A Global F!ckn Superstar Feat. Julia Ann (2024)


Adult Film Super Star Julia Ann joins The Sauce this week! Kenzie and Julia discuss longevity in the Adult Film Industry, her passion for rescuing animals, some of her wildest scenes over her career and more!

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Hey everybody.

This is Julia, Ann and you're, watching the sauce with Kenzie Taylor.

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Anyhow, it's one of their sites and it's basically, they take the white woman and they put her in the room full of militant suit wearing black panther style.

Behavior like this is what they are group of black men and they're like and then it's basically, the white woman's gon na get just you know, face [, __, ] and they're gon na come all over her and stuff.

Like that, no it wasn't.

Even it was all BJ, okay, a blow bang, but the name of it was either probing.

I don't.

I think it was the brother load done it twice.

So once wasn't enough anyhow, second time, I actually got railed.

Okay, the Latin black guys that are wanting to mess race play the white woman into like Oblivion yeah, because the black, the the white man is oppressed.

This is literally what was said, though, like it's not even making it up yeah and I felt like wow.

This is so awkward that I have to find a way to make it my own right yeah, so I started getting kind of silly with it and so, instead of like being like, Oh no, this isn't happening.

I was like I admit, the white.

The white man is like, and I totally went there and I was like I'll take it because it wasn't bad to you like I just I had to find a way to just like go with it and they're like okay, oh my god, when it was over.

They were just like you, you you you and I was like.

I don't know I topped from the bottom.

I don't know like I've, been told hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the sauce with Kenzie Taylor.

Today, my guest is a global, [, __ ] Superstar over here Julia Ann.

I know you hate that, but you really are you really are it's Julian everybody I every time it happens, people do it and it's only.

It just means.

I haven't left yeah.

It just means that no matter how many times I tried to kick me out, I didn't go yeah, so you've been in since 92.

Is that correct yeah? That's amazing! Yeah! That's really [ __ ] awesome.

I actually looked up.

I wanted to see your first awardee.

Everyone, it was a in avian Awards, 1994 best all-girl sex scene and the film was hidden obsessions me and Janine yeah yeah.

It was the first scene we ever did really yeah.

Oh that's hot um.

It was that we actually that's when we started.

We shot it in 92 mm-hmm because, as you know, if you shoot something towards the end of 92, it's not coming out to 93 yep.

So it's not up till 94., exactly right, yeah rewards.

So it was actually that yeah, oh wow.

It was a Andrew Blake movie, okay, so what was the first scene you ever shot in general? It was was that was it.

That was your very first game.

That was the first scene, wow yeah.

It was really amazing.

It was with uh, I still dose.

Okay, yeah, it was very cold yeah.

I was gon na say how cold was it.

It had a bucket of warm water there and um.

Really we didn't even sit in it.

We just kept sticking our hands in it because our hands, just the nerves on your hands, just can't, handle it and yeah the PA would run by and grab it out of our hands with a towel, because it was just uh, so freaking cold and they had Like uh five of them, I think it was sculpted and in the freezer, so every time we had to pick back up um, they would melt it down to like match where we left off.

So that way we had continuity wow, so they like really paid attention to every little thing.

Andrew lake is a cinematographer yeah, it's not it.

He wasn't really uh his stuff is.

It was like Andrew Blake and then Michael nin and uh Cameron Grant like they were big cinematographers, so everything was very um artistic and all shot on film and so well.

I guess the process is probably a lot different back then, as opposed to nowadays shooting on film and then now.

Just I mean you could even shoot on the phone if you want yeah, but the cameras ones are like amazing yeah right, I know the new iPhone.

It's it's really good um, but I guess uh.

What was the process like back then on set? I mean because they had catering and all these different things.

I need to hear about this.

Oh my gosh um.

You know it's almost an unfair kind of representation because Andrew Blake uh being he not a lot of directors, even back then directed that uh God.

It was like film like more of a Noir yeah, it didn't it.

Everybody else is shooting, like you know, just movies.

Yeah but but tis was not, it was stylized um.

Sometimes it was without any words at all um everything was almost talked through, so you knew everything that he was doing.

You know he'd, be like I'm panning down to your feet.

I'M panning up towards he'd call it the Fifi and um yeah, so everything was very slow, methodically kind of planned out uh.

You know pivot.

This way, turn that, like everything, there was like a full crew.

So this is like my beginning: right, yeah um.

Yes, there was catering, we had wardrobe and the Wardrobe were these French women who came in with all this latex and they would uh powder you down, and so they can get the latex on you.

Then they would clean it up, and then they would then oil up the lay tags or whatever it was.

They used to shine it after they had.

I mean everything and it one would be like pushing your boob back with one hand and the other one was pulling the lake, oh God, and it took a lot like yeah.

It was like no joke, it wasn't like.

Oh, I got this latex dress and I got it out.

No, it took two people yeah yeah.

It gets you into the Wardrobe like it was not they weren't playing and the hair and makeup it.

You know it was the three hour hair and makeup because it was rollers and it was like it's everything's, very substantial everything.

Everything was done: 110 percent um there wasn't any cutting corners and there wasn't a lot of cutting in General.

On, like actual filming correct, I mean there was a lot of cutting.

Oh, there is okay, it's very positioned.

Okay, it's very positioned! So there's no uh, there's no transitions, it's just cut cut cut and then they put it all together.

They I mean.

However, he wanted it, you know because yeah you'd be one minute, he'd be panning up and then it might dissolve into something else.

Yeah got it.

Yeah he's definitely uh.

I know he's someone that Seth looks up to so.

I've never watched his stuff, but I heard it's incredible like it's very stylized, yeah yeah, it's not it's! What some people it's erotica yeah! It's like it's old-fashioned, like yeah, um erotica, so you know the girls would be.

He did like latex a lot.

The girls would wear the like, the ballet heels.

Have you ever put those on I've never put them on, but I've seen them.

They look uncomfortable painful, yeah, shockingly painful.

I I had them on one time and I I think he actually ended up putting it on somebody else, because I was like I can't possibly I can't stand yeah.

I could not get a grip on them.

Yeah, they just went working for my feet and I I just couldn't: do it uh physically, they look painful, no joke, no joke so fast forwarding to um.

You know a little bit further on when it came to like the year 2000.

What was that like for you in your career at that time? Close, I 30 something um.

It comes with Wicked okay.

I think it was a contract actress For The Wicked at the time.

Okay, if I remember correctly uh somewhere in there, so you did x amount of scenes per month.

Xmas uh movies per year movies per year got it yeah.

It was movies per year, so I was contacted for x amount of movies per year.

Um and with that came you know like uh days like let's say AVN days, you know where you would appear so you had appearance days involved and and such like that so yeah um.

I did that for a while uh I was originally Vivid contract and then uh.

I went to uh Wicked contract after a very, very, very short step with Digital Playground.

I contracted with them, and I it was me and Tara, Patrick and I just did not Jive with what how they wanted to shoot like it was.

It was like gorilla shooting, you know, and I didn't want to go somewhere, that we weren't welcome and shoot some place where we could get caught and then people get mad, and I I just I'm not built like that like I want to go somewhere where I Know everybody's on the same page and we have the rights to be in this person's home and also too you're.

If you're, you know, you're coming from Vivid and you're coming from erotic and beautiful and glamorous and then trying to be transferred into that.

I mean that is like a different world right and and while, while they produce pretty looking stuff right like Pirates and all that which I think they got in trouble for the pirate ship right, I I I just I couldn't get behind uh uh, like being in Europe and being like, Oh, we got ta run out of this house because the wife came home and she doesn't know we're here like so now.

We're running out the back door right, yeah and like like what's happening or we go to freaking Hawaii and it's me and Tara and uh male talent and we're we go and we're like hiking in a in a monks Resort.

And then it's like.

Okay, we're gon na shoot in the in the waterfall.

I'M like freaking monk like yeah like this is like a spiritual dude like yeah.

This is like a sanctuary happening, so I was like.

I don't think I can do this anymore and I remember I came back from Europe and they pulled me in my they pulled my agent in they were, like you know, just she just act like she doesn't want to be here and he goes funny.

You should mention it because she doesn't want to be here like I got, ta go um, I I want to be comfortable and I don't want to upset anybody, and I - and I certainly don't even buddy, being mad at me, because I'm shooting in their house, like Yeah yeah, you stressed that's not right.

What would you say? Um was the difference as opposed to you know being with Vivid and then being with Wicked, like if you had to compare those experiences, what was the biggest difference? You think uh it's hard to say.

I think the biggest difference was my age yeah yeah, because I was 20.

I think it said you were 26 when you started or 25.

It was like 23.

When I started.

Oh really.

Okay and the internet lies yeah yeah.

Let me think yeah, let's be like 23 or 20 yeah.

It would have to be because I'm 53 right so, but it had to been 23.

so in any way um.

They may not take in the fact that we shot it, though in 92 and it didn't get released to 94., got it or sorry didn't release 1093, and it was up for Awards in 94., so maybe they're taking that in to like possibly yeah after you.

Just so you know, if you wan na, I tell them you're wrong anyway.

Anyhow, I can't even fight with Wikipedia like I they put in there, that I was a Penthouse Pet and I went in and I was like I'm not a Penthouse Pet and I changed it and then somebody put back in there.

I know for a fact she was a Penthouse Pet and they put it in and I was like I um anyhow uh yeah, so yeah.

I think age really um, because yeah you're in your early 20s and you're feeling it mid-20s you're, feeling it you're dating people making bad decisions and uh that affect your career and then in your 30s.

I think you become a little bit more like I'm, I'm I'm here like what are we doing like I'm 32., exactly we got stuff to do right.

You guys have to do yeah um, let's get this set going and what are we shooting? So I think that there's a little bit of a, I think that that's probably the biggest difference: okay yeah, because the companies in themselves, Vivid versus wicked, I mean they had similar shooting Styles um.

I think, as far as like signings go and things like that, like AVN, I think the difference was Vivid, wanted to um put their girls on a pillar right, so they seemed almost unreachable and then I think wicked's thought was sort of like to do the opposite, Which is sort of put him ground level like in signing, so that we were approachable, so there might have been a difference in the feel of the company where one wanted us to see like oh and the other one was like Hey.

I feel like from what you're sharing like with Vivid it was like.

There was more mystique and you're like a little bit more Untouchable yeah in a way yeah, because I mean, if you're, even if you're, comparing that to now I mean everything is attainable.

Yes, like Beyond everything, is attainable a lot of immediate gratification, yeah problem yeah.

It's it's a lot different, that's for sure yeah.

So what about um? The award shows, because I heard that you know back - then they were elaborate.


Oh, the AVM was so wonderful back.

Then I mean not for nothing, but you guys got to bring back the the bank quit like.

We had dinner tables and everything you know the it was like a full-on dinner and they brought you, you know what would you like? Do you want this or then we got? You know chicken or prime rib or whatever it was, and, and there was the full like uh hors d'oeuvre table I mean it was really really nice big round tables white linens and it was really fun now they're like do you want a box of popcorn, while You starve outside of the show.

No, I don't want popcorn anything machine around here.

I wish they would bring that back.


I felt the shift.

There was one year that it had all.

The talent was like on this bottom floor and then above in the higher seats around like the balcony seats were like all the fans and stuff like that, and I remember being on the floor going.

I feel like we're in a Roman Coliseum and they're about ready to unleash the Lions and the Tigers and we're on the floor and all the people above are gon na watch.

The show I mean it felt very weird, and I and I thought I don't.

I don't want to be the entertainment like this right now like it feels awkward, yeah um.

I liked it better when we were all like running back and forth from table to table and sitting and talking and eating, and I feel like it was.

I don't know if it was because the budget was higher or if it was just.

I don't know different with the the venues back then or something I don't know.

The way that these hotels are set up is weird like now this year they had it and it was literally like Movie Theater seating, so everybody's getting up to you know, accept an award on stage and then excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, got ta get by Excuse me yeah, it was, and then they understood they had the fat, they had people up in the top, and I was like do we not realize that I think putting performers up in an area where you're, just with possibly fans that are like, are a little Bit, maybe too um listen.

I got, I must say it like.

No, you can say anything.

You want fans if I were ended up sitting next to or up there I would feel very unsafe yeah and I feel like that's sort of awkward yeah.

I mean you're.

There's nothing wrong with you saying that, because that is real just so everybody knows like there's.

Not only do we deal with amazing fans that are kind and get us generous gifts and they're nice to us and all that stuff, they're respectful travel to come, see us all of that stuff, there's something we also do yeah.

We also deal with the ones.

Follow you back to your hotel room.

Stop you in the hotel lobby, follow you around in general, stalk, you around the convention try to wait in line a million times just yeah.

I don't like there's so many things like I've.

Had the whole kidnap, you tie you up, throw you in the back of car conversation yeah in the trunk of my car and I'm like dude.

What, if I end up sitting like I don't want to be up there, like I don't yeah.

Why is that a thing? So yeah, that's okay! What do you think? What do you think I mean? Obviously you've done like over a thousand scenes.

So if you had to think of something offhand that was like just the craziest most wild experience or scene that you did, what would you say that was in your time that I've done anything I mean, I think, about wild yeah.

Okay, I was actually talking about this the other day because there's always every generation.

That's new in this industry starts talking about that.

You know.

Oh things are changes so aggressive now, I'm like I don't know like.

I don't think you know like.

I remember when Rob black came in and was like, you know had sex with, I don't know who it was Jenna Haze.

I don't know he did sort of see with somebody.

I can't remember who it was and Quasar, and I were talking about it and then after they all used and abuse this girl in this, which consensually um after they do all this stuff.

With this girl who's in a wheelchair, they put her back in her wheelchair and then push it into the pool for her to drown.

I mean like she's dude, I'm saying so like when I hear eventually yeah it was in the script um.

It was on the calendar, it hasn't happened, so I he got in trouble, though, for the stuff he did yeah he did but but um, I don't.

When I think about what crazy is I go? Oh God have I really done anything crazy.

I mean, I don't think I have anything I I did uh gang banged.

I did do some dark fart stuff, though that was pretty freaking off the cuff, like and admittedly the director.

I Adore You, Mr Watson, he uh.

At the same time, we did a whole week of stuff and then on the last day he was like okay, so the last scene, I've haven't told you about yet um for a reason I was like wow did you just admit to like holding back me being Here doing my having my makeup done and everything and then going hanko, I told you um, he was like yes, I go kind of admire that that you admitted it like yeah, not that you did it but like that, you had just admitted you on your [ __ ] yeah yeah, I'm like kind of impressive, so um he was like yeah.

So it's it's it's a probing.

I don't think it's the mother lode.

Anyhow, it's one of their sites and it's basically, they take the white woman yeah and they put her in the room full of militant suit wearing black panther style.

Behavior like this is what they are: a group of black men like yeah and they're like and then it's basically the white woman's gon na get just you know: um face [, __, ] and they're gon na come all over her and stuff.

Like that.

No, it wasn't.

Even it was all BJ.

Okay, a blow bang.

It was, but I don't know if it was broke, it's called either brobang or motherload.

It was one of them and I can't remember which one no, but that other scenes called the Brotherhood.

No, I know yeah yeah, but the name of it was either probing.

I don't, I think it was the brother load.

Maybe Sarah can look that up.

I think she's looking it up, okay, so Chris stream shot one of me, but that was different and then dog farts would have either been brother load or bro bring one of them.

I'M confused.

I've done it twice.

So once was it enough anyhow, second time I actually got railed okay, it was not second time I came into it.

Okay, sorry! So no! No! No! No! No! It would have been in the 2000s, so uh anyhow, they were very militant and they had a whole thing, a whole little speech that they just lined up, and I remember that they took the director, took this pillow and put it on the ground in in front Of all of them - and I was like this - I am not getting on that pillow now I don't care how much spoons you want to throw at me.

I know that pillow's never been cleaned a day in its life.


Okay, like I knew every girl in the history of that site, kneeled on that pillow like put a black light on that thing, and it's gon na look: no crazy, nothing's, not okay, so I looked at it and I went like oh yeah for real, like you Need to put a blanket or something happening over this situation yeah, so that was where I drew the line.

Okay, I didn't draw the line at the militant black guys that are wanting to mess race play the white woman into like Oblivion yeah, because the black, the the white man is oppressed.

This is literally what was said, though, like it's not even making it up.

Yeah and I felt like wow, this is so awkward um that I have to find a way to make it my own right, so I started getting kind of silly with it and so, instead of like being like, Oh no, this isn't happening.

I was like I admit, the white, the white man is like and I totally went there and I was like all taken because the white ass and daddy, like I just I had to find a way to just like go with it and they're, like they probably Loved it at that point, they're, like oh, my God, oh my god, when it was over, they were just like you, you you and I was like.

I don't know I topped from the bottom.

I don't know like I've been told.

So if you had to um think in your head of how many like blow bangs or gangbangs, you've done in your entire Spanish, how many no I've done, how many constitute is a as a bang um.

I think if it's more it's if it's more than three, so if it's like four or five six Beyond so there was a [ __ ] when, where I think that there was four or five around me, but it was just a smaller part of a a Larger scene that might have been an orgy.

Yes, it was a big boob or a G by Zero Tolerance.

A quasar shot, I was just about to say, did my Quasar director? Did there were so many of us in there um? It was terrifying.

How many it was like Phoenix and and francescalay and like oh, we were all in it um in any case uh.

I think there was.

If I remember correctly, there was like a little uh [ __ ] thing in the beginning, unless that was a different scene.

Same location, this happens yep um porn foggy.

If you count the beginning of a larger scene, then you're looking at maybe three blow bangs, then yeah, two of them one was the other bro bang one was the other, is the brother load.

I don't know which and then that that one and then there's been orgies, one gang bang.

Have you done a DP yeah yeah? Have you done a showcase before as well? I did gang banged and gangbanged was elegant.

Mason's yeah Mason shot it for elegant and it was uh there's like two scenes in it, but really it's like whoever the main scene is and then there's like a second scene in on the video yeah um with someone else.

But you're like the the headliner or whatever yeah yeah, typically showcase, the the female is in all the scenes.

Yeah they're all different scenes.

I had.

I had Wicked, do one called Julia Ann hardcore and it was me doing a bunch of things that I'd never done.

Did you get to choose your talent for each of those yeah? That's awesome yeah, but that was fairly common.

I feel like nowadays, it's like you do have a say, but then you kind of don't because the the middle talent pool is very small.

Well, the other problem is, is that when you're Unleashed - which I would be niched right, so it's not like.

Oh so John Strong's not available.

Let's get Mark Wood, okay, markwood's not available.

Let's get James Dean, oh James, Dean's not available.

Let's get like you, don't have this thing: it's like, oh, Juan Loco is not available.

Who else looks like they're 12., like I, who else looks like they're 12 yeah for real, though you know, and then, if you're somebody like me who's like I draw the line at 18., they have to at least look 18.

I'M sorry yeah! I have to be the Scott, the the college stepmom we're not even doing High School, okay yeah and it's a little creepy yeah.

I can't do it so when they're, like hey, we work with so-and-so, I'm like yeah.

No, no yeah.

I've turned down a scene before with with a guy um, just because I was really freaked out by how young he looked.

Even I don't even care like yeah, you can be 21 but, like you use a new one, that's like a little blonde kid like when you look that young, it's just! No! It's returned into something that I don't like yeah it freaks me out too.

Even if it's a female I'm like it's just I don't know, I just think of them like.

I can't even put my mind to the mindset of the person, that's enjoying seeing something like that.

You know what I mean like why and I realized to some degree.

You know we're supposed to do a job, so you're hired to do it.

Yeah, yeah, okay, but our job is physical and if I am having to block out the person that I'm doing the scene with like legit yeah, not being like all right you're, not my favorite person to work with, but you're benign, I'm cool, but to actually have To block it out to some degree yeah or to find a way to be okay makes it not fun, makes it Beyond not not enjoyable, not fun, it makes it icky yeah, I mean actually icky like not even just like not fun, I mean I would actually Be like I'm just struggling yeah and I've only struggled one time like that, and the person actually was of my age.

So we were all in our like 30s, but there was something about the fact that they were having.

They were struggling getting hard and they were laying flat on their back on the floor because that's kind of where we were - and I was just sitting there - trying to like stroke him to get them, keep them hard or get them hard trying to help.

And it was just stayed flaccid which, after a while my brain kind of said God, I feel like I'm touching a kid like, because it was just like it.

He felt helpless to me and I had to let go.

I had to walk away and I had to never work with the person again yeah.

You should have got up to let his blood flow move around, but I I've had that happen before and um.

I will say like I'm not at this point now, but I was at this point mentally when it happened.

I'M like, oh, my God, am I disgusting.

What did I do? Am I not attractive? Do I need to? Did I forget to shave my legs what's happening? Like I don't know right, I'm like checking my [ __ ], I'm like am I bleeding.

I don't know, what's going on right, but yeah, I don't have a sponge in here yeah.

You have no excuses.

I just want to make sure yeah exactly yeah, but when they're mentally, like that, you start feeling like you're babysitting - and I was just like this - is weird like I'm starting to actually feel like I'm fondling somebody who's, not pubed yeah, and I had to walk away.

Yeah I yeah I was like we I'll.

I can never work with you again like I, I can't because now I have that yeah, that's what I have in my brain and that's not.

Okay, everyone definitely um.

I think, obviously both for male and female and and non-binary um.

Everyone has to be completely aware mentally of what you're doing what you're saying, what you're agreeing to do for a scene, because I will say like going on set and then somebody ends up reading the script while they're there and they're.

Like oh, do this.

It's like.

We got the script mailed to us like a week ago.

Hey you have no choice.

Yeah I mean you have a choice.

You can leave, I mean yeah, but but the but the producer director are limited in Choice, exactly yeah exactly.

But you know what you know where that comes from, unless they're self-booking, then you've got agents aren't give necessarily.

Sometimes I'm not going to say all the time, but sometimes they sit on stuff yeah and they give it to you at the last minute because they wanted to rewrite it their way or they wanted to do some stuff.

And now you have it the day before and then you go to set and you're like I don't unders.

I just got this and they're like, but we gave it to your agent a week ago or two weeks ago and then okay yeah great, it's awesome.

Thank you, and that has happened to me and then there's times that the company still don't uh, get it and now uh with the difference in the way people are shooting scenes like these ad scenes or these free use scenes.

I can't um.

I think that sometimes, if you've got a bigger company, that's overseeing the production company they're, not getting the script to the production company necessarily fast enough yeah and the production company has their hands tied, trying to get it done into people as fast as possible.

So, there's all these ways that that is happening, but yeah um.

How would you say, like you know, obviously from the beginning of your career and then up until now? How have you been able to successfully maintain your longevity because as a female performer like you're? Definitely, I'm not just saying this because you're here you're definitely one of the women that, like I look up to in this industry, because you're you're smart as hell.

Obviously, if it's beautiful but you're smart as hell and like you, really actually care about more things than just like [ __ ], like you're, a huge advocate for animal rights and rescuing animals, which I think is so amazing, but just many other things.

But I will say like to be able to maintain the longevity.

Like you have it's, not a lot of people have been able to do.


I mean it's.

There's no plan.


Are you just kind of just you just here continue to go with the flow to work like it's just a plan yeah go to work.

Yeah, like I know, some people have been like you know, there's people performers that have been around for a little bit but and they have pity parties because they're, like I don't understand, you know why I don't get this or that and the other thing and I'm Like and you do, and I'm like I just don't leave like honestly like I just haven't, left try not leaving like I that's what I've got.

You know.

Longevity is that you're still here like yeah and you've not and that you still are working enough.

That you're satisfied like that's just long, diving now, I'm not really shooting for outside companies.

I'M now doing the only fans thing my website which I've had since I was like 28, and so I I am just doing for myself and that's fine um, but longevity is just not leaving, which is upsetting.

When I hear people get told that there's no such thing as longevity in the business anymore, because longevity is literally you're, just not leaving yeah and you're just maintaining good relationships with people that they want to have you on set and that your fans like to buy Your stuff, like yeah, that's really all it is a lot of it is reputation.

So if you're respectful, you know, you're people will shoot you.

It especially show up on time.

If you show up on time and you're and you're nice to work with like at least 90 of the time, okay, everybody has their everybody has their days.

There are some people I guarantee who hate me, because I was on set that day and some came out of my mouth and because I was in a mood um absolutely, but for the most part, people also would be like.

Well, that's not typically her character.

Clearly, she wasn't feeling well clearly something's going on yeah.

You know uh, but yeah just show up and do your job and and develop friendships, because when stuff hits the fan, that's how you get by is that those people you rely on each other.

It's like having neighbors get to know your neighbors, because the [ __ ] hits the fan.

Your neighbors are the ones gon na, be the first people to give you a flashlight like so I don't know, I feel like that's.

That's how you stay.

You know you just I will say I think a lot of people kind of drop, the ball when they like announce via Twitter.

You know that they're retiring or they do like press releases and stuff and then six months later, a year later they come back or they say they're leaving and then they bash the industry and then two years later try to come back and it's like wait.

A second were you, the person that said [, __, ], porn's disgusting and ruined your life yeah.

But now you want to shoot.

I don't understand like right, so I think that that is is another thing.

What the industry may take you back? Okay, because here's the thing we all have things right, yeah, so I've been in a I've, been in abusive relationships where I left the industry, because the person was extremely abusive and they were like this is crap.

That's crap that crap everything's crap, so I left and I said I got ta - go because everything's crap and they would be like oh really everything's crab, and then you come back you're like okay, so everything's not really crap, but this person has been uh on me.

Yeah and I adopted some of that to survive, so I don't necessarily barely get mad at everybody.

Who does that? But here's the reality when you come back, you don't shoot you, but you've lost momentum.

Definitely you have lost momentum.

This is my I'm telling you this from personal experience.

You've lost momentum, you've also lost some Faith right and it takes a long time to get that Faith back from people if ever um, so it definitely can be detrimental.

I mean you want to retire out or say: you're retire to really fill your own retire.

Then, okay, but yeah I'd leave the negative stuff alone because that's the stuff it's hard to recover from even if you're feeling at that moment know that you may not feel it in 10 years.

So just keep that part to yourself yeah, because, unfortunately, a lot of the times you know you could say a million nice things, but one being a negative.

You know thing that you say everyone could remember that, but people do adopt quite often the energy of the people that they are surrounded by at the time and in order to survive you adopt it and you and you spew it.

So that way, those people will see that no, I agree with you.

I'M gon na leave so you'd be nice to me.

We have a new future and the next thing you know that future explodes and you're like, oh damn, because I never really meant that stuff.

Exactly like I just just trying to and now you've got to come back from that and everybody's like yeah.

Remember what you said and you're like I know, but I was getting my ass whooped right, yeah, yeah, yeah and you're like yeah.

I know you it's sorry, but not sorry, like no.

You got ta like clean up a bunch of [ __ ] on the side of your street.

It's true! It's true! It's hard! It's it's hard! I don't know.

I think that the biggest peeve I've got about everything going on right now is that we hold everybody to some sort of standard on social media that no human, no homo sapien can possibly live under yeah, like the Perfection that we expect from one another, and if God forbid, everybody has a different idea of what that Perfection is too.

So God forbid, you say or you do, that wrong thing and and it's like, oh, you wait but you're not perfect, so now you're in trouble and you're like wow.

We all expect so much yeah, no one's perfect, we're we're before social media yo we got to mess up like you, got to mess up, big and then learn and then and also people need to grow each other in their face.

Everybody would go face to face and talk.

It wouldn't be like hey at yy2257 [ __ ], you, you know what I mean like it was like: hey I'm on my way over to your house.

Later, I don't know, I'm a cord phone there's a couple things that happened recently.

That made me laugh what was it um? I was saying this the other day.

Oh okay, so a certain someone in our business got called out for having a relationship with a higher up in our business for all these years and no one well, not all of us knowing about it and then the person who was really who was cheated on And felt slighted um got in their vehicle.

This is why I love my generation, got in their vehicle drove to the business location and stood on the car with a bull horn, letting the entire neighborhood.

I know this.

Yes, I do notice.

I died too, but this is yeah.

But to me this is the difference between today's generation who's gon na go in there and go I'm gon na sub tweet you yeah and and and my generation will.

We will burn calories and gas to come to you, yeah, yeah, and, and there will be there - there will be more calories in some fashion um.

There will be consequences for your actions.

I'M telling you yeah and I had to laugh - and I was like that's that's how we did it yeah we do.

We throw chairs yeah like it's like a grill, we get up yeah, we go to you because the thing is a lot of the people.

That say, you know things or say someone says something shitty to you or about you and it's on social media.

You see that person.

You know in person.

Oh hi, I'm like wait a second.

What what's going on here or they avoid you at all living costs.

Yeah you're, like yeah, you should walk away yeah.

That would be embarrassed too, like I'm 53, like I have a different experience than you, you're gon na walk up and be like hi and I'm gon na go.

What are you cracked like? This will happen? It will come out of my mouth.

I've done this, let's not kid ourselves, we don't like each other.

Let's not pretend like well onto a happy subject is you're a huge advocate, for you know, animals, rights and adoption, and another thing that gets me enemies.

A lot of trouble, yeah, sometimes other, like people get very mad at me, because not everybody feels the way you do about animals Julie.

Well, then, why do they need to say anything? When did you decide you first, you know wanted to start doing things such as you know, uh, fostering and adoption, and all of that no idea.

You know.

I had a grandmother, though, that every neighborhood animal showed up or anything that was found, ended up there, which in hindsight is kind of thieving but yeah, but she had a whole Farm.

You know it's just that it was in Silver Lake in LA and but you know just the neighborhood cats.

The cats would just slowly accumulate dogs would accumulate.

You know at any, given time there's five: seven dogs.

There was five, seven cats.

You know she would feed neighbors like it just everything accumulated, so I always grew up in a house just full animals, and I think that that became my comfort zone um.

So, even later on, when I didn't really have my own anymore, like there was a period of time where I was kind of in a like living, you know you're young you're, living at Grandma's and and you're working and you can dating, and you don't really have You have her animals, you don't have really your own animals anymore, um.

You know I grew up.

Writing I grew up with horses.

I grew up with like all that and so there's a period of time I didn't and then it all started.

I was.

I was a house dancer at this place called Fritz, that's it in Bellflower, okay, yes, that's it Fritz, that's it and I uh was leaving one day and there were kittens at this house down the street and I was like there's kittens.

I don't understand.

There's a couple kittens then I saw another kid and I was like: oh my God, there's like three kittens, so I grabbed these kittens and I throw them in my car, I'm like what am I gon na do with these kittens, so I take them to a Vet and they're, like oh and they're infested, I'm telling you with there every their fur was moving.

Their ears had mites from top that could not cure.

The mites eventually had to start giving them injections because it was not from the outside in was not a thing.

Had to kill from the inside out um, but they were just a hot mess.

These three kittens.

It was two boys and a girl, and I I was young, I was like 20 ish, maybe, and I was like okay, so uh no.

I was 21.

yeah because I was working at Fritz, so um.

I took them home and I took him to a vet and 400 later, which now is a deal.

I'M just not gon na lie.

I could say I never get out of the event without a 400 bill.

So 400 later I was like yeah you're, my cats and I kept them, and I think that it was just that sort of thing.

You know that happened over time.

You know um just keeping yeah, I would pay.

I paid a.

There was a neighbor who kept their little dog on a leash outside and it was a little dog.

I'M like.

Are you crazy? So I was like I'll I'll give you.

I want your dog yeah and she was like well, I want 25 bucks for her and I was like okay you're like yeah.

That's exactly! Actually.

I gave her 30.

yeah, that's the thing.

You said that and she was like.


I didn't really want your money.

She'S, like I just wanted to make sure you really wanted her and I was like well.

No, I really want her and here's your thirty dollars.

Yeah yeah and I took her cinnamon Zuma had a nice long, life um, and I think it's just stuff like that.

Like you know, it bothered me yeah and then uh, let's see what was it.

There was a oh.

There was a performer in our industry that dumped their dog at Woodley and Roscoe in the middle of the night to get rid of her.

It was a 10 month old, Akita puppy by the name of Coco, and I found out because their own people in their camp called me.

This is probably when the the big spurt happened.

People in the camp called me and they were like he did this, and I was like what so I went down to the exact place and me and another uh person in our industry.

We know Miss Shelley, very tall, Shelly, okay and because I didn't want to get jumped, I said, will you come with me and will you help me put up Flyers everywhere and I did and the next morning I got a call so found the dog got.

The dog into rescue they found out the people who dumped.

I didn't put my number on it.

I put someone else's number on it because again, I didn't want to get jumped and when they found out, we found the dog they called and said.

We want our dog back only because they wanted to say face yeah and - and my girlfriend was like this: isn't your dog go [ __, ] yourself, yeah, and then we got threatened with the Beatdown of our lives and a bunch of other things, and this is Still a very um celebrated performer in our industry and uh.

Everybody just thinks he's so wonderful and I know the truth, because I got threats and I kept the phone, so I've forever kept that phone yeah with all of the stuff.

He said to me in it yeah and uh, so we got that dog in to rescue and when, when that happened, my girlfriend Who's involved in that set me a list, and the list said: there's 70 like it was like 75 Chihuahua mixes and Chihuahuas at the East Valley, shelter that are on the youth list and that's to be destroyed, and I was like well what do you want to do and she's like you want to go, get a couple.

We took out 13.


We took 13 with the help of a rescue because we had to have a rescue to back us, because I can't just walk into a shelter, be like give me.

13 dogs, yeah they'll, be like now girl.

It's a whole process.


I volunteered at a shelter before and yeah it's like a really strict process, usually yeah.

So East Valley Animal Shelter.

We went in, we pulled 13, mostly Chihuahua mixes uh.

I think there was like one Catahoula, hound and um and we fixed them up and we got them homes.

Some of them are still alive.

I mean this was a long time ago.

The Chihuahuas live forever.

I have one of my friends like her Chihuahua lived to be like 2013 right now, yeah, it's it's crazy, with a bad heart and bad kidneys and he's still just like.

What's for dinner, yeah um he's like I'm hungry, I think that that was probably the first.

Like big push yeah right, because I had at that point - 13 dogs - I had girlfriends coming over and helping me set up for the influx, and I had um different two different bedrooms and I had them split up in with the gold uh x pens.

I had them split up each one into runs and then the really sick Chihuahua that I didn't want to get a draft.

I actually put him in the closet to keep a draft off of him yeah and we got them all.

So I had like 16 dogs with my own in the house at the time and that I was like this is doable, which was unfortunate that I started to feel that way.

I was like 16 dogs, 16 schmickstein.

What's the difference, so I love that yeah so and that's yeah, that's where it started and um I've toned down.

I now basically, sometimes like girls or performers or people in the industry will be like.

I have a puppy, it was.

I had delusions of grandeur.

I don't have time and I'm like okay, so I'll find a rescue to help.

You know, but I I myself um I've really backed off.

You know I have my four dogs and two birds and uh.

Then I periodically have Jenna Fox's dog, which I do right now, because um the Grimm ends up at my house.

Quite often, I'm the second home um, so yeah, it's uh I've toned down a lot yeah.

It makes it hard to help.

You know when you have a full house to help so now I just take.

If I can help I I will yeah, you know you're trying, probably not to overwhelm yourself.

You know your husband.

Well, you know you get a house, you get a husband yeah, your husband's, not on that page yeah and you're right.

Okay, so I say to Seth all the time we have two Frenchies currently and I'm like.

I just want, like 10.

like I'll, be happy with like 10.

I just love them so much right and he's like you're insane, no London roses yeah.

Maybe we should just move in together and we'll have like fifty dollars.

Oh my God.

That would be amazing doors everywhere.

We're buying a house we're just gon na put a couple friends in it, and all of our dogs will be there honey.

We will be back for dinner yeah.

Where are you today at the other house? Love that that's Epic yeah? I I don't know I just there's something about, I feel like.

Sometimes it's like, we don't deserve dogs, because they're just so happy and just loving and they're.

The most loyal they're.

Always happy, though, like everybody knows about my hate relationship with my chihuahua, so you walk in the door, though, and they're like I'm like they're all loyal, but that rat bastard they're also wonderful yeah, but that rap, like everybody knows about me and the rotten Chi you You have one that you, you and him have a love-hate relationship, horrible animal yeah.

Everybody knows that's all I say they're like how's, the chi he's a horrible animal.

Does he bite you? No, he does not bite.

He makes a fool out of me because he's like I'm the most loving animal everywhere.

I don't know what you're talking about he's friendly with everybody.

He is the sweetest, nicest cutest kissy, loving thing that will escape from the house if at all possible.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a phone call and not known how? How did he get out, but he'll win he'll! Wait for like someone to go to the garage then he'll sneak into the garage.

Then if they open the garage door to go out there, then he'll sneak and he'll and gone.

Oh, my God I mean he lays in weight right.

He will pee on you.

If you turn your back and I don't mean a little bit - I mean if you're sitting on the ground like petting with the other dogs, and you feel, if you feel him coming, you you get up because he will pee on your back and then, if you Catch him he does some like Merry-Go-Round horse thing because he's so excited that, like he peed on you, he marked his territory.

He waits for the other dog to go to the bathroom and when they can't move he pees on their back.

He is a he's.

A horrible animal I have, I have cooked his food because he has irritable, bowel and lymphangiatasia, so I have cooked his food for his entire life venison ostrich elk.

How many years he's 16! Now I rescued him when he was nine months old.

Oh wow, I've gone through hell and back with him and he was still you're like stop.

If I died, he'd pee on me until they found me, this is my reality.

Hey at least they would find you because it would they'd be like where's the smell of a dog urine yeah.

Damn you did her dirty.

Didn't you he'd, be so proud of himself.

Look what I did like some people have to worry about, like you know, they think, like their pets, are gon na eat them or something if they die at home.

But you he's just gon na peed on he's just gon na pee on me yeah.

That's all he's gon na do is just pee on me over and over he's like.

I didn't get this yet oh right here.

So what content are you enjoying currently shooting, since you shoot all your own stuff? What do you really enjoy to do? The most I like you, know um, I really shoot either Solo or girl, girl, stuff um, but it's kind of fun when the other performer you're shooting with kind of has a they know what their fans like right.

So they're like Cherie's, perfect example of this.

I don't know if you shot content with sure yeah she's very organized, so it's fun because I'll be like.

Why don't we shoot this and she'll be like yes and then she'll turn and we'll be doing something else, and all of us should go.

She'll go okay, so we're friends and, and then she'll like give me some scenario that came out of left field.

I'M like did you just think about that in the last three minutes, when we were like just waiting for Mike to do the to like put the camera together or something like yeah, but it's like she kind of formulate like okay.

It reminds me of like Wedding Crashers at the end she's like we're a family, we're a folks singing family from Salt Lake City Utah.

She comes up with this whole story of yeah this backstory, and it's just it makes me laugh.

So I think that that's the stuff - that's like really the most fun, because you can really you kind of get involved in it yeah and it's funny and the other person's like engaging and you're on the same page but you're not on a script you're on your Own job you're, just ad-libbing and going off one another's energy, basically yeah, and if you mess up, you laugh yeah and it's not like somebody says cut, and then let's do it again, you laugh and you continue yeah yeah.

So it's more genuine and real.

That's the thing I like about content is the realness of it, not the you know, everything's set up and right all that stuff, and I like that.

I can kiss for 20 minutes yeah.

If I wanted to yeah like if the two people, if you're with somebody and all you're doing, is kissing and you're like wow, the two of you actually are kind of starting to lean into it.

And I don't mean like like get closer but like like when you hug somebody for a long period of time, and you feel the bodies finally start to like lean in and it takes like what like 30 seconds or something for it to actually lean in um.

It's like that, you know when you find you kiss somebody and for some reason two of you get so relaxed in it that you, you kind of lean into it, and I I think that that's like amazing, because otherwise your your director is going to go.

Okay, we've had enough kissing now can we move on and now I've realized? No, you know what we're doing we're doing a 15 minute kissing tip.

That's how this is going down for [ __ ] one hour, you're gon na love, it yes yeah and then that could actually be like a full clip yeah.

There is a fetish for everything I want cuddling.

I told I told everybody I want to get paid to sleep.

I want somebody to want to watch me sleep for a costume.

I want to do that so bad.

I tell them all the time on my live.

Cam yeah I go.

A Global F!ckn Superstar Feat. Julia Ann (2024)
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