2023 END-TIMES PROPHECY (70th Week of Daniel Revealed) (2023)


Watch as CJ Lovik unlocks an end-times mystery with a prophetic key revealed by Moses 3,500 years ago!


Foreign and if you've been following our ministry, you know that I have spent the last seven years, searching the Bible looking for Clues as to when the 70th week of Daniel begins and ends as I was reading through the Book of Ezekiel chapter 4, the Lord removed my blindness and I understood for the first time something I had read dozens of times without realizing that the very thing that I had been seeking and praying for was staring me right in the face, hidden in plain sight for over 2 700 years, I'm privileged to be able to share this prophetic timeline with you, as it confirms two additional timelines.

The first can be found in Genesis 1 1, where we read the first word in the Hebrew Bible bearishit translated in beginning and the second can be found in Isaiah 46 10., where we discover the Hebrew word, which is translated, and additionally, there are two more prophetic timelines that I just discovered in Ezekiel 4.

We will now begin exploring all four of these end times: harbingers, starting with the first prophetic timeline found in the first word in the Bible.

The Hebrew word.

Bearishit that is translated beginning we shared this timeline with you on YouTube years ago.

If you've not viewed it I would encourage you to view the bearish, sheet Passover prophecy produced by Rock Island, books So, based on the Declaration that you can read in Isaiah 46 10.

we have already explored the beginning, the bearish sheet, but what about Aqua wreath the end? Let's take another look at Isaiah, 46 10., declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things which you have not been done saying.

My purpose will be established and I will accomplish all my good pleasure.

This verse found in Isaiah, 46 10, has launched a prophetic end times perspective based on the Hebrew word beginning sending us back to the first word revealed by God to Moses regarding his creation.

It was there that we discovered the Hebrew word barashit that literally means in beginning the word.

Beginning, is Rashid the letter? Bat in Hebrew? Means in the first word in God's? Original pictographic language? Revealed that God, the son, the Creator, left his home in heaven to come to Earth to be crucified on a cross rose again and returned to his home in heaven, where at the appointed time, he will come again to set up his one thousand year kingdom in Jerusalem, after which he will put a fiery into this world, as he creates a new Heaven and a new Earth.

All this and the first six pictographs that compose better sheet and the same word better sheet.

God declared the numeric Revelation.

That I believe discloses a 7 000 year.

Dispensational timeline.

Let's examine again the three timelines found in bearishit each emanating from the cross, as we look back four thousand years to when the sin of Adam started the seven thousand year countdown.

We can then look forward from the cross viewing a 2000 year, dispensation that begins yeshua's, 1000 years of rule and Reign from Jerusalem.

This is followed by a 3 000 year, forecast from the cross that marks the end of this present world and marks the final revelational dispensation that announces a new Heaven and a new Earth.

The phonetic Hebrew, the pictograph Hebrew and the numeric Hebrew together give us a thumbnail sketch of God's plan for man that focuses on the Redemptive sacrificial crosswork that satisfied the wrath of God and magnifies the son of God, who we now know, is Yeshua hamashiach Jesus the Christ.

Clearly, the timeline revealed in the numeric disclosure conforms perfectly with the Sabbath Millennial eschatology, that is the oldest prophetic perspective in the Bible and found in the first word in the Bible.

Clearly, there is nothing new being revealed that has not already been received and believed by the ancient Jewish rabbis and by the New Testament Church, an eschatology that has been proclaimed for thousands of years even before it was discovered in these last days.

In the first word in the Bible, the word barashit.

Clearly, there is nothing in the bearishite Passover prophecy, that is in conflict with the oldest eschatology known to man, the Sabbath Millennial day for a Thousand-Year prophetic perspective, except for perhaps the added Insight that the seven thousand year timeline for man begins with the sin of Adam and 3971, not the creation date of 4005.

Clearly, this means that the proto-evangelium is declared in Genesis 1.

and the Genesis 3 15 Revelation, while adding details to the good news to come is not the first mention of the coming Messiah.

The bearisheet Passover prophecy is not important because it reveals some new revelation.

It is important because it is the earliest and most General revelation of God's plan for sinful mankind.

It is important because it lays out a start to finish.

Revelational expectation, that's been proven to be historically reliable and very precise.

It is important because it correctly forecasts the finished work of Yeshua on the prophesied cross of calvary.

The bear sheet Passover prophecy is important because it not only reveals what is going to happen, but also reveals where it would happen and when it would happen.

In short, it proves exactly what God said it would.

It proves that only God is reliable and trustworthy, as he is the only one that reveals the end from the beginning.

God alone gives us a prophetic glimpse of the most important timelines and events on his on God's calendar revealed before they actually happen, proving that only yodehay vave who has revealed the emblematic particulars of the prophetic sacrifice in the mystery of his very revealed name.

His name is actually a prophecy, a prophecy that declares behold the hand behold the nail yote Elohim is the savior and the Creator, or, as it is reported in our English Bibles, the Lord God.

He is the only true God and all other gods are worthless and should be immediately abandoned.

That is why the bearish prophecy is being revealed in these last days.

God wants you to trust in him alone.

In his salvation plan alone, in his only begotten son alone, God himself has driven a stake into the fabric of history.

On the fourth day of the week on April 5th 30 A.D, the one and only vantage point from which we can now know with a high degree of certainty where we are on God's timeline.

So, where are we I would like to confirm the answer to that question by completing the prophetic puzzle that God revealed through the prophet Isaiah, as reported in chapter 46, the 10th verse reading from Isaiah 46 10, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things which have not been done saying.

My purpose will be established and I will accomplish all my good pleasure.

We have looked at the prophetic perspective in the word barishi, the beginning prophecy, the prophecy that thematically introduced us in a broad brush stroke, the entire seven thousand years of man.

The time that's been allotted to man on the earth, a prophecy that identifies when the sin of Adam began and that began the seven thousand year countdown.

The central theme of barashit focused on the Son of God, who came to be crucified on a wood cross in order to die for our sins.

When that actually happened, when that prophecy was fulfilled.

On the fourth day of a one thousand year for a day timeline, it gave all of us a historical marker by which we could understand the timeline that the Lord clearly wanted us to apprehend in these last fleeting years of this present dispensation the mystery dispensation, the surprise by Grace dispensation, the dispensation that we all call the church, age and age that is about to come to a conclusion, as another dispensation is about to begin now.

Let's look at the prophetic perspective, as revealed in the Hebrew word translated and in Isaiah 46 10.

Now, let's examine the akarith end times, Millennial prophecy, the prophecy hidden in the Hebrew word translated as end.

What is its theme? What timeline does it introduce? The answer is both amazing and conformational, and a thematic magnification that introduces us to the Son of God, who is coming to rule and reign in Jerusalem for one thousand years.

It is Millennial end times prophecy.

The English word end is found over 300 times in the English translation of the Old Testament and 28 times in the book of Isaiah of the 28 times.

The Hebrew words translated, as and in the book of Isaiah, there is only one time that the unique Hebrew word that is also translated and can be found, in other words, the Hebrew word akarith, that is translated into English as end, can only be found once in the entire book of Isaiah, where we find it uniquely placed in Isaiah 46 10.

In addition, the Hebrew word akarith translated end in Isaiah, 46 10 is only found about 20 times in the entire Bible.

The bottom line is this the Hebrew word and is used only once in the entire book of Isaiah and the one time it's used.

It is uniquely connected to the prophetic statement that God makes regarding himself now.

Let's look at the second witness to the timeline disclosed in the first word in the Bible, but this time, instead of going back in time to the first time the Hebrew word beginning shows up.

Let's look at the word translated and as it occurs in Isaiah 46 10.


The first logical question is: why aren't we looking for the last time? The word end in Hebrew shows up in the scripture, and why are we looking at the word as it shows up in Isaiah? The answer to this question is important, as it turns out the Hebrew word for end as found in Isaiah 46 10 in our English Bible is not translated and in the Hebrew the five-letter word is translated as Hereafter not and in Hebrew.

This is important as we are now looking for something that comes after the time that the prophecy was written by Isaiah in about 720 BC.

So the first question is after what the answer to this question is discovered.

When you read Isaiah chapter 46., it is there we read and understand that Israel is going into captivity, as the Lord is chastening them for Spiritual adultery, God mocks the false gods made of wood, gold and silver that the nation of Israel is worshiping, as he points out that he alone is the only true God, and the proof of this is that he declares the end in the beginning, which we Now understand means what happens hereafter Hereafter.

What the answer is from the time Israel heard the prophecy in around 700, BC and moving forward in time.

In the 46th chapter of Isaiah, the Lord makes a promise to the believing Remnant and to the self-righteous unrighteous.

The unbelievers will be cut off, but the remnant will be preserved and take part in What.

The Lord calls the Glory of Zion.

Now the Glory of Zion is not a mystery to the Jews as they understand.

This is a reference to the coming of Messiah, where a believing Remnant will enter into the millennial Kingdom.

This is an Earthly promise, not a Heavenly promise.

Israel is going into captivity.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that God is going to preserve them as their future.

Children will love and trust him alone and have something wonderful waiting for them.

What is that something? So now, let's look at the pictures and numbers in the word, the Hebrews translate as Hereafter to see what we can discover about what the Lord is promising.

Hereafter the first two letters set the scene and disclosed the theme, which is both stunning and amazing.

Israel, despite its sin, will not perish, although its future as a nation looks to be in serious trouble, no God makes a promise to a future Remnant, the ones that we are told in loving terms that they are in the womb of Israel.

In other words, a future generation are being prophetically, promised a place of protection and hope.

Now, let's look at the prophecy pictograph by pictograph and number by number and see if we can figure out what this is all about.

The first Hebrew letter is aleph.

Aleph is a picture of the strong leader.

The alpha is also the number one.

Aleph is often a picture of God.

It can also refer to the first Adam For example is aleph dalid mem, and he was the first man.

The next Hebrew letter is het.

Hete is the picture of a fence Garden.

That is a safe, fenced sanctuary.

It's also very significantly the number eight one of the numbers that identify Yeshua the Messiah.

So here we have a simple picture: is it God in the garden or a man in the garden? This mystery seeks a solution and the bearishite Passover prophecy, where conspicuous by his absence is a sinless man Adam in the garden.

The dramatic theme of bearishit starts with Adam's sin and the fact that Adam was in the garden sinless for a period of time is presupposed and it is his sin event that launches the prophetic timeline, the mystery of who is in the garden as pictured by the alephat is found in the Hebrew word that is literally translated into English as Hereafter, and it's not left to our imagination.

If the Bible is your guide to truth and the Fountain of all understanding, then it can only be one man, the god-man who took on flesh to become the last Adam, the Adam.

That God's word calls the quickening spirit.

There is only one candidate that fits this picture and only one time in history that we are told it will take place.

The Garden of Eden was eventually destroyed and the flood as a result of the overflowing sinfulness of mankind does.

It ever appear again.

We are told that the land of Israel begins to look like the Garden of Eden when God brings back scattered Israel and puts them back for the very last time into the land of Israel in Ezekiel 36 35 we read, and they should shall say this land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden and the waste and desolate and ruined cities are become fenced and are inhabited in Isaiah 51 3 we read for the Lord, shall Comfort Zion.

He will Comfort all her waste places and he will make her Wilderness like Eden and her desert, like the garden of the Lord, joy and gladness, shall be found therein Thanksgiving and the voice of Melody to add some other details to the image of the re-emergence of the Garden of Eden.

During the final 1000 years of Earth's Destiny.

We discover other scriptural proofs that this is the imagery that God wants to communicate to Israel and to us.

Remember, as you read these verses, that the Garden of Eden was a sanctuary for life and there was no death inside the Garden of Eden until man.

Sinned is God going to bring back the garden, let's see in Isaiah 11 6.

We read.

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the Young Lion and the fat lean together and a little child shall lead them in Isaiah, 65 25, we read the wolf and the lamb shall feed together and the lion shall eat straw like the Bullock and thus shall be the Serpent's meat.

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my Holy Mountain saith, the Lord Hosea 2 18, and in that day, will I make a covenant for them, with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of heaven and with the creeping things of the ground and I will break the bow and The Sword and the battle out of the earth and will make them to lie down safely.

What is being pictured in these pictographic glimpses of the future.

The answer is not a mystery as all these verses and many more refer to the seventh day, the seventh thousandth year, that ends after the final one thousand year, Millennial reign of Yeshua, the Messiah on the earth.

The theme of the Hereafter is revealed by God to Isaiah the prophet, and it's easy to understand.

As we look at the last three letters that are both pictographic and numeric, let's take a lesson from the bearisheet prophecy and start with God's multiplier.

The Hebrew letter yo that means hand doing a Divine deed, as it accomplishes something ordained in heaven.

10, as you recall, is the number of ordinal Perfection.

Now, let's look at the last letter in the Hereafter prophetic timeline, tov, the pictograph.

That means a sign, and just so you wouldn't miss it.

It uses a picture for the sign that is the sign, in other words, the wooden cross sticks or a cross.

So we begin our timeline in exactly the same place.

We began it in the barrel sheet, Passover prophecy.

The cross is the center point and going back exactly four thousand years.

We arrive at the start point for sin and 3971 the start point for all man's seven thousand year, history on the earth going back from the cross event.

399 years we arrive at the year 3970 the start date for the first sabbatical cycle that begins the year after Adam sinned, so going back, 4 000 years takes us to the year 3971 the year, Adam sinned the year that started the 7 000 Year countdown.

We now have our first four thousand years on the timeline.

Remember that before the state and for a period of time that I believe is equal to the days to the number of days.

Yeshua was on the earth.

Before his death, we have sinless Adam living in a Serene, safe Sanctuary, where the Lions lay down with the lamb I believe we can rely on the 4005 BC creation date, which means Adam lived for 34 years before he sinned 34 years that were 360 days in duration, accounting for 12 240 days, just to be clear.

The time duration between 5 BC and 30 A.D around 33 and a half years 33 and a half times, 365.25 equals 12 236 days.

In other words, pattern is prophecy and the life of Jesus forecasts, the sinless life of Adam that began on the creation date of 4005 and ended 34 years later in 3971 BC.

Now, let's move forward in time and see if we can discover the Hereafter those revealed in the Hebrew word that is translated end in our Hebrew Bible.

What end or Hereafter was God revealing to Israel and to us the answer is the end or the Hereafter when we find the God man Yeshua hamashiach ruling and reigning in a garden-like place located in Jerusalem.

We all know what this is about, as it is too obvious and does not require a lengthy explanation.

A child can Envision and understand it.

We look at the end of the final dispensation before the seventh day or seven thousandth year is accomplished.

It is foreshadowed hundreds of times in the prophetic word.

We call the Old Testament and at the end of the New Testament in the final book of the unveiling or revelation we find it not only mentioned, but we are also told so we don't miss the obvious clue that this Rule and reign of the Son of God from Jerusalem will last exactly one thousand years.

So does the akhari prophetic timeline agree with this perspective? It not only agrees.

It tells you exactly when it's going to happen not perhaps a day or the hour, but certainly the season going forward from the cross.

We come to the final clue as when this is all going to happen.

The answer is found, just as it was in the bearisheet Passover Prophecy in the letter rash rash, the pictograph of a prince or head person and we're left and no doubt who that Prince is and when he's going to arrive, the yode, God's ordinal multiplier number 10 multiplied by Resh.

The prince of Heaven number 200 equals two thousand years.

10 times 200 equals two thousand two thousand years from 30 A.D.

We can expect the Son of God to come in glory and rescue the remnant of Israel that has repented and confessed.

That Yeshua is Lord of all and the Messiah they rejected over two thousand years years ago, and with that confessional repentance and a heart of believing Israel is given voice as they call out blessed.

Is he that comes in the name of the Lord? Then he will come as promised.

The 70th week of Daniel must be accomplished, as it is at the end of this horrible time of tribulation that the Lord comes to rescue Israel, and so we know beyond any doubt that the tribulation will begin seven years earlier.

If you subtract seven years from 2030, you arrive at the year 2023 on the Roman Calendar.

It is my personal expectation that the called out ones, the ones that are in Christ and belong to him.

His true assembly of Believers that we call the church will be snatched from this Earth to be escorted by the Lord himself to the home in his father's house in heaven that he has prepared for all those that love and trust him and have been washed clean by the cleansing power of his blood shed for our salvation and Redemption on calvary's Cross, but wait.

There is much more I believe the Lord is unsealing, other ancient prophetic timelines, hidden in plain sight in his word, so that we might know where we are on his timeline for mankind.

So there are two more amazing prophetic timelines.

I want to share they're hidden in plain sight.

In the fourth chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, I, believe this is the key that does two things.

First, it confirms the correct date for the crucifixion of Yeshua that happened on April, 5th, 30 A.D, and if you'll check do some research you'll find that April 5th is not a Friday.

It's a Wednesday.

Second, it is the key that I believe unlocks the timing of the 70th week of Daniel, like many others who have studied prophecy.


Have investigated why Ezekiel at the Lord's direction, prophesied that the ten Northern tribes of Israel would experience a 390-year time out, based on what God calls the years of their iniquity and Judah, including Levi and Benjamin.

The southern Kingdom of Israel would also experience a 40 years, disciplinary timeout for their iniquity.

The mystery has always centered around ezekiel's 40 years prophecy having to do with Judah, which seems to be out of sync with the 70 years that Judah spent in Babylonian captivity, as it turns out this obvious puzzle piece that didn't seem to fit anywhere for almost 1500 years, finally found a home a perfect match in the first century.

The lateness of this perfect fit is latent with Clues as to how important and timely this puzzle piece actually is.

While half the mystery has come to light the other half the most significant and astonishing half has been hidden in plain sight for almost two thousand years now, let's put the prophetic pieces in place in order to see what this is all about, and that brings me to the startling point and purpose of this video.

Let's begin by listening to the word, the Lord spoke through the prophet Ezekiel over 2500 years ago, reading from Ezekiel Chapter 4, verses 3 through 6.

This shall be assigned to the house of Israel lie: thou also upon thy left side and lay the iniquity of the House of Israel upon it.

According to the number of the days that thou shall lie upon it, Thou shalt bear their iniquity for I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity according to the number of the days 390 days, so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the House of Israel, and when that was accomplished, them lie again on thy right side and thou shalt bear the iniquity of those of Judah 40 days.

I have appointed thee each day for a year.

Obviously there was a prophetic mystery hidden in this revelation.

One that's become evident after the first Century A.D prophetic Scholars for years have correctly pointed out that ezekiel's prophecy of 40 years for the iniquity of Judah was most likely fulfilled in the first century, as we can't help but notice that the duration of time between the 30 A.D crucifixion of Christ and the Roman destruction of the temple in 70 A.D lasted for exactly 40 years.

This is proof to many that the crucifixion of Christ took place in 30 A.D, and while there is no argument about the fact that the duration of time between the Passover that took place on the 14th of Nissan in 30, A.D and The Siege of Jerusalem that took place on the 14th of Nisan and 70 A.D is exactly 40 years based on the Hebrew calendar.

There is no question about the fact that the ninth of of in 30 A.D coincides with the total Destruction of the temple and all the surrounding buildings, just like Jesus prophesied and spans a duration of time.

That is exactly 40 years.

So now, I have shared something old.

So it's time for me to share something new, something that no one has yet uncovered something with earth-shaking implications as it relates to our current generation and the Year we're now living in 2023, listen, one more time to The Haunting prophecy of Ezekiel and when thou has accomplished them lie again on thy right side and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah 40 days.

I have appointed thee each day for a year.

We are left in no doubt that this prophecy was fulfilled to the day between the crucifixion of Yeshua and the destruction of the second temple in 70 A.D, as there's no other prophetic time period.

That fits this revelation now, let me ask you: has there ever been a prophetic fulfillment as consequential as the crucifixion of the Son of God, the creator of the world? We all live in and the destruction of the temple that signified the end of the Jewish nation and the termination of their Temple related worship, two earth-shaking events that both Herald and end and a beginning, the rejection and crucifixion of the Jewish Messiah and the end of the Jewish religious system based on the temple in Jerusalem and the end of the nation of Israel, as they were either slaughtered or marched by Rome as slaves into all the nations of the world.

Just like the Lord said would happen, but wait the same prophecy that seems to Mark a hopeless and tragic end to the Jewish.

Nation also contains the prophetic seeds to its renewal and includes the resurrection of the cherished hope of the Messianic age.

So how is this possible you might ask- and this is where I have the unique privilege of sharing something, wonderful and something new, something that's been hidden in plain sight from our vision and understanding and though I have searched far and wide.

I cannot find any evidence that this has ever been disclosed.

In any case, it is my privilege to bring something that has been hidden in the darkness into the light in these last of the fleeting seconds of time, fulfilling the words of Daniel, who declared under the inspiration of the holy spirit that prophecy that was sealed, would be unsealed and understood as the entire world rushed toward the end of one age and the beginning of another.

The key to unlocking the mystery hidden in the prophecy of Ezekiel can be discovered by looking back in time from where we are right now, at this very moment in time, we are in the pivotal and key year of 2023.

and the season of 2023 2024.

So let's look backwards in time to around 1450 BC, where we find the key that unlocks one of the most tightly guarded secrets of the ages.

A mystery revealed by the Lord God himself through his servant, Moses almost 3 500 years ago, a secret that could not have been discovered until the year 70 A.D, but even then only partially revealed.

The secret was not hidden in a clay jar and found in a cave.

It was not revealed by an Angel to a modern day prophet it wasn't disclosed in a dream or a vision.

The secret that unlocks the timing at the end of the age and reveals the calendar season for both the beginning and the end of the 70th week of Daniel has been hidden from our eyes in plain sight: a secret, along with the key to unsealing the mystery at the appointed time, not disclosed just once but repeated four times.

So, there's no excuse for misunderstanding or misrepresenting its validity or its existence.

Listen to the warning of the Lord God repeated four times in order that no one miss it listen carefully to what the Lord says so that you might immediately begin to unravel the mystery of this end times calendar in Leviticus, 26 18.

We read and if you will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins in Leviticus, 26 21 we read and if you walk contrary unto me and will not hearken unto me, I will bring seven times more plagues upon you.

According to your sin, in Leviticus 26 24 then will I also walk.

Contrary unto you and will punish you yet even seven times for your sins and finally in Leviticus 26 28, then I will walk contrary unto you also in Fury and I.

Even I will chastise you seven times for your sins.

Now, let's ask the question that unlocks the Lord's end time calendar in the space of the 40 years from the crucifixion of Yeshua, despite all the pleadings of God's Apostolic prophets to the nation of Israel, to repent of the horrific blindness and unbelief that resulted in the murder of the Son of God by one of the most cruel methods ever designed by mankind, despite that did National Israel and its leaders heed the pleading of the Apostle Peter or the other Apostles that they listen to Stephen.

No, they treated Stephen and all those they could get their hands on all those that had received Messiah Yeshua, just like they treated the prophets of old, they murdered Them In, Cold, Blood Stephen was stoned to death, Peter and all the rest of the Apostles, except John were put to death for the testimony that Yeshua was a long-awaited messiah.

The 40 years between the crucifixion and the destruction of the temple was not a time when National Israel and its leaders repented, but rather doubled down on their rejection and unbelief of Yeshua.

They would not have Yeshua rule over them.

You can hear the words of the Lord, echoing through this 40 Years of testing Leviticus 26 18, and if he will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

Seven times, forty years, the forty years between the crucifixion and the destruction of the temple from the start, bait of 70 A.D equals 280 years 7 times, 40 equals 280.

If you add 280 years to 70 A.D, you arrive at the 4th Century year of 350 A.D.

So let me ask you: did Israel repent of their iniquity in the fourth century? All you need to do is read the insertions into the talmud made during that period and you'll discover that not only did they not repent, but they doubled down on their scorn and malicious slander against Yeshua the Messiah.

Can you hear the words of the Lord echoing through this additional 280 years of testing Leviticus 26 18.? And if you will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

7 times, 280 equals 1960 years, 1960 years minus 280 years, the 280 years of time served equals 1680 years.

We have now come to the moment when the prophecy spoken so long ago, an ancient prophecy that hardly anyone pays any attention to bursts into our sight and illuminates the minds of them that are patiently waiting for Christ to return.

The Ezekiel prophecy that begins with the 40-year timeout between the crucifixion and the destruction of the temple is compounded by the Lord who applies a promised seven-year multiplier to every period he allows for repentance when there is no repentance.

We only know that the Lord compounded the timeouts twice because of another prophecy in which the Lord declares that he will bring unrepentant Israel back into the land in a condition of unbelief.

This happened on May 14 1948.

So how much time to repent and believe does Israel have now that the Lord has returned them to the promised land? How much longer before Israel enters into the final 70th week of Daniel a time of Great Tribulation that, according to Zachariah, Zechariah, 13, verses, 8 and 9, will result in the repentance and salvation of one-third of Israel.

When is that going to happen? Ezekiel has the answer.

Let's review it carefully a couple more times, so there is no mistake or confusion about how all this fits into God's, prophetic, timepiece and where we are on his divinely appointed calendar.

70, A.D plus 280 years, brings us to the year 350 A.D.

If you, then, starting with 350 A.D, add 1680 years, it brings us to the year 2030 A.D, let's go over it one more time, so there's no confusion, 70, A.D, plus 280 years plus 1680 years- brings you to 2030, A.D or put another way.

70 A.D, plus 1960 years, brings you to the year 2030.

The Ezekiel 40-year prophecy that found its fulfillment in 30 A.D has blossomed into three prophetic additions that add 1960 years to the year, 70 A.D and brings you and I just months away from the time's up end of the prophecy that expires in the year 2030 A.D.

What does this all mean? Does it mean that we now know the year when the blindness and unbelief of Israel is going to be replaced by repentance and faith in the Son of God Yeshua hamashiach, the Messiah? Does it mean the Messianic kingdom is about to begin? Does it mean the time of Jacob's trouble? The 70th week is going to come to its conclusion in 2030 A.D, and just so you don't miss it.

The number of years between 70, A.D and 2030 A.D is exactly 1960 years.

So why is that important 1960, as it turns out divided by 49, equals 40 or put another way, 40 Jubilee Cycles, to be clear, seven times, seven accounts for the two prophetic times the Lord multiplied.

The original 40-year period allowed for belief and repentance.

If you multiply the 40 years that God allowed for Israel to repent between the proposed cross event in 30 A.D and the destruction of the temple event that took place in 70 A.D, then this is what it looks like on.

God's calendar 7 times 7 equals 49.

Now, as you all know, 49 is the number of years between all the Jubilee Cycles with the actual Jubilee beginning on the 50th year.

What happens when you multiply 49 times 40? The answer is that I believe we get a period of time on God's calendar that has special significance.

40 is the number of testing and we're multiplying it by 49 the number that represents the years before a jubilee 49 times 40 is 1960., as we've already calculated, 1960 plus 70 A.D brings us to the year 2030.

Does this mean that, based on the 30 A.D cross event, the year 2031 is a jubilee year? Is this the end of the time of Jacob's trouble that happens just over 80 years after the entire nation of Israel has been gathered together one last time, just as it was prophesied would happen? Does this explain the miracle of Israel being regathered into the promised land and Israel becoming a nation in one day that day being May 14 1948.? Does this historical Miracle event find its ultimate purpose in the 70th week of Daniel, when Israel goes through its final seven-year test that results in one-third of Israel repenting and believing believing that Yeshua was in fact the Messiah? Does this prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the purpose of the tribulation is the Salvation of all believing Israel, so I ask again is 2031 the Jubilee year? Is this the year the repentant and believing Israel enters into the long promised rest prophesied in every weekly cycle of six days of Labor, followed by the seventh day of rest to end six thousand years and to begin the thousandth year, the seventh year in which Yeshua Will Rule and Reign from Jerusalem During the period of time? That concludes only after exactly seven thousand years from the day, Adam brought the curse of sin upon all Humanity.

Or is this just a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that, based on the proposed 30, A.D cross event, 2030 A.D is exactly five thousand nine hundred and ninety nine years from the projected start of the sabbatical cycle and 3970 BC, which is where it began the sixth sabbatical cycle from the creation date? Is it a coincidence that the sin of Adam that took place the year earlier in 3971, based on the 30 A.D crucifixion date, that the 6 000 years from Adam's sin and the 599 years, which is the closest year to six thousand, that's divisible by seven, both land on the very same year, exactly 6, 000 years from when the first Adam sinned, exactly 857, sabbatical Cycles from start to finish, 5999 and the six thousand years from the sin of Adam, based on the 30 A.D crucifixion date both come to a conclusion in 2030 A.D? Could this be the year that believing Israel enters the Messianic Kingdom while you're pondering? This I would like you to consider the prophetic significance of both the 40 years and the 390 years that Ezekiel lay on his left side and then on his right side a day for a year.

Now there are Skeptics everywhere and in order to satisfy even the most cynical Spirit, the Lord has graciously given us two historical events by which we can judge the veracity of his prophetic word.

Two events that Mark the exact beginnings of both the 40-year and the 390-year start dates, and what is that signal or sign? Let's read the words of the Prophet Ezekiel, who leaves us and no doubt about what sign the Lord had in mind for both the house of Israel and the house of Judah reading from Ezekiel 4 starting in verse, 1.

thou, also son of man, take thee a tile and lay it before thee and portray upon it.

The city even Jerusalem, and lay Siege against it and built a fort against it and cast a mount against it.

Set the camp also against it and set battering rams against it round about, moreover, take thou unto thee an iron pan and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the City and set thy face against it, and it shall be besieged and thou shalt lay Siege against it.

This shall be a sign to the house of Israel lie thee also upon thy left side, lay the iniquity of the House of Israel upon it.

According to the number of days, Thou shalt lie upon it.

Thou shalt bear their iniquity for I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity according to the number of days 390 days, so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the House of Israel.

So let's ask a couple questions: who is the house of Israel? What is the sign? How long is the period of iniquity? When does the time out for repentance begin? The answer is that the house of Israel is the northern kingdom and the sign is The Siege of Jerusalem by a foreign army.

The time God is giving for repentance is 390 years.

The start date for the time count begins in 701 BC the year the Assyrians lay Siege to Jerusalem and God even adds one more little detail that lets us know that while Jerusalem is under siege and being besieged, the Lord will not allow it to be destroyed, as he will put a wall of iron around the city.

Now, let's look at the sign given to the house of Judah reading from Ezekiel again and when thou has accomplished, them lie on thy right side and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah 40 days and I have appointed thee each day for a year.

Therefore, Thou shalt set thy face toward The Siege of Jerusalem and thine arm shall be uncovered and thou shalt prophesy against it and behold.

I will lay bans upon thee and thou shalt, not turn thee from one side to another.

Till thouest ended the days of thy Siege.

So let's ask the question: who is the house of Judah? What is a sign? How long is the period of iniquity when does a time out for repentance begin, and what is the difference between the sign for the house of Israel and the sign for the house of Judah? The answer is that the house of Judah is the southern Kingdom and the sign is The Siege of Jerusalem by a foreign army.

The time God is giving for repentance is 40 years.

The start date for the time count begins in 70 A.D the year.

The Romans lay Siege to Jerusalem and God even adds one more detail that lets us know that this time Jerusalem will be besieged and the Lord will allow it to be destroyed, as he will not put a wall of iron around the city.

Two dates in time: 701 BC and 70 A.D two dates exactly 770 years apart, both prophesying a period of time in which both houses of Israel will be judged and letting us know exactly when that judgment will come to an end.

We have already discovered the end of the Judgment date, based on the 40 years from the cross to The, Siege and destruction of Jerusalem and the temple that happened in 70 A.D.

What about the end date for the house of Israel? The answer should not surprise you as God wants you to know the answer.

So let's do the math 390 years multiplied by 7 equals 2730 years.

If we go forward 2730 years from 701 BC, what date do we land on again? The answer should not surprise you, but it should fill you with on wonder.

As we see God graciously telling us what is going to happen before it happens in order that we might be humbled and ready as Christians for his return and so that Israel might know that God has determined these events in order that Israel might repent and believe.

The answer is that 2730 Years, starting with 701 BC, takes you to the year 2030.

exactly the same date that the 40-year multiplied by two seven periods gives us.

So now we have two witnesses to the fact that something amazing is going to happen with Israel in the year 2030.

any guesses as to what that is.

How about the promise that the two sticks, the two houses, have become one again, keep in mind that there has never been in past history any time when the northern tribes have been released from the punishment they brought upon themselves.

But the miracle is that God has restored the northern tribe to Israel.

They have been brought back on repentant and unbelieving, just like God said, but they are back in the land and United.

For the first time since King Solomon, who was the last king to rule over a United Israel, they have been returned to the land and become one Israel for the first time in over 2700 years.

Another miracle they have been brought back so that they might repent and believe before.

The final time of repentance is over and the only thing left is to be cast into Everlasting punishment.

A large Remnant that the prophet Zechariah tells us will include one-third of believing repentant Israel, and that includes both the house of Judah and the house of Israel are going to enter into the Sabbath rest in the Jubilee year of 2031 on the exact year.

That starts the next dispensational countdown and that will only end after one thousand years of Yeshua, hamashiach's, Rule and reign, which will conclude only after seven thousand years.

Keep in mind that this is all about the prophetic promises made to Israel.

What about the church? Well, I will leave that up to you to do the simple math that should fill your hearts with unspeakable joy as it looks like we are about to finally be lifted up, changed to Incorruptible creatures in the blink of an eye in order that we might go to our Heavenly home, just like Yeshua promised brothers and sisters Maranatha.

Well, as always, thank you for watching this video.

If you found this video helpful, we ask that you please share it far and wide there's so many people who need to see and hear this message.

That's in the video and if you've found the sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles fascinating in this video, then I would encourage you to stay tuned.

Cj is working on a video going back to the beginning of time to the present day, showing the amazing things God has done on his calendar.

Thank you again for watching and God bless foreign.

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