April Holidays and Observances In 2022: See What's Celebrated (2023)

– April Holidays –

We’ve compiled a list of every April holidays and observance in 2022. It’s time to start planning all of your celebrations!

With the arrival of spring, this month brings a slew of festivals and observances centered on health, food, the arts and literature, and community service.

April Fools’ Day kicks off the month with a full day of pranks, while Earth Day, on April 22nd, will bring the month to a close.

Autism Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month, Fair Housing Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month are among the month-long observances that commemorate diverse identities and experiences.

April Holidays 2022


1. April Fool’s Day

2. Edible Book Day

3. Fossil Fools Day

4. International Fun at Work Day

5. Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

6. National One Cent Day

7. National Sourdough Bread Day

8. Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action

9. Walk to Work Day

Holidays In April


10. World Autism Awareness Day

11. National Children’s Picture Book Day

12. International Fact-Checking Day

13. National Ferret Day

14. National Handmade Day

15. National Love Our Children Day

16. National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

17. Ramadan


18. National Chocolate Mousse Day

19. National Film Score Day

20. National Find a Rainbow Day

21. National Geologists Day

22. World Party Day

23. National Tweed Day


24. National Anime Day

25. International Carrot Day

26. National Cordon Bleu Day

27. National Laundry Day

28. National Vitamin C Day

29. National Walk Around Things Day


30. National Deep Dish Pizza Day

31. National Caramel Day

32. First Contact Day

33. National Flash Drive Day

34. Go For Broke Day

35. National Library Workers Day

36. Qingming Festival

37. Read a Road Map Day


38. National Acai Bowl Day

39. New Beer‘s Eve

40. Plan Your Epitaph Day

41. Day of Hope

42. National Siamese Cat

43. National Sorry Charlie Day

44. National Student-Athlete Day

45. National Tartan Day

46. National Teflon Day

47. National Walking Day


48. National Alcohol Screening Day

49. National Beer Day

50. National Burrito Day

51. National Girl Me Too Day

52. World Health Day

53. National No Housework Day


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54. National All Is Ours Day

55. National Empanada Day

56. National Zoo Lovers Day


57. National Cherish an Antique Day

58. National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

59. National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

60. National Name Yourself Day

61. National Unicorn Day

62. Vimy Ridge Day

63. National Winston Churchill Day


64. National Cinnamon Crescent Day

65. National Encourage a Young Writer Day

66. National Farm Animals Day

67. National Hug Your Dog Day

68. Palm Sunday

69. Ram Navani

70. National Siblings Day


71. National Barbershop Quartet Day

72. National Cheese Fondue Day

73. Education and Sharing Day

74. National Eight Track Tape Day

75. National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

76. National Pet Day

77. National Submarine Day


78. International Be Kind to Lawyers Day

79. National Big Wind Day

80. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

81. National Licorice Day

82. Yuri’s Night


83. National Make Lunch Count Day

84. National Peach Cobbler Day

85. National Scrabble Day

86. Thomas Jefferson Day


87. National Dolphin Day

88. National Ex-Spouse Day

89. National Gardening Day

90. Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday)

91. National Look Up at the Sky Day

92. International Moment of Laughter Day

93. National Pecan Day

94. National Reach as High as You Can Day


95. National Anime Day

96. National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

97. Good Friday

98. Jackie Robinson Day

99. National Laundry Day

100. Passover

101. National Rubber Eraser Day

102. Take a Wild Guess Day

103. Titanic Remembrance Day


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104. National Bean Counter Day

105. National Eggs Benedict Day

106. Husband Appreciation Day

107. National Librarian Day

108. National Orchid Day

109. Selena Day


110. International Bat Appreciation Day

111. Easter

112. National Cheese Ball Day

113. International Haiku Poetry Day


114. Adult Autism Awareness Day

115. National Animal Crackers Day

116. Easter Monday

117. National Lineman Appreciation Day

118. Tax Day

119. National Velociraptor Awareness Day


120. National Garlic Day

121. Wear Pajamas to Work Day


122. 420

123. National Banana Day

124. National Cheddar Fries Day

125. Chinese Language Day

126. Lima Bean Respect Day

127. National Look-Alike Day

128. National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day


129. National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

130. National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day

131. National High Five Day

132. National Kindergarten Day

133. National Tea Day

134. Tiradentes Day

135. National Yellow Bat Day


136. Day of Silence

137. Earth Day

138. National Jellybean Day

139. Orthodox Good Friday


140. National Cherry Cheesecake Day

141. UN English Language Day

142. Impossible Astronaut Day

143. National Lost Dogs Awareness Day

144. National Lover’s Day

145. National Picnic Day

146. Shakespeare Day

147. St. George’s Day

148. Take a Chance Day

149. World Book Day


150. National Pet Parents Day

151. World Pinhole Photography Day

152. National Pigs In a Blanket Day

153. National Skipping Day


154. Anzac Day

155. National DNA Day

156. National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

157. National Hug a Plumber Day

158. National Liberation Day

159. National Lingerie Day

160. World Malaria Day

161. National Zucchini Bread Day

162. National Telephone Day


163. Audubon Day

164. National Dissertation Day

165. Get Organized Day

166. National Help a Horse Day

167. National Pretzel Day

168. Richter Scale Day


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169. Administrative Professionals Day

170. Babe Ruth Day

171. National Devil Dog Day

172. International Guide Dog Day

173. National Prime Rib Day

174. National Tell a Story Day

175. Yom HaShoah


176. National Blueberry Pie Day

177. National Bravehearts Day

178. Denim Day

179. Great Poetry Reading Day

180. National Kids and Pets Day

181. Stop Food Waste Day

182. National Superhero Day

183. Take Our Daughters to Work Day

184. Take Our Kids to Work Day

185. Workers’ Memorial Day


186. National Arbor Day

187. International Dance Day

188. National Hairball Awareness Day

189. National Peace Rose Day

190. National Rugelach Day

191. National Shrimp Scampi Day

192. National Zipper Day


193. National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

194. National Bubble Tea Day

195. National Bugs Bunny Day

196. Honesty Day

197. National Kiss of Hope Day

198. International Jazz Day

199. National Military Brat Day

200. National Oatmeal Cookie Day

201. National Raisin Day

202. National Rebuilding Day

203. National Sarcoidosis Day

204. National Sense of Smell Day

Weekly Holidays and Observances

1. National Library Week (April 1-7, 2022)

2. Testicular Cancer Awareness Week (April 1-7, 2022)

3. National Public Health Week (April 4-10, 2022)

4. National Window Safety Week (April 4-10, 2022)

5. National Student Employment Week (April 5-11, 2022)

6. National Wildlife Week (April 5-11, 2022)

7. Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week (April 10-16, 2022)

8. National Dog Bite Prevention Week (April 10-16, 2022)

9. National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (April 10-16, 2022)

10. Holy Week (April 10-17, 2022)

11. National Workzone Awareness Week (April 11-17, 2022)

12. Undergraduate Research Week (April 19-25, 2022)

13. Every Kid Healthy Week (April 25-29, 2022)

14. National Infant Immunization Week (April 25-May 2, 2022)

Monthly Holidays and Observances

1. National Alcohol Awareness Month

2. Canine Fitness Month

3. Child Abuse Awareness Month

4. Couple Appreciation Month

5. National Decorating Month

6. Distracted Driving Awareness Month

7. Fair Housing Month

8. Financial Literacy Month

9. National Fresh Celery Month

10. National Garden Month

11. International Guitar Month

12. National Month of Hope

13. National Humor Month

14. IBS Month

15. National Internship Awareness Month

16. Jazz Appreciation Month

17. Keep America Beautiful Month

18. Month of the Military Child

19. Move More Month

20. National Multiple Birth Awareness Month

21. Parkinson’s Awareness Month

22. National Pecan Month

23. National Poetry Month

24. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

25. Records and Information Management Month

26. Scottish-American Heritage Month

27. Sexual Assault Awareness Month

28. National Soft Pretzel Month

29. National Soy Foods Month

30. Stress Awareness Month

31. Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

32. National Volunteer Month

FAQs about April Holidays

Below are frequently asked questions about April holidays

1. What holiday is celebrated in April?

This year, Ramadan, Easter and Passover are the main major holidays occurring in April. Ramadan begins on the evening of Friday, April 1, 2022, and ends on the evening of Sunday, May 1, 2022. Easter falls on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

2. What events are in April?

▸ Global Astronomy Month.

▸ International Guitar Month.

▸ Keep America Beautiful Month.

▸ Lawn and Garden Month.

▸ National Card and Letter Writing Month.

▸ National Frog Month.

▸ National Humor Month.

▸ National Kite Month.

3. What is celebrated April 4th?

April 4th also marks National Hug a Newsperson Day and National Walking Day.

4. Is Easter always in April?

Easter’s exact date may seem arbitrary, but it’s always on the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, and that can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25.

5. What is celebrated on 3rd April?

April 3 is World Party Day. Also known as P Day, it is an annually celebrated unofficial holiday that aims to achieve social change and harmony by encouraging people to celebrate life by partying. Party for social change on World Party Day

6. What is celebrated on April 23?

National English Muffin Day. National Lost Dog Awareness Day. National Picnic Day. Orthodox Holy Saturday – April 23, 2022.

7. What is celebrated April 5?

National Dandelion Day. National Deep Dish Pizza Day. National Flash Drive Day. National Library Day – April 5, 2022 (Tuesday of National Library Week)

8. What National day is April 27?

On April 27, baseball fans around the country honor one of baseball’s all-time greatest players on National Babe Ruth Day.

9. Which day is celebrated on 12 April?

The United Nations (UN) celebrates the International Day of Human Space Flight on April 12 each year. The day remembers the first human space flight on April 12, 1961. Statue of Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first cosmonaut to have travelled in outer space.

10. What determines Easter Sunday?

The simple standard definition of Easter is that it is the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. If the full Moon falls on a Sunday then Easter is the next Sunday.

11. What is the rarest date for Easter?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, which looked at Easter dates between 1600 and 2099, the rarest date for Easter is March 24. Within those nearly 500 years, the holiday occurs only twice on that date.

12. What National day is the 24 of April?

National Pigs in a Blanket Day

A holiday celebrating one of our favorite comfort foods — pork sausage (or hotdogs) baked in pastry.

13. What National day is April 7th?

National Beer Day on April 7th annually, recognizes the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Following water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall.

One of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, beer possibly dates back to 9500 BC when cereal was first farmed.

14. What National day is April 20th?

▸ 420 Day

▸ National Look Alike Day

▸ National Banana Day

▸ National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day

▸ National Cheddar Fries Day

▸ National Lima Bean Respect Day.

15. Is April 26 a special day?

▸ National Help a Horse Day

▸ National Kids and Pets Day

▸ National Pretzel Day

▸ National Static Cling Day.

We hope this article on the April holidays has been enlightening. Please share this article with family and friends.

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