Hey guys happy friday wearing jeans boots, it is a rainy, cold day.

Hey here's, my girl blondie, so you saw my nurse friend outside anyway, I'm in the office.

Now I have a couple of things to do and we will get started on friday.

I want to talk to you about a full month on carnivore my results.

What my plans are moving forward.

I did speak to my doctor yesterday, so we have a plan, so I want to go over that with you.

I will see you in just a little bit just another sunny day.

Don't let them transform it's.

The only place is hey guys.

It's lunchtime and I am out picking up myself a bottle of water over here at wegmans around the corner from my job uh and while I'm here I figured.

I would talk to you briefly, because once I get inside work, it's so hard to talk.

So today officially marks my 30 days on carnivore yay, and I wanted to talk to you about it.

I did have a consultation with my doctor the other day, so I knew exactly today at this point.

What the plan was going to be for me right now, where we're at is uh that I feel really good.

I feel like I'm balanced, I feel motivated, I feel just a whole bunch of things, and I wanted to talk to you about that so carnivore after 30 days, I honestly didn't think or I kind of wanted to, but I didn't think that I was even gonna make it this far.

Who knew that I could do this for 30 days.

I have never done it before.

I've, never just eaten meat, never um, but what I did find after 30 days is that I felt really good.

I felt no sugar cravings.

I had not one episode of binging, I slept well, I um I just was able to be very productive, very serene in the beginning.

It was a little weird right away.

The appetite went away, and I guess because optivia is, is a state of ketosis and carnivore puts you in a very deep state of ketosis.

My body didn't have a huge transition period, which was really nice because most people, when they eat just a regular standard american diet and they switch over to carnivore.

It is it's a shock to the body.

So what I learned about myself is that I may not be as far on the wrong side of being fat, adapted as I thought my body went right into it very quickly immediately had a lot of fluid loss, which is normal, but I have to tell you like I, I never think of food.

It's very strange.

I get messages a lot about.

Please show what you eat in a day and, to be honest, there's really not that much to show you like if I eat some eggs and bacon in the morning, I may have a steak later may have some hamburger later, but that's like it there's not a lot of content to show you.

I tell a lot of people to follow dr ken berry here on youtube, because he has so many videos um.

He is a carnivore.

I call him a specialist because I think he is so knowledgeable talks about the the fiber thing, because a lot of people were asking about fiber and if I'm not having vegetables, but remember guys, this was just a 30-day um.

I guess reboot for my body for my metabolism.

My calories were very high.

Now coming off of optivia, my calories were maybe like a thousand to eleven hundred a day on a good day, um on carnivore, I was well over 2 000 calories and because, when you eat healthy fat and you eat fatty cuts of meat and eggs and all of those things, bacon, uh ghee oil, whatever there's a lot of calories, it's very nutrient dense.

So at first I was kind of nervous because I thought I was just gonna pack weight on, but obviously the opposite happened.

Um I did lose 16.8 pounds total in 30 days.

16.8 I mean I'm sure most of it, or at least I would say more than half was body fat because I could tell in my clothes uh the other portion was likely.

The water dump that you get uh but, like my rings, like everything, fits good.

My bras fit better.

My clothes fit better, I feel better, which is the most important part, because a lot of people were, you know, with the weight loss piece that that's a side effect, but I really just wanted to refresh my body get the sugar cravings out and, most importantly, cure.

The binging I didn't have a binge.

I didn't have one binge wasn't tempted to binge felt.

Satiated satisfied.

I was like the last 30 days have just been great.

I've had a lot of stressful moments, as you know, if you follow me on on my facebook group and on instagram with the house hunting scenario, but I I never went to food with those emotions like when you're not hungry.

It's like you, don't turn to food.

I can't explain it.

I mean I wasn't like an addict, but I kind of was because it was becoming a repetitive pattern, and that was something that I was really scared of, because that was that's an eating disorder.

This has worked a miracle like it's a miracle and there's a piece of me that is almost hesitant to stop, but um.

We have decided that at my age and what I'm doing um is also a little bit stressful on the body um.

So what I think I'm gonna start to do is incorporate some vegetables, keep in mind, I'm doing lower carb ones, so asparagus leafy greens, cucumbers, you know um did I miss them? No, it's so weird like truly when you're, not hungry, you don't miss it.

But on occasion I was like.

I really want a salad um, and that was just in the mind like I wasn't.

It wasn't a need I did enjoy having you know, rolled up salami and um, those little sausages that I was eating with my eggs in the morning and bacon and bacon cheeseburgers and like all of those things, and to think how many calories like one of those uh wendy's baconators, is over 500 calories and sometimes I ate two a day plus eggs plus all that other stuff, like I was my calories were sky high.

So my metabolism, right now, according to the doctor, is at such a good place.

So I really don't want to jar my uh metabolism back down again so um.

What we're gonna do is kind of that keto-ish macro plant, so we're gonna.

Have you know the healthy fats gonna have a little bit of carbs, healthy ones, uh and a little bit of fat um, but I'm very in tune to the intuitive eating throughout the 30 days.

I didn't track at all.

Didn't track, didn't count, didn't it was so freeing you guys, freeing, even if that's like I wish I could pick a better word going about your day and eating.

Only when you're hungry is, I guess, the way we're supposed to eat.

But when you have dieted almost all of your adult life, you don't realize what you're missing, like counting and tracking and eating with an alarm clock and all of that that's stressful, not saying it doesn't work, but it's stressful and at my age I'm going to be 53 very soon, and I just I really need to get us to a place in life where I can just enjoy.

My life and that's kind of where we're at so anyway we're going to be, like, I said, incorporating more vegetables and I'll.

Let you know how it goes clearly you're going to know, because you know I always keep in touch with you guess that's really all I wanted to say um if I have anything else to say: you'll see it before the end of this video, but I gotta get inside and get you know a couple of uh bottles of water and head out for the rest of my afternoon.

I gotta get back to work so anyway, I'll see you.



Since I don't know my weight when I began, I can only go off the highest weight I saw on the scale which was 154. At the end of 30-days, I'm at 143.7! I've lost 10-lbs, I'm no longer puffy, and I feel great in so many ways! I was losing 2 lbs a week for the last 3-weeks.

How much weight can you lose on the carnivore diet in 30 days? ›

Since I don't know my weight when I began, I can only go off the highest weight I saw on the scale which was 154. At the end of 30-days, I'm at 143.7! I've lost 10-lbs, I'm no longer puffy, and I feel great in so many ways! I was losing 2 lbs a week for the last 3-weeks.

What was the result of the 30 day carnivore? ›

Sometime around 3 weeks, most people tend to see a slight decrease in the rate at which they lose excess fat. This is due to the body lowering its metabolism in response to a calorie deficit. Day 30 onwards: Around day 30, you'll feel as though you have mucj more control over your diet, your appetite and your cravings.

How long does it take to see results from the carnivore diet? ›

this obviously varies from person to person - your starting body fat percentage, your metabolism, your activity level, and your diet all influence how quickly you see results. For some, you'll see noticeable changes in the mirror and on the scale after 2-4 weeks. For others, it can take beyond a month.

How much did Joe Rogan lose on carnivore diet? ›

"A lot of people made fun of me, fat-shamed me" - When Joe Rogan showed off incredible body transformation after losing 12 pounds following carnivore diet.

Will I lose belly fat on carnivore diet? ›

While the carnivore diet may be a fast and easy way to lose belly fat, it's designed for many other benefits too.

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