3 Part-Time NO INTERVIEW NO EXPERIENCE Work From Home Jobs Paying $25/Hour with No Phone Calls 2023 (2023)


Here are 3 part-time, no interview, no experience work from home jobs paying $25/hour with no phone calls!


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Hey guys in this video we have some work from home jobs.

Where you don't have to have an interview.

You don't have to be on the phone.

You can apply without experience and you can work part-time and pretty much make your own schedule.

So one place where you can find these jobs is at babletype.com.

It's a transcription company, it's a more specifically a market research transcription company.

So here you can get paid to.

Will you get paid weekly via PayPal for one thing, so that's a very convenient way of obviously getting paid, but as far as just a place where you can make some money on the side, part-time, maybe outside of your regular jobs.

All you got to do.

Go to babletype.com go to apply for work for transcribers.

They also have translation jobs as well.

So, like let's say you want, you are multilingual.

You can also check out their translation jobs here as well.

They have a video that kind of introduces all of that, but as far as what you're doing here, it's very simple, you're, listening to audio files and you're typing what you hear you will need to have usually some pretty good grammar, a good word per minute typing speed.

These companies usually will have you take a test.

They only accept applicants right now in the United States Canada UK, Ireland, Australia, New, Zealand, so pretty much English-speaking countries.

They do not currently accept independent contractors in the state of California either, but if you're in the United States other than California, you should be able to apply.

That goes for a lot of independent contractor jobs, though so as far as the language, it's an English language transcriptionist and what they say is that the the job here will require a high degree of skill and language, listening ability and ability to deal with more sophisticated transcript formats.

So so, as far as a video that kind of introduced to you how this works and everything you can go from there and then you can apply on this page.

This is a company that is also going to probably again have you take a test, so you need to go to typingtest.com or some other sort of website where you can get paid to test your work per minute, typing speed and your accuracy, if you're, not at least around 50 I, would recommend training.

You can also do that for free here as well to improve your word, permit typing speed and get it at least, probably to like 50 with a high 90s accuracy.

As far as what it's like to work at Babel type, according to people who have worked here, transcription jobs can pay somewhere around 20 to 25 dollars per hour, you're not going to make 49 000 or 45 000 a year.

These are just estimates that they took the hourly rate and gave you a full-time hour estimate if you were to get a annual salary.

So these are not the numbers to go on.

What you do.

Is you divide these numbers by 2080.

that'll? Give you a rough estimate of how much you would get hourly, which again is about 25 dollars per hour.

If you made close to the 49 or 50 000 estimate here, which is based on 16 people's salaries, that were submitted so 16 people did transcription here and they submitted pay, and it averaged out to this number, that's how that number was generated.

So as far as reviews, they have 69 reviews.

You can go through as well again.

You can avoid interviews usually with these types of companies, and you can also get paid weekly via Paypal.

They have a 2.6 out of 5 average 63, recommend and approve the CEO, which is pretty good, 41, recommend working here to a friend.

So it's you know it's kind of split on whether they would recommend working here to a friend.

But you can read through those reviews and of course, I'm going to show you some other companies to look at as well, but another one that is very similar to this.

Where you can apply without an interview you can apply without experience, you're not having to do any phone calls and you can make your own schedule is transcribe me.com.

So if you go to transcribe, me.com you'll end up on a page that looks like this and you can go to the Freelancers section and you can get paid to work from pretty much anywhere anytime.

So if you are even outside the US, you should be able to apply here.

Many of these companies are worldwide, but again Babel type is only English-speaking country, so just keep that in mind with them, but as far as the starting pay 15 to 22 per audio hour.

So that is not per hour of work that is per hour of finished audio, so in other words the audio file that you finished.

If it took an hour, you would get paid 22 for that hour.

If it took you two hours to finish an hour, you get paid twenty two dollars for two hours because it depends on how fast you can finish this, and there are many tools out there.

You can look up that can make you transcribe much faster, like you know, and even chat.

Gpt now and AI can really help you a lot in some of these areas as far as editing.

So, as far as what you're going to need, you're going to need to create an account connect your PayPal, you are going to get paid via PayPal here and then you take an entrance exam and then that will determine whether or not you could accept it.

So as far as freelancer epic well before we get to FAQs, also, you can earn up to 70 plus per audio hour.

If you make special teams, which basically means that you can get paid more as you upgrade, so you need to also be around 18 years of age or older I I believe you might be able to apply.

If you are someone who has a parent or legal guardian's permission as far as if you're, under 18 years old and you're, like a teenager, maybe you're like 16, but I, wouldn't count on that.

It's still probably best to wait till you're 18.

So one of the things on here is like: can you work part-time or full-time? They tell you, you can work as much as you want.

The only activity requirements they enforce are that you submit at least one job per month, which can vary from two to eight minutes.

So another nice thing about this company is usually the clips are very short.

So when you do decide to work, the clips will be very short, so you could say maybe spend an hour after work or something and not have to be tied down for a long period of time.

So they also tell you that no special equipment or program is required to join.

You do need a computer, a laptop with a Chrome browser and a stable internet connection.

So that's another thing to keep in mind as well, and just you know you want to go through some of these FAQ things just for verifying what you're going to need here and as far as like prior experience, they don't require experience here.

They tell you that right here, you do not need to have experience to apply.

No certain level of Education no resume anything like that.

Now, as far as what countries they hire from, they tell you right here that they do a high hire all around the world in any country.

But you do need to have a PayPal account.

I know, I.

Think there's a few countries out there that do not let you use PayPal in that country.

Paypal is in many countries around the world, but not all of them.

So that might be the main thing that determines whether you can apply in your country.


As far as, what's like to work at transcribe me, 392 reviews, 3.6 out of 5 Stars, 65 percent, recommend working here to a friend, 67 approve of the CEO.

So mainly all you need to do here is make sure your work permit, typing speed and accuracy is good again at typingtest.com or somewhere else, and then you'll have a test that you have to take to apply and then make sure you have an app active PayPal account as well.

Then you can also check out a company called scribby.

Scribby.Com is going to look like this, so you can go here and actually get paid to do transcription work as well.

You also get paid via PayPal here if you're wondering how they do that.

This is another one.

Where you can work part-time.

You can make your own hours.

You can go to careers here and view their open jobs or what you could do as well is you could go down to the Freelancers section? This will be transcription jobs only so you earn five to twenty dollars per audio hour, which may not seem like much.

If you compare it to some of the other transcription companies, you might be like.

Well, it's a little whoa, but the thing is they provide automatic transcripts in many cases, so they save you around 60 percent of the effort.

So if 60 of the work is already done for you, it's really like getting paid, maybe 30 to 40 per audio hour maximum.

So it gives you a little bit of a head start on your transcriptions, because software is doing part of it for you, so you're kind of typing, but you're also editing as you go so you're you're a transcriptionist but you're also a transcript editor at the same time.

So there's no obligation, it's monthly commitments, withdrawal limits or anything, that's another important thing as well: there's no withdrawal limits, which means you can withdraw your money pretty much anytime.

You want required skills or listening ability and good comprehension of English, correct, apply context, identify mistakes and correct the automated transcript and then get paid, of course, via a verified PayPal account.

Now they tell you like well, you could earn this much this much or this much depending on daily hours, uh.

What level you do things at Etc! You know, but it really just depends on how fast you are and how accurate you are.

A lot of these jobs are based on your skill, So, the faster you get, or maybe you you can leverage again.

You can leverage AI, you can leverage, say YouTube's automatic transcription.

You can leverage a lot of different things if you're just creative, instead of doing everything the manual hard way, and it can help a lot so good english comprehension ability to interpret conversations ability to apply context and identify mistakes, headphones, headset, computer and internet connection and a verified PayPal account or what you're going to need here.

They've had four million plus dollars in payouts and they've also had certified transcribers globally.

So if you want to work from home from a lot of different countries worldwide, this seems to be another company that bases where you apply from on whether or not PayPal is accepted in your country.

So as long as PayPal is accepted in your country, you should be able to apply and it doesn't cost anything to apply or anything as well.

They also do short files much like transcribe me.

Does you transcribe and review files that are usually only six minutes long and so there's not a big time.

Commitment, anytime, you want to sit down, do work so as far as what it's like to work here, 136 reviews, 3.2 out of 5 stars and 55, recommend working here to a friend, 76 approve of the CEO.

So you know pretty decent, maybe even more like average ratings here for a typical company.

But these are three part-time.

No interview work from home jobs you can get without experience without phone calls, you can earn up to say about 25 an hour, some of them more dep, like I said it really just depends on how you go about doing your transcription work.

What kind of Technology you use? What kind of software you use um and your editing process as long as you get it done accurately, and you do a good job.

You should be able to make okay money, at least for a side hustle so other than that.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

Don't forget to subscribe click, the notification Bell if you want more daily work from home job opportunities like these and I'll, see you in the next video.

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