or down down before the Earth.

As formation and his Delights no longer use their lights, though, it was under that light that God created and God formed things.

It was under the light that God created and formed things there's the light, and this light is the light that shine in darkness.

That Darkness cannot comprehend, because Darkness was upon this face of the deep and God said: let life shine that was what's happening in the beginning.

Was the life and the love was good? No, no go back, go back, go back, go back, go for the Gospel of John chapter, one in the beginning was the world and what was the god and what was God? The same was beginning with God Autumn.

We are made by him and we thought it was nothing made that was made and it was life and the life was the light.

So we can see that it was a light of man.

It was.

There was a lot that was a lot of men.

It was but that life, knowing out the light of man anymore Under The Lights, that light, will drill, because Darkness came back because that luck was shining.

That could not complained here, but eventually what it was life and the life was the life of man and life.

Shine it in darkness and the Darkness look the light and the Darkness comprehended it not operation the darkness that said completed there is not the evil Darkness.

I'M talking about in John here, we'll talk about the beginning, so it was the beginning.

So this Doctrine was the darkness of God that God created to hide his creation that God used to hide himself.

I had creation in the realm of this when God came in the realm of creation and the realm of visibility, because God is invisible, but for God, to make himself he created light to take away.

They created dark a Darkness because yeah moving to the realm of creation, and we need to understand this lie this the beginning, the light and this Darkness, because it is on it that the blessing of the beginning rest - and it is one day God make man find His identity is one day you will without this, like you understand what God means if we take this light to begin to shine out for you what got me, let us make her in my image.

I know a likeness.

They understood that thing because they understand what it means: male and female image of male and female.

You understand they understand the image.

What they understand Dominion Utah is like.

You cannot understand the Five Pillars of mandate of God for Ma, because I say five pillar mandates for man be fruitful and multiply replenish the X, subdue it and have dominion those five mandates.

You can't understand it, except under that light it will take the light to teach you that light.

That light of the beginning must visit you, and that love at the beginning is the is the least Everlasting is the least Everlasting is the least Everlasting that you need to use to Journey further into higher Everlasting to Everlasting realm of everlasting, because that light is the One that explains be fruitful, be multiplied replenish the head subdue it all the time you still replace the Earth is having babies that that thing Solomon said there are things that are those are light of under the sun.

The light of Under the Sun is different from the world.

The light that, before God begin to give sheep and form before God yet was void, was empty.

When this light was brought forth, that light is a wisdom he and that wisdom, the darkness, can completely understand it.

So if that God created, I couldn't understand that light.

He said, God wasn't accredited that Darkness, God kept the darkness to cover the Earth upon this upon the water and the air was that full and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and they saw the Lord moved upon the face of the water And God said, let that be light and there was life, and God saw that the light and God saw the light that it was good and God divided the life from the darkness that was covering the deep that was, God was just somebody said this Darkness, then John after us that this darkness that Delight the light shine, it was life verse three in the beginning was the war and there was God and the war was God they say was beginning with God.

All things were made by him all things we are made by him, but it is in heaven - and this is made by him and without him was nothing made.

That was me in he was life and the life was the light of man.

So so God, God brought a dimension of his life as light as the light, so that is going to cause.

Let that be light.

He was.

He was a portion of his life that God brought forth because it's not every bit of his life.

He said he was life, God's life and the life was, the light of man was a portion of God's life.

I got God, God brought her life and the light shine it in darkness and the Darkness comprehended it now so the darkness that was gon na when his life brought forth.

He could not understand it that wow that darkness, that darkness is a wisdom.

It's an understanding, but he couldn't understand that what is this creation? What is this? This Darkness also came from God, but this black is darkness that this Darkness could not comprehend.

Here I'm trying to say something I wanted to bring for this concert when I was saying that those that dwell in the valley or the child religion, the shot of death, why they have to give their life there's no way.

They could complain the great lights, because you need to ask something for you to be able to comprehend the great lights.

Gucci was only the people, the other lights.

They are the only one, though they were kinda, but they have the law and the prophet which carries light for if the law and the prophet do not speak according to this world is because there's no light in them.

So even the darkness that God created to put the Earth under who not who not what could not shine could not understand the light that God brought out of his own life.

God brought out a light.

God brought a delight out of his life, the darkness that God created, couldn't understand it, but that Darkness was an intelligence.

All this all the Angels Satan do not know.

No, that was certain fault.

You do not even understand the mystery of the Earth, because that Darkness was stronger than the than the children that God created was greater.

This Darkness.

God is darker to cover the Earth.

It was a Miss God called the etisal water and the spirit of God was ovary that was making the Earth not to be discoverable to evil spirits, but because the darkness covered the water, God put, the hair and the God was not moving up.

So the spirit of God was moving upon.

The water was moving upon the darkness, so that's not, as God, casted, evil spirit out of everybody.

They do not understand that mystery.

So so it was under that light that God was saying the man God bless Ma.

It's a lot of Men In Her Image.

That's a likeness! It was that he was with that light of his life.

That was trying to communicate something to Adam and Eve.

It was under that light.

It was giving he was blessing them.

They multiply be fruitful, multiply reference, the heads subdue it Dominion, you see, I've been dominion over the sea over the first of the air and over.

I believe it is a lower mandate, is lower mandates, be fruitful and multiply eh and replace the head and subdue.

It is higher the fish it was descending.

Having fish of the sea found the hair every business.

It's a lower mandates is the least mandate to Adam before being fruitful and multiplying.

Is I replenish replenish? The Earth is low.

It's lower than multiply and be fruitful and subduing it.

So the Mandate the the Mandate was going was was was on a decline being fruitful, you say higher multiplier is higher.

Ah so so what doesn't multiply they are? There is operation of evidence, the pleasure, the heads of doing it, Dominion we are lower, we are more lower-minded score, so they add them out.

Add operations in the in the evidence.

That's also moving higher and they have you have.

He has functionality on the heads so because it was his so blessed that he was a living Soul supposed to say, bless the Lord in office of his Dominion, so the place of Dominion you're supposed to be gravity towards the Living God, which is Everlasting of the Heavenly's order, I pray that the Lord will shine us light.

We are still going to wait in love.

I feel that the Lord I said the Lord will wait for this question.

The thing we hope, I'm sure, that it's open for us foreign, because she talks people, foreign, it's the beginning, is the beginning.

It's the beginning.

It's the beginning.

It's the beginning, beginning bringing in the beginning bringing in the beginning bringing in the thoughts of the beginning, bringing in the thoughts of the beginning, bringing it in bringing it in it's.

The light of the beginning is the light of the beginning.

Enlighten you Enlighten, you show, you show, you show you show you the plot of the beginning.

Show you the plot of the beginning, show you the arrangement of things from the beginning, bring you light even to unveil the things of the beginning, even how the plot is.

Casted from the beginning, even the scripts of the beginning, are being open thoughts to you, even by the Light of the beginning, By the Light of the beginning, By the Light of the beginning that you might plot your graph, that you might plot your movement, even in Line with that, which is from the beginning, even when line with that, which is the light of the beginning, that you might no longer even be carried away even by the things that are the plots of the heads, even the things that are the plot Under the Sun, but you might even charge your cause charge your cause charge.

Your cause touch your cause plot, your graph in the line of the beginning, light beginning light, beginning light is being brought to you.

It's been brought to you even that you might walk there.

Serious God am, I see you next time, God bless you, foreign

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